My phone vibrates beside me. It vibrated a couple of times, eventually stopping.

I mentally roll my eyes and turn to my side, getting comfortable again. Minutes had passed and my phone hadn rung. I sigh constantly knowing I have more time to sleep. Just as I was about to drift off into a deep slumber, for the second time, I heard it again.

The vibration of my phone behind me. I reach out my hand to grab it, answering it in the process.

”What? ” I said annoyed. Believe me that was an understatement. Who the hell calls at,

7 am

My eyes widen as I look at the clock that sat on my nightstand.

”What do you meanWhat ”? Have you seen what time it is? Get your ass down to the pack house NOW. ” Adam says through the phone. His voice sounding more desperate for help than what I think he intended it to sound. I heard people in the background, kids. I couldn quite make out what they were saying, there were too many of them to pick up on one specific voice.

”Get off of her! ” Adam yelled. ”James, ” he said, bringing his attention back to me ”Bro, I can do this alone. Ive had to separate five seventeen year olds. They are turning my house into an orgey. ”

I covered the speaker part of my phone with my hand and began to laugh. I couldn help it, Adam was always incontrol. Even in our high school years he was always on time, no homework was ever undone and he never missed class.

He was an only son, which I understood why he has no experience dealing with hormonal teens. So when little things, like this irritate him, all I can do is laugh.

”Yes Alpha ” I finally say.

”Don mock me. ” I can tell he was mad, but I can also tell he was feelin about half a dozen other emotions. He just didn know which one to display. ”I already know you respect me, I just need these buffoons to do it as well. ”

I hear a knock at my door. I sat up in my bed, until my back came in contact with my head board. ”Come in ” I say loud enough for the person on the other side of the door to hear.

My bedroom door scratches open, slowly a middle aged woman emerges from behind it.

She had short brown hair that laid inches above her shoulders. Olive skin, brown eyes and the few freckles on her nose complementing her symmetrical face.

”Beta, good morning ” she began ”Im very sorry to bother you. I just thought we had made an appointment at six-thirty? ” Her comment came out sounding more like a question. She looked down at her watch then back up at me.

I smiled at her ”Your no bother beta Abby, and yes we did ” I scratched the back of my neck embarrassed ”I lost track of time. ”

She chuckled, ”Its ok, I will continue to wait in your office, until you
e ready. ” She then bowed her head and left my room, closing my bedroom door behind her.

”Adam, ” I said, completely forgetting he was still on the phone.

”Yes, yes. I heard, ” he sighed ”What does beta Abby want? ”

I threw the blankets that covered my body to one side of the bed as I placed my feet firmly on the wooden floor of my room. ”I don know. She mentioned something about her daughter last week when she asked for a meeting. ”

I put my phone on speaker then placed it down on my bed.

I get up from my bed and made my way to my bathroom. I quickly start the shower striping off my boxers and throwing them to the side. Slowly I approach the warm water, letting it hit my chest, then my face, gradually emerging under it. The water runs down my head drenching my hair, and slo

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