A Disciples Fate

Chapter 4: Dream Team

”Thunder Coating: Lightning Rush. ”

Isamu is surrounded by his thunder aura which is visibly seen as lightning. His aura is above average compared to the average Shorai so the crowd is amazed by his aura. He dashes to Kuragami at lightning speed with a punch. Kuragami dodged barely but with no time to react Isamu changes direction and dashes straight back with a punch, hitting Kuragami in the face which makes him go flying.

Sasaki looks worried and the whole crowd reacts wildly to that punch.

Daku bites his lip.

”Seems like that blue haired idiot is all talk. ”

Kuragami stands back up straight away with a smile.

”Not bad Isamu. ”

Kuragami crouches down with his right hand on the floor. The scarf on his neck reacts to the breeze of his aura.

”Ice Technique: Piercing Iceberg. ”

Kuragamis Ice Aura is projected at everyone watching. Everyone is surprised by how much aura Kuragami has released.

”Maybe he isn all talk. ”

A whole bunch of ice comes out from the floor with the ends sharp going towards the direction Isamu is. Isamu is astonished at how much Ice Kuragami can create. Kuragami has left Isamu with no options.

”No way. ”

The girls bites through her lollipop.

When the Ice is about to hit Isamu, someone comes out of no where infront of the ice, extends his arm towards the Ice and without touching it, the ice breaks into little pieces. It was Kiyoshi who interrupted the fight.

The whole crowd is shocked but at the same time thrilled to see such power from all three of them. Most of the crowd think that they have a long way go while a few aren that impressed.

”You broke my ice without touching it. How? I was gonna win the fight man why did you do that? ”

”You weren gonna win that I was going to- ”

”Don lie to yourself. You were going to lose. I saw it. ”

Isamu starts to get angry at Kiyoshi.

”Well, you can see what didn happen. So how can you say for sure. ”

Kiyoshi smiles and put his hands back in his pocket. Kiyoshi is a calm guy who doesn care if people get angry at him. He always has his hands in his pockets and loves toying with people.

”Everyone, we are going to carry on the ceremony. Go back to the hall and stay out of trouble. If any of you start any more fights, Ill make sure that you don become Shorai. ”

Everyone starts to get a little worried about what Kiyoshi said, but Kiyoshi did a good job at deterring the Young Shorais. Kuragami goes to Isamu and says ”Hey Isamu, next time you disrespect my family, there won be a Kizoku to save you. ” Isamu grinds his teeth and they all go back to the hall.

”So I see youve been training your ice techniques. ”

”Do you know what I realised Homura? The more I use my aura, the more stronger I get. So I just train a lot to make sure Im stronger than others. ”

”I guess I need to start training more than you then. ”

I guess so. ”

Every one is back in Danketsu Lobby and the ceremony carries on.

All the Kizoku are standing behind him.

”Sorry for the inconvenience, I will now carry on introducing the Kizoku. The 4th Kizoku Name: Kazuya. The 3rd Name: Hayaka. 2nd Name: Ruri and 1st is the strongest Kizoku, Name: Kenji. ”

All the new Shorai start applauding and cheering the Kizoku.

Kuragami looks at Homura.

”So the Kizoku are more important than I thought. ”

”Yeah they seem like a big deal. And I wonder how much stronger Kenji is from the others. Theres probably a large gap in strength. ”

”Yeah a very large one. ”

The crowd stop clapping. The speech continues.

”Now all of you new Shorai, a armband has been sent to your homes to symbolise that you are official Shorai Disciples. They have the names of ancient Kizoku from your disciple groups. For example the ice disciples have the name Yuki on their armband. ”

Homura and Kuragami look at each other.

”Hey Homura, isn her spirit trapped in Reiki island. ”

”Thats just a silly myth, don be daft. ”

Kuragami mimics Homura in a stupid voice.

They both carry on and focus on the speech.

”Now may you all get your armbands and from today and onwards, you guys are official Shorai Disciples. Remember to submit your teams of 4 and we will send you a letter of your teams later on today. Thank you for your time. ”

Everyone starts clapping and they all depart from the hall.

”Alright Homura Im gonna go look for Yuma then go home. We need a team of 4 though. I don know who will be willing to join my team. ”

”Apparently if we just submit us two, we will be put with two other people. So Ill just do that. Leave it to me you go find your brother

”Alright see ya. ”

The two boys both depart and Kuragami goes to look for Yuma.

Sasaki sees Homura and starts to follow him.

Daku and his group sees both Homura and Kuragami seperate.

”Hey guys, lets keep a close eye on them two from now on. ”

They all nod at Dakus order.

Kuragami calls for Yuma numerous times and runs around to find him.

Suddenly, he finds him in a alleyway with Kiyoshi. Kuragami is hiding making sure they don notice him. Kiyoshi and Yuma are having a conversation but Kuragami can hear a word they
e saying.

They shake hands then Kiyoshi vanishes. Kuragami then approaches Yuma.

”What were you two talking about? ”

Yuma becomes startled.

”Whos you two? ”

”You and Kiyoshi. So? ”

”We we
e, um. We are talking about, you actually. Yeah we were just saying how you have so much potential and how you can be one of the strongest out of your year. He was impressed that you let off such a powerful attack. ”

Kuragamis eyes light up and he forms a big smile.

”Really. One of the Kizoku said I have potential. I am so fired up I can wait for my first mission. ”

”Ive been complimenting you all these years and Im a Kizoku. ”

”Yeah but your my brother that doesn count. ”

Yuma chuckles and scruffs Kuragamis hair.

”Dad didn come with me he stayed home. Lets go to the station and go back to the Water Section. Your armband is probably delivered by now. ”

Kuragami nods and they both make their way to the Bullet Train Station. Many people are there since most of them just became Shorai.

Kuragami again looks at the Shorai with their mums congratulating them. Yuma notices that and feels bad.

The train comes and they both go in and sit down.

The train arrives to the Water Section.

”I can wait for Dad to see me wearing my armband. Im finally a official Shorai. ”

Both brothers start walking. Multiple families see Kuragami and Yuma and they all give their congrats to him. Kuragami feels like a celebrity.

As they are about to enter their area they see a bunch of people surrounding their home. Kuragami is worried and is questioning why theres that many people outside their house.

”Yuma, what are they all doing outside our house? ”

Some of them hear Kuragami and they all turn around looking worried, some crying. Yuma starts getting scared and his face shows it.

”Hey what the hell happend! ”

A Water Disciple steps up.

”Your father. Hes - ”.

Before he could finish the sentence Kuragami starts running to his house pushing everyone out his way.

”Kuragami! ”

Yuma starts to chase him.

Kuragami bangs the door open, looks inside then freezes. Tears start running down his face and he falls to his knees.

Kuragami can believe what he is seeing. Yuma then comes in and is shocked.

Kuragami tries to let out some words.

”No- No way. ”

Kuragamis voice is breaking and then suddenly, he screams.

Yuma starts crying and goes straight to the body. Their dad is dead on the floor with a hole in his chest.

While Kuragami is screaming his blue aura starts to show and for a split second it turns black.

Yuma goes to Kuragami and hugs him while they are both having a break down. Their dad is dead. Yuma lets go of Kuragami. Kuragami stops screaming but carries on crying to the floor.

Yuma turns to the people and asks ”Who killed my father? ”

They all stay silent.

Yuma crouches to the ground, puts one hand to the floor and focuses his aura to his hand.

”I said who the hell killed my father? ”

Everyone keeps their guard up raising their auras. They wouldn want to deal with a rage attack from the strongest Ice Disciple.

”Fine if you guys don want to speak. Ice Technique: Frozen Kingdom. ”

Yuma releases his aura forming his ice technique. The ice just gets bigger and bigger. All the ice disciples dash back but the ice comes to them faster than they can get away. But suddenly a lightning bolt comes out of nowhere and makes contact with Yumas ice.

The lightning bolt then transforms into the Kizoku, Furo. Furo has one hand on the ice and while hes touching the ice, it is pushing him back while growing.

”Thunder Technique: Raijus Judgement. ”

Thunder starts to generate from his hands. The power of his thunder is rivalling Yumas Ice.

The two attacks clashing creates a colossal eruption leading most of the clouds of the Water Section to clear.

Yuma starts to calm down.

”What happend. People from the Sky Islands could probably sense your aura. ”

The Sky Islands is another way of saying the Air Section since the Air Section is all in the sky.

Yumas hair is covering his eyes so Furo can make eye contact.

”Furo, what the hell are you doing here? ”

”I came here with Keikena. We sensed your aura so I came to see what was happening. Keikena couldn be bothered to come, as always. ”

Yuma clenches both his fists. His aura is powering up wildly, creating cracks on the floor. Pebbles are levitating and Yuma keeps powering up out of rage.

Kuragami can sense Yumas anger so he stops crying and stands up.

”Dad. Im going to try stop Yuma from going on a rampage. Now that your gone, I have to man up even more. But I- ”

”So your not gonna tell me? Just straight to powering up your aura I see. You know Yuma, your gonna be in a lot of trouble for this. ”

Yuma isn phased at what hes just been told.

Furo also powers up his aura.

Yuma and Furo both put their hands up facing each other. And suddenly, theres a strong clash and a large elemental pressure is in between them creating cracks on the floor causing everything to rumble.

Some people are fainting and some can barely stay up on their two legs. The wind the clash is making is unnatural and it forms dark clouds around the Water Section. The seas are growling in conclusion to their clash.

Furo realises that this clash could be dangerous for the Water Section so he puts one hand to the sky facing the dark clouds. He intends to stop this clash without him losing.

”Thunder Technique: Indras Punishment. ”

The clouds start merging leading to an insane amount of aura being released from the sky. The ground starts rumbling and an extravagant amount of high voltage thunder starts to generate in the clouds.

The aura in Furos hand is synced to the aura in the sky. Furo drops his hand and a thunder bolt going beyond limits falls from the sky.

Yuma is watching the thunderbolt fall to him at unnatural speeds.

Kuragamis eyes start to glow blue with little white lines inside it. Some of his hair starts to rise. He starts to get surrounded by a strange blue aura.

Yuma has no time to react to the thunderbolt as he is already clashing with Furo. Theres nothing he can do. He is waiting for the thunderbolt to come down and strike him.

”Dammit. ”

Suddenly, Kuragami just appears in front of Yumas eyes as if he just teleported there. Theres no signs of him actually travelling there. Yuma starts panicking

”Kuragami get out the way! ”

He gets ignored. Yuma hears Kuragami whispering but doesnt know what he is saying.

”Heavenly Ice. ”

Kuragami lifts both his hands up and suddenly, a huge amount of glistening ice comes up from the ground. It is way bigger than the Ice he released when he was fighting Isamu.

Yuma senses something different about Kuragamis aura.

The thunderbolt and the glistening ice connect causing a large explosion around the Water Section. The explosion stops the clash. The rest of the clouds are cleared. The whole Water Section felt the intense aura.

The thunderbolt is gone and as the explosion clears, there remains Kuragamis Ice. Somehow it was able to withstand Furos attack.

Everyone is shocked that a 12 year old was able to stop a Kizoku attack.

Furo is amazed that Kuragami was able to stop one of his strongest moves with his ice.

Kuragamis aura dissapears, his eyes turn back to normal and so does his hair. He starts falling head first.

Yuma catches him. While he is holding his little brother he realises that hes unconscious.

”Wow. You two are really strong! ”

Everyone looks to see who said that. It was Keikena.

”How are you getting beat by a 12 year old Furo? ”

”I didn get beat by him he just blocked my attack. ”

”He just became a Shorai Furo. Thats embarrassing. ”

Keikena starts laughing.

”Anyways, how come you told me that you couldn be bothered to come but your here now? ”

Keikena stops laughing and his face turns straight.

”Because I wouldn have been able to suppress Yuma. Be glad that you did because its not happening again. ”

Furo sends a little lighting bolt to Keikena. He slaps it away bare handed.

Keikana faces Yuma holding Kuragami.

”Oi Yuma. You need to come with us back to Danketsu City. You let off a attack that couldve killed civilians. ”

”But what about Kuragami. Hes just a kid. His dad just died. Im all he has left. ”

”That is none of our concern. But I have my suspicions on who couldve killed ur father. ”

Yuma starts to get interested in what Keikena has to say.

”You see the hole on his chest. No form of aura couldve done that. Someone pierced through your dads chest with their own arms. Someone with inhumane physical strength. And guess who escaped prison recently that has a bone to pick with you. ”

”Crystal. ”

”Exactly. She wanted revenge and she got it. She must be working with someone though since she got help to escape prison. Its just a theory though. ”

Yuma starts to get angry.

”I shouldve killed her while I had the chance. Kuragami, Im so sorry. Its my fault that Dad is dead. ”

Tears start coming down his face.

”But I promise you, I promise Ill make things right.

”I said its just a theory. ”

”Come on Keikana, you know your right. She caught my Dad off guard. Shes been stealth her whole life. ”

A lady called Sayo comes to Yuma. She is very good friends with the family.

”Yuma, Ill look after Kuragami while your gone. Everything will be alright. You two boys have been through a lot. ”

Yuma nods. He gives Kuragami to Sayo and she walks off.

”Now come Yuma, or Ill get Furo to zap you. ”

Furo pinches Keikenas arm.

”Ow. ”

Yuma faces the civilians.

”All of you, Im very sorry. Please look after my Dads body while Im gone. I want you guys to plan a funeral for him. ”

All three of them head to the train station.

Keikena looks at Yuma.

”Yuma, I want you to know, that there might be more to your brother than meets the eye. ”

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