In a city in Japan were civilians were running away and screaming horror can be seen in their faces

Men, woman, children they were all desperate like mindless animals running from something. But why we
e they running, what was all the commotion. That had shaken them to their core.

Amidst the chaos buildings were collapsing like jenga blocks that were missing pieces at the bases. After the buildings collapsed nothing more than rubble and the pour souls who could not get out in time were mixed in.

two figures could be seen standing in front of the other. One was a man who has blond hair with two strands of hair that were standing up almost like a impalas horn. His body was fill with muscles every inch and his body was cover in a tight suit that had blue, red, white, and yellow. His eyes were shining a pure color blue that seem to be glowing over the shadow that he had in his eyes. Scratches and claw marks were all around his muscular body.

To top it off he was holding his right forearm with his left hand putting pressure. Left behind in his right forearm was a bite mark deep enough that it reached bone it only pricking the bone structure leaving his right almost useless . Blood was coming of the injury leaving a small puddle at his feet

*grumps* ” whos is this guy? What is he? Is he a villain? *Heavy labor breathing* most likely… but it doesn explain why he attack the others and save the little girl and if it was a nomu it would already ate her ”

In front of him there was the assailant

Who leave the various injuries over his body

Japans number one hero was looking in front of him some one or something.

The thing that is standing in front of him was a humanoid shape whos skin was darker than a shadow, in those diamonds shape eyes there were no pupils, there were only a combination of golden yellow and red orange.

Its body was lean decent muscles. in the front of his head there were horns shape like the triceratops, its hair was laid back like spikes, the nose was there but thanks to the dark shadow color it look like it had no nose.

(AUTHOR NOTE:think of Boros hair style in its third form but its a bit short that only reaches to the shoulder)

its shoulders had spike like V shapes pointing upward, almost like a insects bio armor

Its two hands has four fingers shape like claws.

( NOTE: for the hands think of the death angle from quite place but instead of being larger it is just normal human hand but with the shape claws of the death angle)

For the waist down of his body there seem to be like bio armor covering both of the legs, for its feet there is three shape claws. Like a combination of an insect and a bird of prey

ready to hold his pray down

For its mouth the jaw was that of a skeleton but its teeth were triangular shape. The inside of its mouth had a bright color of orange that it glows when the mouth its open

(NOTE: for the jaw and the teeth its just together no detail on them only the shape of the teeth can be seen when the mouth opens. Just think of the same teeth as rovert from OPM has but in human version)

That being was standing in front of the number 1 professional hero

~ ”NoW shAll we ProCeed wih ThiSs sTupid FacAde Here anD Now or ShaLl wE Go tO a PlaCee LeSs popuLaTed to sEtTle things out. Your ChoIce Old mAn ”~ the being in front spoke to the number 1 Hero

Has soon has he was about to speak in the corner of his eyes he seen a blur of fire was sent in

The beings way. Hitting him with a heat ball of fire

The one who sent the attack was none other than the second strongest hero

The inevitable had happened

~ ”Oooh Well thEn It seEms you Human TorCh frIend haS spoken For YoU ”~

~ ”TheN shall We ” ~

Those were the only words that had settled the situation the heroes and the being were in


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