In small orphanage near the outskirts of the city of Japan close to were vegetation was vast.

Kids were in a playground running, smiling, playing.

Others were sitting reading a book or even talking to each others. Even the caretakers we
e playing with them.

of course it is their job to take care of each

Orphan child and even congratulating them when their quirks were awakened didn matter

if it was a weak quirk or strong quirk

They were all celebrated and congratulated

Except for one who it seems they have forgotten, he was There like a ghost watching everything and everyone.

Sitting on a log near the play ground and the orphanage. he sat there just watching and thinking.

Thinking that someone will invite him to play with him and not be scare of his appearance at all.

Whenever he tried to approached them they all scream and run away even to the point they will throw rocks at him or call the caretakers to get him away from them

All he ever wanted was just to be friends with any one. He just wanted anybody to notice him but…..

It was impossible because of his appearance

His whole body was cover in a dark shadow color, small horns pointing forward, small shape diamond eyes mix with golden yellow and red orange,

Its mouth lack of lips but he had sharp

triangular teeth cover in his dark shadow

Skin. Small pointed hair pointing backwards

The only thing he was wearing was a short dye in the color red. His upper torso was uncovered. It Show that he was at least well feed had decent mass

For a 5 year old

All his features he had on him was enough. That kids started calling him names. ”FREAK ” ”WEIRDO ” on and on but only one those insults stuck with him ”MONSTER ”

It was the only one that stand amongst those names and insults whenever he walk at the play ground


{Whenever he tried to make friends

”No way you damn MONSTER ”

{Whenever he tried to eat with them

”Go eat somewhere else ”

”Yeah go eat with someone who looks like you MONSTER ”



It was Like a never ending chorus

It never ended.

Even Some of the caretakers call him that awful name. While some tried to talk to the kids to be more comprehensible

But did that work?


No it didn it only got worse after that the kids with strong quirks started to target him. Even to the point we
e they gang up him and give him a small beating

Kid 1 – ” be thankful you damn freak ”

Kid 2 – ”damn right ”

Kid 3 – ”You know be a good little MONSTER and stay there in the dirt we
e you belong because you will never be one of us and you will never be a hero even if you think about it ”

Kid 1 – ”The only thing you will achieve or be something is either you becoming a villain so we

Can beat your dam face over and over ”

Kid 2 – ” looking at you makes me sick. Aargh pathetic you
e even worst than those dam quirkless nothing more than bugs to be squashed beneath ”

Kid 3 – ” Ill tell you this MONSTERS like you only have one way and that is you being put down like an animal. That is the only way there is for you it is only you dying and nobody remembering you ”

Those words were slowly but surely eating his very innocences. He stood no chance against

Those who abuse of others. because they call themselves strong

Was this his …. Destiny, His fate, His path

To be nothing more than a monster that everybody can hate him




To just get kill

All those words that were said by those kids weee starting to suffocate his small light of hope.

It started to die down even more when the caretakers started to act the same as the kids

But it was worst

Closer and closer his happiness, his joy, his hope it all was starting to be taken away from him with the lapse of each day and month


That day when he meet that kid he will never forget that day we
e they first met there.

(Author note: the MC will be going trough some dark moments trough out his life.)

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