At the orphanage kids we
e being call to make a line from the biggest to the smallest kid









The list of names went on and on just like the lines of kids.

At the end of the line was the smallest one he was wearing a red short with a grey color hoodie his feet were covered with bandages and so was his hands

He was lost on his thoughts. Lost in a trance

Thinking to himself what would today outdoors

Activity will be.

What would it be?

”raguel ”

What would it be?

”raguel ”

What would it b-


As soon as he was snap out of his thoughts

He realize he was been call.

”HEY! Thats not nice ” said the caretaker

”He has a name and we should call him by that and no other names ”

”HA! like that should happen ” the kid in the front line started laughing and soon after that it spread to the other kids

”hmmp kids these days ” The care taker approach Raguel

”Hey ”

”Come on don pay attention to them ”

”Don worry miss care taker am already use to it ”

”Oh…. and please don call me miss. Call me Yui ”

Said the caretaker now known as Yui. While ruffling his hair

”Sorry if I offended you miss Yui ”

”Hey its ok ”

”Now lets go to the buss before they leave us ”

Now that all the kids have gone up the bus.

They sat there quietly listening to the instructions of the caretaker

”Alright kids we are going to a important place and there should be no inappropriate behavior ” as soon as he said those words he took out a paper and said ”we are going to visit one the greatest places of Japan that anyone could imagine and that is ……. To a carnival thanks to none other than the heros who had donated enough money for the orphanage ”

At this some of the kids were exited and happy to see the carnival all of them.

For Raguel he knew wha a carnival was. But he will have no body to have fun with since all the kids he wanted to play with wouldn want be near him. What difference would there be with the kids outside the orphanage.

After arriving to the carnival all the kids came out the buss running with a happy faces.

For Raguel he was looking at it all directions, curious on how this games were to be play. There was one with a weird shape stick with a metal barrel attached to it that it shoot somethings to hit some, metal shape ducks to win something.

Or even were kids were making a line to use their quirks on a dummy and whoever has the highest score wins a teddy bear.

What call his interest was were people and even some kids throw a sharp metal object at a small red dot with a white circle around

It seem like fun so he waited in line


”Dam it I miss ”

”Better luck next time pal alright next ”

Raguel Step forward as the manager of the game look at him from head to feet

”Hey little guy, mind trying to throw one of these ” the manager speak as he wave the sharp object

In front of him

Raguel nodded with timidness

”Alright say no more step right up little buddy ”

As soon as he said those words he handed him the object.

Raguel, now is taking position with his right hand back to throw the sharp object at the small red dot



With a fast motion he threw the sharp object at the red dot. With that being done his whole body follow with the momentum of his body thanks to his swing he fell face down shoving his horns down to the dirt

”It seems we have a……winner ”

What had happened it. Was that the whole target wooden area was cracked only in the center there could only be seen the throwing knife in crusted deep. Only the base of the knife could be seen

Those who saw what had happened were impressed and some were judgmental.

After struggling to get his horns out of the ground he cover his head back quickly again with the grey hoodieHe was wearing

”Alright kid it seems you have won this one ”

He look down at the Raguel as he was pulling his hoodie closer

”Now I never specified as what kind of prize you win…. ”

”Ahh! Fuck it ”

”Here take it ”

The manager of the game handed him a throwing knife

”I have plenty of these around thanks to my quirk that consists of manipulating of metal dust and reshaping it to whatever I want.

as long as is something small ”

Raguel grab the handle of the throwing knife that was wrap in a rag

”Just hide that thing and please let no one see you with that thing ” as he handed him a brown rag so that he could hide it.

”Um t-thank you mister ”

”Alright kid now fly off before somebody sees this ”

Has Raguel was leaving the place he accidentally bump into someone. Accidentally bumped into some one falling backwards


As Raguel look to the person no …….

A kid?

She had a blond hair with two buns on each side of her head with some hair poking out .

”SORRY! please ” as he said that he stand up and reach his hand tours her

”My name is Raguel and you are? ”

”Toga ”

”Himiko toga ”.

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