Zinra Recovered, Let\'s Exchange Some Emeralds

his own small, girlish fingers. Manngors breath was hot on Zinras face, and it smelled of garlic and rotten food.

Zinra was an introvert by nature and wasn used to talking to strangers, so he didn have much to say. Manngor, however, seemed more than happy to talk, boasting about his high-famed knight status and trying to impress Uroya with his tales of adventure. Zinra couldn help but think that this man was dangerous, and he couldn shake the feeling that he needed to be on his guard around him.

Uroya, on the other hand, seemed completely at ease. She laughed loudly as Manngor spoke, her booming voice shaking the table. ”Oh, Manngor, you
e such a liar, ” she said, rolling her eyes. ”Come on, lets go show Zinra the slaves you
e trying to sell. ”

As they walked over to where Manngor had his slaves on display, Zinra couldn shake the feeling of unease that settled in his stomach. He kept glancing around, looking for Thamos, and eventually he saw the rogue-like man sitting at a table with a mysterious stranger. Thamos was surrounded by armored and sworded bodyguards, and he was busy exchanging large emerald pieces while he talked to the stranger.

”Wow, look at all those emeralds, ” Zinra said, his eyes wide with amazement. ”I can even guess how rich Thamos is going to be after this. ”

Uroya chuckled and reached under the table, pulling out a giant emerald piece. ”Well, Im pretty sure Ill be rich too, ” she said with a smirk, placing the emerald on the table in front of Zinra.

Zinras eyes widened in surprise. ”Uroya, did you steal that? ” he asked, not quite sure what to think.

Uroya laughed and shook her head. ”No, I didn steal it. I earned it. I saved Thamoss life, and we agreed to split the emeralds evenly. And with all this money, Ill finally be able to afford some proper training. Im going to become even stronger and more muscular than I already am. ” She flexed her massive biceps and grinned, clearly looking forward to the future.

Zinra felt his stomach growl with hunger, and he realized that he only had a few coppers left in his pocket. He knew it wouldn be enough to buy a proper meal, but he couldn help feeling desperate for something to eat. As he considered his options, Uroya spoke up. ”Ill order for you, Zinra, ” she said, reaching for her purse. ”You
e my little pet boy, and its my job to feed you. ”

The innkeeper, a woman with long, curled white hair and smooth, black skin, came over to take their order. She was athletic and strong, despite her age, thanks to the hard work of running the inn and carrying heavy items. She took their order and soon returned with a steaming hot pot of turtle soup. The aroma was mouthwatering, and Zinra couldn wait to dig in.

As he reached for his spoon, however, Uroya stopped him. ”Ill feed you, Zinra, ” she said with a wicked grin. She picked up the pot and drank the soup straight from it, rinsing her mouth with it before pouring it into Zinras mouth. Zinra felt a wave of embarrassment and shame wash over him as he realized just how insignificant he was in the face of Uroyas domination.

Thamos returned to the table just as they were finishing their meal. He looked surprised to see Zinra fully recovered, and he asked a series of questions about how the young boy had managed to enter the cart secretly, why he was able to use magic, and how he had recovered so quickly. Uroya answered some of the questions, but she often cut Zinra off or bullied him into silence, enjoying the power she had over him.

Finally, Zinra managed to explain that he had been taught how to use magic by a girl named Kvaen, who had appeared suddenly in his room. He had focused on using his magic to protect Uroya, which was why he didn have any burn marks on his body. Uroya laughed at this detail, and she continued to bully and dominate Zinra as they traveled to the Witch Hunter Academy.

As they drew closer to the academy, they saw the huge, metal gates that marked the entrance. The gates were marked with fire, and they seemed to be guarded by a group of heavily armed men. Zinra couldn help feeling a sense of trepidation as they approached, wondering what kind of dangers lay ahead.

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