hair cascading over her shoulder. She nodded, her eyes scanning the foggy landscape outside. ”This is my first time out of the village, ” she said, her voice tinged with excitement. ”Im not sure what to expect, but Im ready for whatever comes my way. ”

The cart driver chuckled, his loud voice filling the small space. ”Well, you
e in for quite a ride then, ” he said, winking at Uroya. ”Theres no telling what kind of monsters we might come across in these parts. ”

Uroya grinned, her infectious energy radiating off of her. ”Bring it on, ” she said, her muscles flexing as she shifted in her seat. ”I can handle anything that comes my way. ”

As the cart driver and Uroya chatted and laughed, Zinra lay crushed beneath her giant body, his senses overwhelmed by her warmth and the tantalizing smell of her sweat. He could feel his body trembling with desire, his eyes locked on the flexing muscles of her thighs.

Despite the pain of being crushed under her, Zinra couldn help but be drawn to Uroyas strength and confidence. He longed to be a part of her world, to feel the rush of adrenaline as they faced down monsters and battled their way through the treacherous forest.

As Uroya told the cart driver about her past, her voice grew softer and more vulnerable. ”My father was always drunk, ” she said, her eyes growing distant. ”And when I was young, someone killed my mother. Ive been on my own ever since. ”

Zinra felt a pang of pain as Uroyas words hit him, his heart breaking for her. He could feel the weight of her body pressing down on him, the crushing reality of her past. But even as he lay there, feeling small and insignificant, he knew that he would do anything to be by her side.

As the driver turned his head forward, Uroya let Zinra sit up and breathe, careful not to let him be seen by the cart driver. It was dark now, the night sky black and starless. Thamos lit a torch, the flickering light casting eerie shadows on the foggy landscape.

”Im Thamos, courier for The Witch Hunter Academy, ” he said, his voice so loud. ”Ill be taking you to the academy. ” Although she knew it already.

Uroya introduced herself, her voice confident and strong. Zinra looked out at the night, his heart racing with fear. The forest was dark and creepy, the sounds of strange and terrifying creatures echoing through the fog.

But Uroya seemed undaunted, her cheerful personality helping to lighten the mood. She asked Thamos questions and made jokes, her extroverted nature coming to the fore. ”So, Thamos, whats it like working for The Witch Hunter Academy? ” she asked, her eyes sparkling with curiosity. ”Have you faced any particularly scary monsters? ”

Thamos chuckled, his deep voice echoing through the cart. ”Oh, Ive faced plenty of scary monsters, ” he said, his face serious. ”But its all part of the job. The academy trains us to be prepared for anything. ”

Just then, they heard a strange, scary sound coming from the forest. Uroyas face grew serious. Thamos rode off the horse, pulling a small vial from his pocket. He uncorked it and took a swig, his body shaking as he drank it down.

”Stay inside the cart, Uroya, ” he said, his voice stern. ”Ill take care of whatever is out there. ”

Uroya hesitated, her body tensing as she prepared to follow Thamos. But as he turned his head, she caught a glimpse of his skeleton-transformed head under his black hood. She froze, her body stiff with fear as Thamos repeated his command.

”Stay inside the cart, Uroya, ” he said, his voice urgent. ”Ill take care of whatever is out there. ”

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