A Sorceress Struggle

Chapter 3: Fallen, The window less room.

double edged sword. With the power ces consequences, the price to pay is having all your negative emotions heightened and draw the worst of your personality.

I can feel it…The rage, the overwhelming hatred I have for the people who locked me up in this room.

She said before approaching the door and trying to open it.

she said before tapping on the door and trying to find a way out The girl took her anger on the door then began trashing the room.

Time passed and they didn even bring a single meal.

With no window, it was impossible to know if it was day or night, and I was starting to get very hungry and thirsty.

Time went by and I ended up sleeping up…

Time went by and I didn get any food or drinks for God knows how long. definitely more than four days at the very least!

I felt like I was dying inside of this room, that even though I got a chance in walking underneath the sun again would be once more taken from me.

I hate it…

Do they plan on starving me to death?

Should I try finding a way out? But how? I don even know what kind of powers I had awaken after coming to this world AND falling into depravity.

In the game, there exist people who can use magic. Those people are called Mages, their power consist in manipulating a certain element among eight.

Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Dark, Light, Space, Life.

Basic elemental magic Wich are water fire earth and air, are pretty much common and many are capable of using them.

Light is an element that only a selected few in this world could use it, and by selected I mean the Emperial family and the saint.

Dark magic on the other hand is also a rare kind of magic that only a few awaken this element as mages…very few. Its usually an element that monsters have or bad guys have in the game. Like demons or witches for instance.

Space magic on the other hand Is something that people arent well versed in it. there are a few cases of people who have this element in the game but they don know how to use it to its full potential…

As for life magic…well thats something that only appears in healings spells and is usually used with another element at the same time. like how the saint use it with light to heal members in her party.

I know these from the game…they are magic shackles. A tool to stop you from using magic…

If I remember correctly there was an illustration of this in the game…and that these shakes fonction on a trigonometric magic circle…

she said

It was wierd…as if the information was already in my head and it just came out alone when I thought about it…

I have been having this odd feeling since I was still inside the abyss…but I think I might have got some info about magic or some knowledge before coming to this world…

I started thinking hard about the shackles, the magic that was used on them and most importantly how to break free!

I focused on that idea for hours…and didn get anything of use.

I was feeling dizzy when I tried to stand up and just laid back on the bed and slept for another day.

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