A Sorceress Struggle

Chapter 5: A small Mind trick.

saying, do you mean to throw the Evanson name> Asked Vincent

My answer was

He laughed at my face and said

I asked She approached Vincent

She raised her arms as sign to unlock her cuffs. The duke sighed and waved his hand towards Satiana and then the cuffs magically fell off when he muttered some kind of secret words. ”Tear the fabric ” or at least that what I heard…

The moment the cuffs fell off, I could feel the same energy I had felt when I was in the abyss…but it was more vicious…

A grin appeared on Satianas face for a brief moment and brought about questions

Asked Vincent before adding

Satiana answered Despite that answer coming out of her mouth, she did not feel the least bit shaken. On the contrary, she looked even more confident than any time before.

Her entourage asked And her answer was a demonstration.

She slowly walked towards the servant girl that brought her out of the detention room.

And raised her face so that there eyes would meet before she fell down unconscious.

Terrified of what happened to the girl, aunt Caitlin asked for explanations

Before Satiana could give any explanations, the twins called for the other servants to chain Satiana.

A few guards stormed in from outside the dinning room and pointed there swords towards the white haired girl.

Thats when the duke finally decided to take action.

The temperature suddenly dropped to minus ten degrees or less before taking a few steps towards Satiana He took a stand for Satiana in front of the hostile knights of the family

The knights took a step back and begged for forgiveness assuming there wrong doing.

The duke said

The duke was basically punishing the knights by stripping them of their knighthood.

I was in awe…or more like the Satiana in me was in complete trans. Her father, the man who originally loathed and despised her, is taking a stand for her!

Satiana didn say a word, the others didn speak as well, the duke ended up by turning his back. Before leaving the dinning room, he said .

I was quietly escorted back to my room with different servants and asked to be left alone for the night.

Once the door and the curtains were closed, I collapsed on my bed in heavy breaths.

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