”I don know? Maybe he is grounded too? I mean we haven see him all day, like all day ” Charlotte

”Yeah maybe hes really grounded, hes always outside playing in the afternoon eh? ” Mia

”Whatever lets just play on our own ” Charlotte

”Well lets go ” Mia


”Fuahh!! How can I do it? Like this, like that swing here swing there, moreover you slash at the same time too! ”

”Maybe I can do what Ash does if I also work out? But how can I get the weight he uses? Maybe if I ask him I can also use it? Well then lets work for now then lets question him ”

(After 3 days)

Ash got out of the house the morning because he wanted to try going deeper the forest but at the tree he destroyed he found Charlotte on the way and greeted her

”Hey! How are you doing? ” Ash shouted waving his hand

”Oh? Ashs suspension ended, hey!! ” Charlotte shouted waving back

”Im back! Being grounded can also be good sometimes hah! ” Said Ash cheering

”Oh? Why is that? Did something happen? ” Said Charlotte

”Don say it to Mia or George yet but Ive got access to higher tier books! ”

”Oh!! Higher tier books? What kind? ” Said Charlotte wondering

”A Mana Control book! Because of the promise I made to my mother and the progression of my theory I got the first part, its still not the whole set though ” Proudly said by Ash

”So youve got the first set? And whats the theory you
e set on? ”

”Oh my theory? Its simple! Better mana control the stronger the magic spell! ”

”Is that possible? I think the more mana you pour the stronger the spell will be? ”

”Well yes but also no the only thing it does is make higher tier spells not strengthen it ”

”Then that strengthen the spell too? ”

”Well I don know, Ill learn it when I read the book tomorrow, wanna bet? ”

”Hmm okay, if Im right you gotta teach me what you know even if not the sword technique just magic! ”

”O-ohh okay Ill teach you only if you
e right but! If Im right you get to give me anything I want! ”

”Ohh I see you two getting along pretty well~ ”

Charlotte got flustered whil Ash jumped out of surprise saying ”Oh its just Mia how are you doing? I just got out of the house ha-ha ”

”I see, so? What are you doing here its rare for you to get out of house when morning ”

”Oh right I almost forgot my purpose here ”

”Ohho what is it? You wanna go eloping? And asking Charlotte? ”

”Thats not it! Im trying to find somewhere to go train more! ”

”Oh like secretly training? You
e going to train somewhere but did you tell your parents? If they found out maybe youll get grounded again ”

”Thanks for the concern Charlotte but don worry! They won find out ”

”ASHHH!!! ”

Someone suddenly shouted in their back, when they turn around they found George but his physique got different he have more muscle but not too much he didn get bigger but his body look more properly formed.

”What is it?! You shocked me! ”

”Hey Im finding you everywhere but this is where you are oh well, sorry but! I tried doing the training you do and I got hooked into it so look at my body! I see results in just 3 days! How about we train together? I want to be strong too! ”

”So you tried my training style, thats why I can see the changes in your body well we can ask my father if he agree too it ”

”Hoh looks like Ash made a new muscle brain~ ” Mia joined teasing George

”Who said Im a muscle brain! I just wanted to do what Ash can do! Aren it cool? ”

”Is it that cool? ”

”Of course Ash! You can already do that technique and break 2 trees im sure you can go farther than that, maybe you can even delete a forest with just a slash ”

Hmm I have a divine power my mother and father said and even the books said that a single divine power can be powerful enough to get you on the top of the worldl

”Yeah maybe I can do that ” Ash smiles as he replied to Mia

”Oh yeah wheres Charlotte? Shes with me right? ”

”Oh if you ask me that, there she it at the tree hallucinating or what I don know ”

”Hey! Charlotte snap out of it! I just said that to you and you started daydreaming ”

”Ahh! Wait what happened oh hey George did your suspension ended too? Your body looks much better, Oh! You trained like Ash! ”

”How did you know in a single glance?? ”

”Well your physique doesn look like yours and how can you do that in just three days! That just means that youve done training like what Ash does ”

”Uhh… Alright? Your instincts is good how did you do it? ”

”Ahaha its just- ”

Tons of fireball and all of it on the size of a small ball fell on the village and created a grenade like explosion


”What happened??!! ” Mia said panicking

”Is it the bandits? ”

”Hey! Ash! Snap out of it! ”


-Inside the forest-




Countless Run got inside Ashs head is it his instinct? Prediction? Decision? Fate? Destiny? He doesn know but a word showed inside his soul

-Protect your loved ones-

-Protect them-


”AGGHHHHH!! ” Ashs got down to the ground as his body is in pain as if its fighting inside him his soul and something undescribable

”Ash! Whats happening to you! ” Said by charlotte

”It hurts! My body! My head! ”

”Why! What happened? ”

”I don know! ” Ashs eyes its getting red and his body is getting pale

”Hey! Ash! Ash! Whats happening to you! ”

Ash falls unconscious but suddenly his body moves on itself with eyes nothing but red and body emmiting a dangerous aura and runned into the village


”Where am I? Its like what Ive seen on my very first dream ”


A word show up to his mind, Ash not knowing what it means tries to look deeper into it

”All creation? What is that? ”

Ash spent his time wondering the whole time wondering what that word is but nothing comes up or even show up, he waited for hour or days nothing happened, then he wakes up not knowing what that word means, but instead found out what happened in the village

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