Living things are called mortals, they can die and unintentionally change their souls and be reborn by themselves

The deities ruling over them and being worshipped and called as heroes of mortal realm, they
e basically immortals in terms of aging, and no mortals can ever surpass them

And one supreme being capable of controlling over everything, anyone, anywhere, a power to create, destroy and recreate again, such things no deities can do and ever do, the strongest out of all existence ”

He find such interesting things fun like a death of a soul of a mortal, and being repaired again to be reborn with no memories, he likes watching the progress of it and it really do excite him, Deities, who made the mortals we
e made by the Supreme Being, only as a source of entertainment.

He doesn let anybody doing something inside his domain, he made only one rule to the very existence ”Never go inside the Supreme Beings Domain or they will face the consequence ”

The deities have such high respect at the Supreme Being that countless years have passed, nobody have been inside the domain of the Supreme Being

But it has started, the supreme being started to get bored by the deities and mortals.

”Haaah, No such things interest me anymore ” Said by the supreme being

”A progress of a soul breaking into pieces and being repaired on its own was such a good sight, it makes me feel in awe, but as times go by, they started being more unlikely and uglier, but man! It was **ing disgusting! It makes me want to destroy every single soul in the existence ”

”There was still a beautiful soul but, its fewer now than the disgusting ones, arggh its a pain in the ass ”

”Alright lets destroy all of them, oh? Wait, how about I make my own Mortal, lets do that, Im super bored make me entertained little soul first, lets choose a world, ahh no looking at the worlds future so it won spoil me, give it a little bit of my power, a skill…. hmm this! After that… A gods power? Lets make it have a power of all gods, no… mortals can only have three of them so as to disguise it lets give him three, good! Good! But… this thing here is a Mortal so he won unlock the full potential of it, well i can make them have all of things they
e lacking but it won be exciting… simple! make him a Mortal and a God at the same time! Alright, go and make your desires true ”

In a certain part of the mortal world, an unexpected life was created

A life never been discovered before in the mortals world what would be the fate of this soul? destiny? future? Follow his/her story to know

Past life is real! Imagine.. If you
e gonna be questioned who do you think you are in your past life? Share your ideas!

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