A Soul’s Journey to Learn Their Origins

The birth of the new soul -2-

On a world called Garrett, And in an old continent of Chronos, Year 3703, on the 24th day of the 6th month, a lady was giving birth to a child

”Push it more Mrs! ” The Midwife said to the lady

”Hnnn!! ” The lady moaned

”The body is coming out! ” The Midwife said again

”Haah, haah, ahhh!! ” This time, the lady shouted as it hurts

”Come on, push it mo- this is bad! ” The Midwife noticed something wrong about the baby and said it ofc

”What happened!? ” Its the husband of the lady questioned

”The baby got tangled by your wifes organ! ” The Midwife alerted

”What!? Can you do something about it!? ” The guy questioned looking concerned

”Of course I can! Who do you think I am!? ” The midwife proudly said

”U… Uwaaa! Uwaaa! ” A cry can be heard

[Alright balance, shall I give him more charm? I already let this soul have one skill that I made and 3 power of deities, he should unlock this when his God part have started to get activated, whatll be their reaction to this?!] Said by the supreme being making the soul

[Ill let him grow in the mortal domain and see how he will dominate it, if he gets to my expectation or more than that maybe Ill make him fully divine]

”Oh perfect! someone is giving birth to a child on a verge of dying. I wouldn have a problem making him spawn in a forest. Shall I give them this soul. Hmm alright lets merge this soul to the childs soul, let see whos will power will win ” Said in amusement

Once he put the soul the supreme being made to the childs soul, they both spinned and formed a spiral spinning to no ends, the real soul have a color the same as the glowing sun and the divine soul are glowing white

It spun countless time to no ends and looks like eternity, what they
e both doing is trying to absorb each other but neither of them are giving up

As time goes by, they spun faster and faster to the point that it only looked like a circle anymore, in the middle of the intense absorption and absorption

They both made a light and it gradually shine brighter, when it reached its brightest, it dissapeared poof and nothing is in sight anymore

Not until a orange light on a size of a dust particle formed and growed

”It looks like they both got mixed together and made a whole new soul~ now fulfill your duty little soul ”

And a new life was born in the mortals world was it blessed? Or was it cursed by his own destiny?

[Entertain me little soul~]

A gentle, caring, androgynous voice, thats what describes the last word a new soul heard before parting from its owner.

Not knowing who it was, the soul entered a deep dark endless void. Not knowing what to do, the soul is left wondering who am i? whats my purpose questions left unanswered.

This soul wondered and wondered countless times and now knowing what to do, the soul got transferred again still wondering about their existence.

The place he got transferred into is a little room, looking at the surroundings there is a woman lying down, looks like thats the place where they came from.

And at their front was a woman, with eyes like the obsidian with her glazed eyes, perfect long, dark hair and a beautiful face. She seems to be holding what looks like their ody.

”Its a boy! ” the lady holding him said, the soul still remembers everything from the beginning, not knowing what they were saying he didn mind it.

He just observed the whole room not knowing whats gonna happen next. When the lady holding him turned around, what he sees is a man with a masculine face, shining emerald eyes and a messy dark hair.

The soul felt its memories dissappearing and he felt panicked, his body also starts to cry responding to the souls emotions. The soul not wanting to forget the one who created him and find him in the future.

He tried to keep his memories by chanting it again and again but in the end, it was all pointless, he doesn remember a thing anymore about his soul. All he know is that he is born in this world.

The lady face her palm at his head and he felt a gentle feeling, his crying stopped and calmed him.

The lady not letting the moment pass by she also made her hand glow bright luminous light, it didn flash him but he felt quite a sting in his head and seven small spheres showed up in his head and each one glows different colors. The lady have a complicated face and full of emotions like surprised happy and unbelievable

”Its a little unexpected but… ”(Midwife)

”What!? Is our little one having a problem right now? ”(Husband)

”No there wasn , Its true that I said your child got tangled but hes all okay now, Ive calmed him down so he should be sleeping right now ”(Midwife)

The husband and the lady sighed in relief

”So, what happened Ms. Catherine ”(Lady)

”Your Son… Have Divine Powers…. ” The Midwife hesitated

”What?? ” (Husband&Lady)

”Yes, Your son have a Divine power affinities, moreover… Its four.. ” Catherine hesitated but she still said it anyways, its her duty

”Our son, have four…? It is troubling what gonna happen to him now? ” The lady questioned close to crying

”No Mrs your son is alive and breathing right now ” Catherine Said in a straight face.

”Huh? How? Was… that possible? ” Said again by both the lady and the Husband

”I don know, its the first time Ive seen divine power affinity too ” (Catherine)

”Having a Divine Power surely is rare, even for you who helped many other woman give birth to only see divine power affinity for the first time ”(Husband)

”Hmmp! Based on my knowledge, a Mortal could never have more than three divine power, or their soul will be destroyed in an instant, so is it a miracle that your son have four of it and still haven perished? ” (Catherine)

”Yeah you
e right… But Divine Power is already more rare than finding a rainbow dragon, and having four is practically impossible ” (Husband)

”What will you family do now? When he get found out, he might get locked at the duty of having to protect this world ” (Catherine)

”We can just make him develop his worldly affinities first and when he can manage now, its up to him to decide, by the way what more affinities does he have other than the divine powers? ” (Mother)

”He have three Affinities, Water, Fire and Nature ” (Catherine)

”Looks like we have a lot to teach him, right? ” (Lady)

”Why are you looking at me so intensely??, Ill take care of his swordsman ship so… ” (Husband)

”Alright~ Be careful on Training him huh? ” (lady) She looked at him with an angel looking smile mixed with a menacing aura

”Y-yes ” (Husband) The husband only looked at her with straight face but stuttering words

”Hahaha, no matter how strong the guy is, when its in front of their beloved wife, he still lose huh? Well then, its my time to leave or I will be late at my next appointment, see ya if you ever have a problems ” (Catherine)

”Alright, let me guide you at our door Ms Catherine ” (Husband)

”See you! Well contact you if ever we have medical problems okay!? ” (Lady)

”Alright, then I will be going ” (Catherine)

Then Ms. Catherine left leaving the two inside the house and their newborn child


”Now what do we got here little one? Looking good there ” said by his father

”Hey!! Norman dear! What about our sons name- aww you
e so cute! Just like your mother! ”

”How about we decide with his name first Jeanne, since hes a boy, Noreanne? A mixed name of me and you~ ”

”You serious? ”

”What? Isn that good? A mixed name, I think it will look good ”

”How can you name our child effortlessly, its not that I don like it! I like it but its our sons name! oh well ill forgive you for that ” The atmosphere got softer as she kissed her husbands lips, they almost have their own world but they realized where they are

”Ahem! If our sons a girl we have thinked about that and got lily but got a boy son so Im thinking if we give him a name Ash? ” said by dear husband while his voice was shaking

”Pfft. I like the name but why did your voice got like that ahahah!! The guy named death sword falls after a girl ahahaha!!! ” said by the wife while laughing

”I can because you
e too beautiful to me and I love you so much from the bottom of my heart ” said by the husband while he moved his head on the left while covering his mouth with his hand

And! Mrs. Wife blushed while covering her mouth by both of her hand fingers and a glowing eyes and Mr Husband seen that and hugged her while kissing her as he started kissing her and both of them closed their eyes and a baby started crying at their side and both of them panicked and tried to calm him.

A start of a divine childs story…. Eh?

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