”Uwaaaa! Uwaaa! ”

”Ahh! our sons crying muhh!!! ” Said by mother while making a face to make her child calm down

”Ahaha whats that face! ” said by father while laughing with teary eyes

Jeanne glared at Norman saying ”Hes our baby you know we gotta spoil him and help him in his ambitions ”

”Uhh… just a joke, Im kidding but seeing you act like that, I like it you know? ” said by dear husband

”Hmmp! Stop teasing me! Even if you said something like that… Hah!! You always flatter me with your sweet talks ” Said said by jeanne at lowly voice looking away at Norman

”Ehh~ did you say something? Hehehe ” said by Norman jokingly

”Ahh stop it! ” fluttered jeanne

”Hahaha, now now our little Ash here you gotta sleep first since its tiring getting born with such difficulties aren cha? ”

”Hmm, breastfeed maybe dear? Mothers do it right? ”

Norman looked at her getting embarrassed while saying ”you
e gonna breastfeed him in front of me? ”

”Oh? Do you want to watch? Hehe~ but I always give you your fill when we
e making Ash huh? Back then I don have any inside me but now I got a milk, do you want to? ” Said by jeanne having a smug look in her face.

”Can I? ” For some reason Norman seemed pumped up

”Whoa youve really think of that ”

”I can ? 🙁 ”

”And you looked forward to it!! ” Said by jeanne on the verge of laughing.

”Muhhh but I wanna experience it you know? Having your wife making you like a baby like some play ” Said by the Norman looking down.

”You can ! But I can give you different experience if you want if you just endure it~ ”

”Just enduring it? Hmmph! ” Said by Norman being motivated

”Here here my son~ drink it all up and get some sleep my dearest son~ ” Said by Jeanne while singing

After a while Ash started to fall asleep and dreamed

It was an endless void, Ash couldn see the end everywhere he looked and he hears a voice

[Live a life here in this world and amuse me]

And another

[Live a life that you want, live a free life! A life like no others!]

And another

[You can do whatever you want, be it change or challenge the world, or even the divine realm, reach top of the world, the top of the galaxy, or the universe itself! It will take you a long time to find the others though]

And the last one

[Be wise and don dissapoint me, haha let your foolishness control you and youll let this cruel reality corrupt you]

He woke up and forgot about all the things he had heard and seen in his dreams but it got into his feelings instead

”Oh~ Ash is awake! My child! Do you want mommys milk? ”

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