After what happened my parents have heard it and I got scolded by both of them and from now on my skills is locked when Im playing outside and…

”Sheesh, Im grounded in the house for 3 days and I gotta do the housechores, well if I escape Im just gonna extend my punishment so lets stay here right now and just read books and strengthen my knowledge ” Said Ash laying down on the bed reading books

”Well, Even if you can control world mana, you need a lot of stamina and energy to use it a lot of time. Now this part…. Body mana capacity-As stated, body mana is easier to use as it uses the mana directly in your body but once used too much and your mana got drained your physical body, be it trained or not it will only remain until you recovers your full mana back, it usually takes a day or two to recover and talking about mana capacity, theres different sizes of capacities, theres Small Mana Capacity:well you can say small mana, people who have this capacity are mostly Swordsman, well people sometimes people who have this mana capacity become mages and can also reach higher stage since you can expand your mana capacity but it takes a lot of time, you also needs luck, hmm as others said luck can also be a skill ”

”Next and the most common one the Medium Mana Capacity most mages have it, It can fire high class spell but cannot do something above that, and its the easiest mana to have as well as the mana regeneration when its use on its peak is only one day or if drained it will take less than two and half a day to recover and if you have learned a mana regen skill then it will take just a day to recover from a total drain and you can also regenerate mana in the middle of the battle thats why this mana capacity is actually the best for a mage ”

”And the Big Mana Capacity:The biggest capacity a human can get with effort, this was proved by the peak of this world the first Great Mage Claude Ford is a Great Mage that transcended human limit by his efforts and got Ranked as an Earthly Mage ”I have transcended human limits but why am I still feeling at loss? ”

”Claude Ford then think more deeply, Then he founded the answer when his son was born, his son have 4 affinities but 3 of it was transparent and one affinity is water, Claude Ford 1 find it weird to have 4 affinities but 3 of it are empty so he tried to train him roughly physically and make him learn magic just for him to unlock the 2nd affinity, almost nothing worked until Claude For II used a magic for the first time and blown up an entire mountain ”

”This caused an uproar to the whole world because a 14 years old child suddenly blown up an entire mountain on his first time using magic, some believed it because of his fathers gene but Claude Ford denied it, as time goes by people started believing that its because of Claude Fords gene but something stopped that rumors ”

”A Deity came down to earth just for her to see the divine child ” Youve received our blessing, weve given you a blessing because of what your father have accomplished and he should have it too when he is reborn ” Claude Ford II, his father and the people of this world was surprised when a deity came down to their world, this deity with only his power, can destroy this whole world without anything left, the deity doesn introduced himself and only came down to remind Claude Ford II about his powers and came back to their domain immediately ”

”And as time goes by, Claude Ford II slowly unlocked his divine powers starting from the magic goddess blessing, «Magic Geniu» he can enhance his magic to be powerful enough that 1 very simple spell like a fireball can destroy a mountain and his strongest spell can make the whole word tremble upon his power, another capability of this divine skill is a powerful mana regen that can heal a big capacity mana in just a matter of seconds ”

”Second is «Divine mind» a blessing from the Wisdom goddess that he can learn any technique he wants if he trains hard enough, make a magic with the logic of the world and giving him a mind that can never forget ”

”The third, a blessing from the unknown deity didn get unlocked and
ever got unlocked, people of this world got dissapointed, but never the God itself, in the end at the age of 568 he died without knowing what the third divine power is ”

”But that doesn end Claude Ford IIs story, his mana kept growing and growing until he surpasses his father and grow more than what his father could get, Its like Claude Ford I was climbing a cliff using only one hand and Claude Ford II used a shortcut with equipments and climbed to the top with ease, His mana kept increasing that he made another mana capacity called Divine Class mana, the mana type is so powerful just use affinity magic and you can make a 6 Meter explosion or freeze a certain part of a river and block water from entering it, move a small chunk of a mountain, or create a hurricane ”

”Father said I have a divine power, then can I also make a entire mountain explode?, well it is said here in the book that Claude Ford II is an exemption as he has a direct blessing from a Magic Deity ”

”Maybe I can try it in the deeper part of the forest, okay! Ill try making a hut there and Ill train my magic there, in a certain distance I can see a mountain maybe I can make the hut there ”

”It is said that theres monsters in that area as they
e its inhabitants, then Ill just make them move to another spot threatening them and make that my territory ”

”Ohh its father are we gonna train again? Another weight? I have a feeling hes planning on making me use the weight that he said days ago… Well nothing we can do, since Im not doing anything lets go down ”

His feeling became true as he again struggles to lift it upright but still better than his last development, he even flattened his feet on first time but now he can lift it appropriately.


”Ash is grounded hmm is it because of what we did 2 days ago? ” Asked Charlotte

”Obviously Yes, but Ive seen him training early this morning, he looks like struggling to lift a half a meter rock like thing but it hardly looked like a rock though ” Said Mia

”I wonder how heavy is that? A weight of a house? How many does he use? ” Charlotte

”Hmm, just one and when he dropped down the one hes lifting, he holed the ground down maybe around half a meter too and that ground they
e using is a reinforced one ” Said Mia deeply describing it

”Ohh thats good and all but wheres George? Don tell me hes grounded too? ” Charlotte

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