As the alarm went off at 5.30 am, I woke up lazily. I took my stuff, and went to the rooftop, waiting eagerly for the sun to rise. As the sun rose, the golden rays of it gave a bright color to the clouds and the scenery was pleasant to watch.

I placed my stuff around and started painting the sunrise. I was someone who wanted to capture the rare moments of nature and surroundings, trying to put life in my paintings while enjoying the beauties of nature. Soon, painting became a hobby for me.

I finished my picture and went down with my stuff. As soon as I reached the living room, I heard mom complaining to dad about me, ”Every day I have to wake her in the morning. Shed sleep until it was late for school. But today, she woke up early, only for her drawing. ”

Dad replied, ”Let her do what she likes. ” Dad always supports me and loves me a lot.

Mom sighed and turned to me. ”Are you done with your drawing? ”

”Yes, mom, ” I replied.

”Then go and get ready for school. However, today is your last day of school, ” she said.

I went to my room, took a shower, and started getting dressed for school. I combed my short hair, which almost touches my shoulder. As it is the last day of school, I am excited to meet my friends, because today we have our group photo session with teachers and friends. I took my bag and walked out of my room for breakfast.

I belong to a middle-class family, where my father works as an inspection officer in the construction business and my mother is a homemaker. Since I am an only child, they are more concerned about my future. I am a simple-minded girl with a dream to work hard and get a good job. But my mom wants me to be strong, both physically and mentally. She joined me in boxing classes 5 years ago along with my cousin, Aarav when I was 12 years old. She, then, joined me in cooking and baking classes during my vacations. Later, I got busy with my studies and found an interest in the arts.

I sat at the dining table with dad and mom served me breakfast. I was eating when mom started talking, ”Your grandmother is sick and needs complete bed rest so I am going to stay with her for two months to look after her. Your father is also going out of the city due to work for a few days so youll be staying with your aunt Madhuri. I informed her and they
e fine with that. So, pack your bags after returning from school. Ill drop you and leave for the town ”.

I was sad to hear about my grandmother. Shes been falling ill for a while. But I was also glad to hear that I was going to stay with my cousins for a few days. I like aunt Madhuri, as she pampers me a lot.

I excitedly replied to her, ”Absolutely, Mom ”, and finished my breakfast, picked up my backpack, and left for school.

I was walking towards my school gate when I heard someone calling me from behind ”Siya, wait! ”.

I stopped and looked behind to find my best friend, Annie. We have been friends since we were young. We hang out and share everything. We never keep secrets from each other.

I greeted her once she reached me. ”Hey, did you have your breakfast? if not, we can go to the canteen. ” She said, walking along with me.

”I had it. Mom cooked my favorite today. ” I replied and she nodded.

”Do you have any plans for your holidays? ” she asked.

”I am going to my aunts home for nearly a month, ” I said.

”Oh! Cool. ” She paused. ”Now, what course did you got enrolled in this time? ”, she asked me.

”Art class ”, I replied with a smile.

”You draw well then why art class? ” She asked.

”I need to improve my skills in painting so I convinced my mom to get me into art class. ” I paused. ”But, she agreed on one condition that I need to learn to groom myself from my cousin Nia. ” I sighed.

I never cared about my looks and makeup. Im used to wearing tracksuits and baggy clothes since I started attending boxing classes, which are comfortable ones for me. And, mom often scolds me to get well dressed, but I ignore her. Now, she stepped in to change that.

”Don worry, youll be fine. ” She patted my shoulder with a smile to encourage me.

I decided to change the subject so I asked her, ”What are your plans for vacation? ”.

”I am going to attend my cousins wedding. When Ill return, Ill ask my parents to join me in art classes with you so that you don miss me too much ” She answered.

”Whos going to miss u? I am happy that I don have to listen to your nonstop talk about your boyfriend. ” I said jokingly.

”Are you jealous of me since you don have a boyfriend? ”, she teased.

I scoffed, ”Whos interested in getting a boyfriend? ”.

”Yes, yes. I know that you are always busy with studies and painting so you don have time to think about boys and love, ” she said.

Thats true. I never thought of being in love and was never interested in getting a boyfriend since I was always busy with things in life.

The last day of school and we didn want to be late so we ran to our class. Since it was the last day wed bade farewell to the school staff, talked to friends, and clicked pictures. We had a lot of fun. We thanked our teachers for their support and encouragement.

After school, we went to the cafe near our school. We placed our order and found a table to sit at. As soon as we got seated, Annie started talking about a gift that her boyfriend bought for her. Hes our senior at school and a relative to her. Im truly happy for her relationship since he is a good guy and loyal to her. Anybody can tell that they
e a happy couple. She trusts and loves him a lot.

I understand that love is a great feeling. We can expect whom we meet and whom we fall in love with in life, sometimes it happens without a reason. It makes you happy, pleasant, and complete. But I never experienced the feeling of love. Maybe, one day Ill fall in love with someone and make some memorable moments in life.

After finishing the coffee, we bid our goodbyes for the vacation period. However, well keep in touch by calling frequently. I reached home and found mom waiting for me to pack my necessities since she already packed my clothes as she wished. When she wasn looking, I stuffed two of my regular t-shirts and loose pants into my suitcase.

”I hope you remember our deal. I asked Nia to give you a makeover and some makeup classes. When we return, I need to see improvement in you. Otherwise, you can say goodbye to art classes the very next day. ” she warned me.

”Ill try my best, mom ”. I said sadly.

I am excited to meet my aunt and cousins. My aunt is a single mom, leading her family on the pension of her husband. My cousin, Nia is a simple, beautiful, and kind girl whos studying medicine. She lives in a hostel and returns home only during vacations. We both are a team but her annoying brother Aarav bothers me a lot. Hes a year older than me but we
e in the same year of studies. He always tries to show off that he is better than me, but hes not, since he couldn beat me in any field so far. Also, my aunt always takes my side, due to which he gets irritated.

Even though we fight a lot, we love each other. When he went to boarding school, I ended up crying in my room alone for a few days, missing those days that we spent in boxing classes together. I used to play pranks on him and we use to play with paint whenever Id draw. I miss him and anxiously want to see him. I hope to spend a good time with the family.

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