As we arrived at my aunts home, I rang the doorbell excitedly. As soon as my aunt opened the door, she hugged me tightly, ”I missed you, sweetheart ”.

I hugged her back, ”I missed you too, aunty ”.

”Sweetie, lets get in, ” she said. We settled in the living room and I asked her about Nia. She replied that she would come in the evening and that Aarav is arriving tomorrow morning. After talking with my aunt for a while, Mom left for home and asked my aunt to take care of me. Aunt Madhuri took me to Nias room and helped me to unpack my bags. She just laughed after seeing the clothes in my bag.

”Is it your bag? ” She asked me.

”Yeah. Mom put these things in my bag, aunt ”, I said sadly.

My bags filled with tight jeans, skirts, knee-length dresses, and makeup. Even though I didn like to wear those, I have to wear them to get into the art class.

”She told me about it. Don worry, Nia will help you ”, the aunt said. I nodded.

At night, Nia arrived home. She hugged me tightly as soon as she saw me. ”How are you doing, Siya? ”

”Im good ”, I replied.

We went to her room and I helped her to unpack. Later, we had an early dinner and went to bed.

The next day, I woke up early. I showered and got dressed. I decided to wear jeans with a t-shirt. Later, I went to the balcony to enjoy the sunshine, which made my body warm. I took a deep breath as I felt mild air hit my face. Something about the air felt special as I enjoyed the weather with my aunts morning coffee.

At 10:30 AM, when I was in the room talking with Annie on phone, I heard aunts happy voice from downstairs, ”Son, its been a long. How are you? You look very thin. Were you not eating well? ”

I ended the call with Annie knowing that Aarav has arrived. I decided to surprise him. I ran into his room to hide, with a paint bottle in my hand. I hid behind the door as I heard the footsteps. As he opened the door, I threw the red paint on his shirt and yelled, ”surprise. ” I took a look at him properly, only to get shocked.

It wasn Aarav. I stared at the stranger who was looking at me with an innocent look. Hes tall and handsome with alluring brown eyes. I was instantly attracted to him as I openly checked him out. I don know why I couldn take my eyes off him. I felt a warm and strange feeling, which Id never experienced towards anyone before, as he gazed at me.

”Is this Aaravs room? ” He asked.

”Yes, y…eah, ” I stuttered.

”Why are you still waiting at the door? ” Aarav asked from behind. When the stranger didn reply, Aarav walked around and looked at him, only to find him drenched in paint. ”What happened to you? ” He asked looking around. Once he spotted me with the paint can in my hand, he glared at me, ”Siya, Did you do this? ”

I looked around awkwardly, ”I thought it was you. ” I muttered.

”What? ” he shouted angrily.

”I thought it was you, ” I repeated loudly and that started our argument.

”Your childish behavior hasn gone yet. You ruined my friends t-shirt. Do you even know how expensive it is? ”

”Is it my fault that you didn appear on time? He came in your place and it happened. ” I defended myself confidently.

”Don worry, Aarav, it was a mistake. Also, its not expensive so no need to fight with your sister. ” The stranger told to Aarav.

Aarav ignored him and stepped toward me. ”You always make mistakes but Ill end up getting an earful for them. You always pick a fight with me, ” he shouted.

”Its always you who make it worse, ” I exclaimed.

Aunt and Nia hurriedly came into the room to find us fighting. The guy worriedly asked my aunt, ”Aunt, please stop them from fighting. ”

She smiled and said, ”Lets go. Nothing will happen to them. Give them some time and theyll calm down. Its normal for them to fight and get back again. Don worry, you can go to Nias room and get cleaned. ”

After a while, we were tired of arguing and concluded that Ill have to apologize to his friend for ruining his shirt which I was okay with.

”Fine. Since its my mistake, Ill apologize to him. ” I said as I stormed out of his room and walked toward mine and Nias.

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