I walked into my room and fell on my bed, muttering to myself, ”He became so rude and arrogant after going to boarding school. I thought well have fun since its been so long. He didn even care that I mightve missed him. I used to send him his favorite desserts and cookies with my pocket money so that he doesn starve or get bored by the canteen food. Now, hes being a jerk. Dumb and a loser. He doesn deserve to be my brother ”.

”He missed you a lot ”, said a voice. I was startled and stood up from bed to see the guy coming from the bathroom. He changed into Aaravs t-shirt. Great! He overheard my words.

”He talked about you a lot. How did you guys use to team up to win in a fight against others during boxing classes? How he would disturb you while painting and playing video games. He told me about everything.

He sees you more like his sister than his own. Whenever he missed you, hed show me your pictures and tell the stories behind them. He loves you. He doesn show it to you just as how you never show your concern and love for him. ” By the time he was done, I was on the verge of tears but I composed myself.

”Did he miss me? ” I asked him eagerly.

”Yes, he did. ” He answered with a smile. A huge smile appeared on my face, glad to hear that Aarav missed me just as much as I did. The guy looked at me and said, ”You two are lucky to have such a strong relationship even though you are cousins. ”

Just as I was about to reply, Aarav came into the room calling out for me. He handed me a packet, ”Its a gift for you ”. I glanced at Aaravs friend doubtfully since it could be a prank as I took the packet.

The guy mustve sensed my hesitance as he said, ”Its a present for you. Aarav was so confused about what to get for you. He took a long time but finally picked something that youll surely like the most ”, he said.

I excitedly opened it to find my favorite games latest edition, which I so wanted to play. I screamed and hugged him, ”Thanks, brother. Thank you, thank you so much ”.

”I knew youd love it. ” Aarav said.

”How did you get it? ” I asked him, pulling away.

”He booked it three months before its release ”, The guy said.

”Happy? ” Aarav asked, looking at me.

”More than I can express, ” I grinned.

”Lets not fight anymore because we
e no longer kids. We are growing up so we better act like one, okay? ” Aarav said.

”Yes, ” I agreed with him.

Aarav turned to his friend, ”By the way, he is Vihaan, my best friend and roommate who now lives in the house, next street. We applied to the same college so youll be seeing him here a lot, ” he paused as he pulled me towards him, ”And, meet my lovely sister, Siya. ”

”Nice to meet you, Siya. Honestly, I was so excited to meet you since I heard a lot about you from Aarav ”, he said offering a handshake.

I shook hands with him, ”Nice to meet you too, Vihaan. ”

Aunt called out to Aarav and he walked out of the room. Vihaan and I stared at each other awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

”Should we go as well? ” he asked me.

”Yeah, ” I said. He was about to walk towards the door when I grabbed his shirt sleeve and stopped him. He turned around with a surprised look, ”Do you have anything to say? ”

I shook my head as I asked him to wait. I picked up a towel from the bathroom and wet it. I approached him and began wiping the paint near the elbow, ”Sorry for ruining the shirt. ” I apologized after cleaning up the paint.

”Its ok, thank you for helping, ” he responded.

We went downstairs and got seated for lunch. Aunt, and Nia served us as we enjoyed lunch together. After lunch, Vihaan returned to his home.

Later, that night in bed, I started thinking about Vihaan, recalling todays incident. What was I feeling for him? Is this just an attraction? I fell asleep with all these questions on my mind.

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