Absolute Villain

The new world - What!?

round eyes. Her long black hair was straight.

But wait! How should I tell this? I mean she looks so young and familiar. I think shes not even in her 20s. Most probably in her 14 or 15.


After a moment of pondering, I came to remember. She looks like my upperclassman in high school.


Indeed. She looks exactly like her.

Is she my mother now?

”Erm, what should I do? Im not good with babies, ” she mumbled.

Hearing that, the me in my mind slipped away the moment I heard what she said. Im done for. What the heck is she talking about? After creating me, now is not the right time to complain about that, you know!

Or so I wanted to yell that, but a babys cry was what came out of my mouth again.

Uwaaaaah! Uwaaaaaaah!

”Uh, eh~ ” She was panicking and was forced to lift me up. ”Yush, yush, ” while carrying me in her arms, she tried to calm me by swaying me in the air.

Girl… be careful, one drop is equal to my death.


”C-Come on, Baby Sed. Don cry. ”

You could at least check first whether my diaper cloth is wet or not so that I can check what weapon I have down there.

Regardless, she said ”Sed ”. That is probably my name. Its not bad. It also sounded like a male name. That made me feel relieved somehow.

Oops, wait!!! I just noticed. Did I hear her correctly? I did understand her language this time!

Uwah! Uwah!

”Oh-Uh, sorry, perhaps you
e hungry. ”

She did. She really did. She spoke the language I know!

Later that day, more normal days came by.

I came to learn many things. Especially about the world.

This world is not the world I used to live in. It is not earth. This world is a different world. The reason why I am so certain about that is because of that event one time.

One day, my temperature reached 40 degrees. I didn know what happened, but mother mentioned about ”Prana Overdose ”.

I gawked.

Both Prana and Mana have something to do with magical energies.

Is this mother of mine also a fan of fantasy stories?, that was what I thought at first. But after what she did after that, I came to realize one thing.

A flustered mother came to the rescue. Guess what she did. It shocked me even more.

She used healing magic! Right! Its Magic! Her hands were enveloped in brilliant magical energies at that time.

This world is a freaking fantasy world! My dream world!

I wasn only reincarnated as a baby again, I also reincarnated in a different world where magic existed.

Viva! Allelujah!

After that, using the free time that all babies are blessed with, I trained and trained. I don want the same fate to happen to me in this life. I needed to become strong as soon as possible.

Not only trained my physical strength, but I also tried sensing magic. I wanted to become a person who is not a wimpy mob, nor a chivalrous MC. I wanted to become the most villainous guy the world has ever known.

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