Abyssal Idiot


In the middle of chaos far beyond the multiverse inside a certain throne room that looked so grand and spectacular even gods would feel unworthy to be in. The walls of the room were as pure as the moon but as dark as the endless void but as bright as bright as a kaleidoscope.

A being sat on a throne made of energy so pure if even a divine dragon did so much as laid there eyes upon it their very essence would be erased from existence. This being was so beautiful and perfect that its very presence would make the sun dim and multiverse quiver to its very core. The being had eyes so dark and attractive one couldn help but be sucked in at a glance, with hair as soft at soapstone and skin so smooth one would mistake it for imperial jade coupled with a body made by the gods themselves.

The being suddenly sighed and spoke as there eyes gleamed with unfathomable intelligence the being said as they watched various universes vanish [ ”not even the vast expanses of chaos can stop the cruelty of time ”] even as the being spoke space rippled as if to agree with the words spoken.

The being then lightly whispered out

[ ” ereberus ”]As man as dark as night walked out from the shadows.

The being continued to speak as if the man was not even worth the energy to spare a glance and said [ ”summon all the sovereigns as for those who refuse to heed my summons… ”]

[ ”…devour their realm ”]

Ereberus responded as he bowed ”yes lord azathoth ” and proceed to move at speeds beyond the comprehension of man.


In the primal realm,

The minor gods as well as major gods were roaming around enjoying the rest of their nigh immortal lives when they sensed the presence of a being so strong their bodies were giving out warning signals and their souls nearly extinguished from the slight aura that was given out by ereberus as he arrived to call the sovereigns of this realm.

Ereberus had already summoned almost all the sovereigns from multiple different realms except for a few unruly sovereigns who refused to accept the summons as their pride and arrogance wouldn let them be ordered around by anyone ,we
e thus killed and their realms were then devoured. so this was his last realm to visit.

As ereberus entered the realm the sovereigns of this realm came to welcome him he then told the sovereigns the reason for his coming here, as he finished his task given to him by his lord he left ignoring the remaining sovereigns.

One young looking sovereign with blue eyes and white hair then asked the rest ”Why do you think *HE* would call us ” the rest were silently contemplating this, until one the female sovereigns said ”Maybe hes planning to hold another competition for his amusement well what do you think of it Zeus? ” .

Zeus nodded and replied ”I thought the same sister ”.

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