(Note that: from now on azathoth words will be in these[] while the words of others will just be this ”)

Beyond chaos

As Azathoth was waiting for all the sovereigns to arrive, he started to think about whether his plan would be worth the effort or not.

By the time all the sovereigns had arrived a decade had passed but for beings at their level time is irrelevant in fact most of the sovereigns have lived long enough to see galaxies collide and lived through the birth of whole races.

Azathoth was still sitting in his throne as if the auras of all the sovereigns gathered in one place was but a breeze for him, he waited till the very last sovereign arrived then he spoke as he spoke his voice sounded so ethereal the sovereigns felt the urge to profess there undying loyalty to him [ ”I am planning to pick a person worthy enough to sit on my throne while i put my plans forward. I hope you will not be unruly as i am gone you have all lived long enough to see supernova big enough to erase half of existence ”]

[ ”To pick my temporary successor a competition will be held 5 origin cycles from now, and I shall reward the winner with chance to meditate in my presence, a wish of their choice and their very own cosmos to preside and rule over ”]

As azathoth spoke the sovereigns started to get excited at the thought of being his successor but the greatest benefit of winning would be being able to meditate under him, when azathoth was done speaking he looked at the sovereigns with mirth in his eyes slightly amused at how excited they were just to meditate next to him.

He then gave all the sovereigns permission to stop bowing and stood up as he was standing up the sovereigns felt reality in itself was folding while also trying to prevent azathoth from moving but while this was happening azathoth still looked on with mirth and a hint of coldness hidden at the very depth of his eyes as he continued to stand as if the fear reality had for him was nothing ,but for the sovereigns they felt something entirely different while some were already on the floor passed out from this others were kneeling and trying there best to keep themselves from passing out when azathoth stood it looked as if this action took everything the chaos had in it to withstand it.

Azathoth standing was only 9 feet tall but gave off a feeling of being the grandest thing in all of existence he then proceeded to look around as if looking through the rivers of time,death and destiny then stopped his gaze in one direction while whispering [let it begin] as he spoke 5 clusters of energy so big they looked like they could encompass a universe at the same time moved towards random realms.

He then looked at the sovereigns who felt salvation from his gaze alone ,heaved sighs of relief and left after getting permission and bowing towards azathoth once again the sovereigns that had never met azathoth before this now realized why the older sovereigns hold deep fear for him while they also revere him.

Azathoth then sat back on his throne in the non empty throne room hat still hadn lost even a hint of its cosmic splendor despite everything that happened he then whispered[ ”I wonder which of you 5 will grow strong enough to serve me ”]

[ ”Hais, it seems its time ”] he then closed his eyes and as he did so he observed his soul it looked like another reality with all of its aspects it was so grand and amazing one couldn help but be lost in its beauty ,while ,if the sovereigns so it they would have died on sight he then proceeded to motion his hands in a squeezing motion he then compressed it into a ball that was squirming around while seemingly morphing into different shapes , he then proceeded to split his soul into 5 separate part while one was bigger than the rest they now each looked like galaxies so varied in colour one could mistake them for a nebula.

While this was happening in the outer verse several beings of power losing out only to azathoth looked over and suddenly shivered as azathoth opened his eyes to look at them as if warning them, with his gaze on them they didn even dare to move for the pressure that gaze brought them was catastrophic, he closed his eyes again to continue what he was doing.

Several moments later azathoth brought out the clusters of his soul. He streched out his hand and made a grasping motion ,chaos started to cry in helplessness and dread as a part of its body had been pulled apart from it. When azathoth opened his hand there was a cluster of energy containing laws of various paths and principles, rules and regulations of realms and primodial chaos energy.

He combined the cluster of energy and each piece of his soul equally and finally exhaled and said [ ”what a tiring process ”].

(Note that: 1 origin cycle= 100,000 years)

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