As xavius looked at azathoth he felt a sense of closeness and familiarity. Xavius was examining azathoth, he too was examining xavius he could sense that the boy had the symbol of the divine tiger but it seemed to be given to him by a hatchling, the boy also seemed so pure one would feel an innate urge to protect him.

While still looking at xavius ,he spoke with his ethereal voice and told the boy, [ ”it seems that fate guided you to me child blessed and protected by that race of cats ”].

Xavius looked at the man infront of him and said while smiling , ”you look strong mister are you as strong as father ”.

Azathoth then smiled at the boy and said, [ ”my name is Azathoth Ruler Of All Of Existense some of my other titles include The blind idiot god, The Oldest demon, The first Being, Eternal chaos… and many more but you can just call me uncle az .This is but a will of mine I sent here with the treasure you have with you and to answer your question my current form as we speak is as strong as your father if not stronger . All that aside Im here to grant you the power to protect your family and more do want that type of strength ”].

Xavius nodded his head but as he was taught from the very moment he learned how to speak, he had enough sense to know 2 important principles of the world first was never trust strangers and second was nothing is free in this world, so he asked , ”so whats the catch ”

Azathoth kept his smile and answered ,[ ”what a smart child I like you, theres someone I want you to serve and protect until he grows strong enough. ”].he then thought in his head[-but he hill decide when to release you from your servitude-].

Xavius looked at azathoth and remembered all the poor people, orphans and slaves being mistreated. Ever since he was born he could remember everything even the feeling of being in his moms womb as well as all the people that wanted to kill him even as an infant, he also remembers all the things he saw while moving with his guards he saw like women selling their children, children as young as him stealing and selling there bodies to nobles with the worst of kinks. He then thought -if I was stronger I would be able to stop it all and let everyone live peacfully- even as a child he understands strength is everything so he says

”If its for the peace of the people I shall accept your conditions ”

Azathoth nodded his head and waved his hand slightly then said ,[ ”so be it then from now on you xavius lothius shall be given near perfect weaponry comprehension, a divine level mana core and i grant you the ability of the sin of pride ”]. He then snapped his fingers and two swords came into existence one was a Jian sword with a hilt made of moonstone and a blade made of celestial steel the other sword was a katana burning with eternal flames on the side of the death the words Amaterasu were imprinted. Azathoth told the boy,[ ”consider this a meeting gift pick the sword you feel suits you ”].

Xavius chose the obvious option which was the katana. After choosing he abruptly woke up. While in his mind the will of Azathoth was watched him wake up as the servants rushed to inform the king and queen he then whispered out [ ”This is one way of drawing light. ”]

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