Africa without colonialism!


Colonialism is the exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one; the use of the weaker countrys resources to strengthen and enrich the stronger country!

This is bad, this is pure wickedness and criminality!

How can you go to forcefully claim share of something you didn create, something that does not belong to you,how do you go to drag for a reward you didn work for, how do you take a kids food just because you think he couldn do anything to take it back, did you forget that the kid will definitely grow up tomorrow and might even grow more dangerously stronger than you can ever be,and he will come for what belongs to him,and he will take it because he has grown stronger than you with time!

Africa has grown stronger than her colonial masters and its time for Africa to be free!

God did not order anyone to go and colonize Africa for his purpose,this is the highest criminality and injustice of all times against Africa!

Injustice is the practice of being unjust or unfair to the rightful person!

Colonialism is unjust and unfair to us because we didn call for it,we didn ask for it, infact we fought against it but we still lost the battle and we have lived under the most cruel influence of colonialism.

This is unfair to humans,we are not animals,we are no longer kids who could not fight for their rights, we are no longer lame or dumb,we are no longer in that era of uncivilized and greenhorn.

The world around us has developed massively beyond that era,we are no longer in darkness, though we weren in darkness before colonialism but it has deemed our shines but we have now come back to light, we can even create a beam of light now!

We need what belongs to us and we will definitely have it!

Africa is no longer in darkness, Africa has come to full light, infact,we own the light because we are the light,with their own definition of colonialism; it means that it is our resources that they are using to strengthen and flourish their countries and they
e afraid their shines might end if the light itself is gone finally for good and they cant afford to loose their shines.

… That is why they are all playing daft ears to our plights, that is why none of the international communities speaks for the rights of any African race,that is why FIFA is not posting about the injustice and unlawfully killings done against the indigenous people of Biafra,that is why BBC news CNN news Fox news and all the rest of them are not saying anything against the unlawful treatment and unjustly killings of innocent unarmed peaceful youths of the indigenous people of Biafra.

We are not dragging anything with anyone,we simply ask for our freedom,we didn go to drag their natural resources with them if theres any at all in their lands and thats not what we are seeking for, the truth remains that we are better than these people who jealously and enviously deceived, killed and forcefully buckled our forefathers beneath their selfishness and cruelty,

They know we are better than them for real and they didn want us to know, that was why before they don allow any black man to come inside their workshop where they make some important things like foreign guns, cars and most Automobile back then,rather he can work outside the workshop as a cleaner or store keeper,

Why were they doing it that way if they meant good for us,why did they fight us when we said we don need their colonialism?

Are we their children or their pets?

Are we their inheritance?

Are we their resources or their lackeys?

Are we the goods they bought from the market?

Did we go to take share of their natural resources that does not belong to us in their countries or regions?

We are not dragging bothers with them,we didn even ask them to come and teach us what they know because we also know that with time well get to learn everything that we needed to learn, which we did, weve learned even better than them,all we need is the space from them,all we need is to be free from their oppression and suppression so we can relax our minds and reform Africa to its full glory,beauty and strength,we are simply asking for what belongs to us,we didn commit any crimes,we didn steal from any continent,we are not unfortunate to be Africans,we
e so fortunate to be one!

It is time for these hideous evil treacherous wickedness to come to an end,if theres anything that our colonial masters are doing for us let them stop doing it and lets do it ourselves,we can do it,we can even do it better,if theres any benefits we are getting from our colonial masters let it stop,we don need it again,we no longer need their benefits if theres any at all,

Africa can do better without them I bet my life on it!

It is time to breakout Africa from its bondage,its time to free Africa from the evil chains of colonialism,it is possible, nothing is impossible with God!

We can do it if we want to,we just need to have one voice,one mindset and one purpose,we are not supposed to be under any continent because we are not their servants,we are not their slaves,we didn come from them,they didn create us,we aren their livestock that they feed any how they like and still make lots of money with it when it reproduces,

We are humans like them and we have equal rights as them,we shouldn allow them to keep using us even till this 22nd century,we are no longer naive or primitive, colonialism that was supposed to make our lives better has been the only thing making our lives worse,

Colonialism has been the worst injustice against Africa at Large,our fathers didn want them to colonize Africa,our forefathers stood against it and fought against it with all they had although they couldn extinct it completely but they fought till their last breath,

So it is left for us to finish what theyve started for us for our unborn generations to have a peaceful life that was forcefully and deceitfully taken away from us by those people that says they are our colonial masters,

Colonization is a devilish act! Africa can do better without colonialism,

Africa have not seen its full greatness for centuries…

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