Africa without colonialism!


One thing I know for sure is that God did not order anyone or any country or continent to go and colonize Africa for His purpose, Africa has long existed since the world began,and we have lived peacefully for centuries until the devil was unleashed on earth and his evil powers began to posses the white people first, Africa is Gods own people hidden very far away from the reach of the devil until hes crimes was much in heaven and his sabotage on earth was already full,he was sent down to come and dwell on earth and manifest his powers,so he took the white people as his body on earth and he made them see us as devilish animals that needs to be eradicated completely from the face of this earth,they began feeling as if they own the whole earth, they began feeling better than others, they began seeing themselves as gods,that monstrous insatiable feelings came into them and they began wanting more and more than others, they began hunting for treasures across the seas and lands everywhere,they began scavenging the the whole earth looking for things they didn plant, looking for things they didn create, looking for things that doesn belong to them,they began feeling superior to other creatures like them in another color which is the original color black,they publish the rule that says that White people can claim any part of Africa they choose to take,that the whole of Africa belongs to them,that was how it all began,they now went to hunting for treasures everywhere in the world,across oceans and seas and the Forests until they met Africa surrounded with aboundance of treasures, Africa is Gods own people, God Himself created us for His purpose and blessed us aboundantly for His purpose and He sent no one to go and colonize Africa for His purpose neither did they create Africa nor planted any natural resources in Africa, so why are they taking claim of something that obviously does not belong to them,they didn put any treasure in Africa,they didn create the lands of Africa, Africa didn call them to come and colonize them, Africa didn even want to be colonized, most of our African legend fought against it because they couldn just allow people that was just passing through their lands to come and be making rules for them,they couldn just allow strangers to come and be making decisions for them,so they fought effortlessly against it,they discovered Africa at the very peak of the best of what they are searching for,they didn know we existed, God had hidden us in His secret place and we are abiding under the shadows of the Almighty God of heaven, Africa does not belong to any continent or any country, Africa belongs to God, Africa has existed long before the coming of Christ,and we are Gods own people,we are blessed with natural strength and they don have it but the devil in them has taught them how to build strength with drugs, God created us with natural strength with natural beauty,we are the original,we are blacks! The time for Africa to renew its Lost beauty and regain its losty strength has come! Africa does not belong to Europe, Africa does not belong to Britain, Africa does not belong to Asia, Africa does not belong to America, Africa does not belong Fredric lugard, Africa belongs to God almighty the maker of the heavens and the earth and in Him alone we draw our strength and wisdom and talents, colonialism has brought nothing to us, colonialism is a criminal act against right to humans lives, colonialism is robbery, colonialism is wickedness, without colonialism Africa would have been greater,we are fiercely and wonderfully made by God,we are endowed with many gifts, natural resources, natural strength, natural beauty,we use herbs for medications and it was working very fine before they came and deceived us by still using those herbs to frame it in another package and sell it back to us,thats deceit, though we knew,but they forcefully made us to abide by their rules with many measures,they forcefully made us believe whatever they say through many miserable mean or avenue, finally we succumbed,they enslaved us, they
e stealing from us, this time, now,we have woken from that sleeping spell, we have risen from that enchantment and we are going home,we are taking Africa back,we are freeing Africa from its bondage of doom, Africa does not belong to them, Africa was created just the way their were created too,so I wonder whats the need for colonialism, whats the need? If they didn come we would have still come out of darkness,if they didn come we would lived greater lives,but they came and killed our greatness with their greediness and insatiable lust minded devilish handworks,thank God for someone like Nnamdi Kanu, ohamadike1 of Biafra Land, Ezeigbo ní lé,the legend of Africa,the greatest teacher of our generation who was sent by God to come and liberate Africa from its misery,the only person that has spoken against all the evil foundations of the burdens of Africa entirely and lives, Africa is doomed and not everyone has noticed it, Africa is slowly moving backward and that is the plans of our colonial masters,they want to reduce Africa to nothing then attack it with full force and conquer the whole regions of Africa for themselves,we have the opportunity to disrupt their evil foundation or we can allow them suffer our unborn generations when the time comes,lets secure a peaceful and better Africa for our unborn generations,lets stand against colonialism because it is not right,it is not right that our fellow human beings are taking our rights from us since 10th century till date

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