y this amniotic sac is transparent, but this time it was black, so you couldn see through it. What surprised me the most was the fact that it had a hard core, so touching it didn feel slimy, but as if you were touching a wall. Despite the hardness, you could still consume it….

Thus, I now try it with my legs, I manage to get a few small cracks in the shell trough kicking. Since, as I said, I have little space, it is definitely much harder to break through than if I were to kick/punch from the other side. However, the saying was not true of me, as I was the biggest wimp in my life as an artist and had no strength to do so. I would have definitely lost to a student who is only 16 years old, which is why I very rarely leave my house and if I ever have to, I go at night. Based on my experience, it amazed me that I could destroy the shell with so minimal force and space after a short time. So I kept kicking and kicking until the first pieces flew out.

As soon as the first piece was removed, I was immediately struck by the brightest light I have ever seen. It was so bright that I thought I was going blind, but I was able to get used to the glare so quickly that I could look around without any restrictions. Thus, I changed my position and moved my face closer to the hole to see what was going on outside.

Meanwhile, Shay worries about his current situation, not yet knowing what is happening at this moment and how it will affect his next minutes.

These angels, who ”hatched ” in the last 20 minutes, are not in heaven, but on a kind of plateau level, which is not the ”world ” between heaven and hell. This level is namely an artificially produced level of the higher angels. The higher ones did this, so that the angels already know from the beginning that this world needs pure strength, so that one can secure his survival! No matter how you look, how you sound or which weapons you use, all this did not matter, as long as you can defeat your opponent. And to ensure that, you have to rely on the hardest method – the rejection of your own child, only possibly to learn one day that it´s dead, but thats just the way the hierarchy is.

Outside of his shell there are thousands to tens of thousands of creatures, which are also called ”angels ”. Ordinarily ones thinks that angels are the purest creatures among the imaginary beings, but this is not true! You could even say that they are on the same level with demons with their ferocity. You might think that angels would never fight among themselves and that no fights would arise among the angels themselves, but if you put a human being here, he would definitely not think that these are angels.

However, before you saw the angels fighting among themselves, you saw a strange phenomenon. The angels that ”hatched ” from the amniotic sac began a strange action…they began to consume the shell…?

Not only that, after consuming the shell, they stopped for a few minutes, but he did not know why.

When Shay saw this situation, he was extremely astonished:

What are they doing and why do these creatures look like angels? Am I a reincarnation of an angel? How can that be? I am not worthy to live as such a powerful and pure creature…I have done nothing world-improving in my life.

At that time, of course, Shay did not know that this ”pure and powerful creature ” was not as it was said to be among humans. Seeing the others killing each other, Shay got goosebumps and was very worried that it might end up the same way. Yet, when he looked closely at an angel that had been killed, he was shocked. All he could see was one angel ripping a ”vessel ” out of another angels chest.

The vessel, which the angel held in his hand, reminded him of the human heart. After a short intensive look, however, he realized that the ”vessel ” did not have so much to do with the heart. First, the ”vessel ” was different in structure. One discrepancy between the heart and this ”vessel ” was its exit from the body. Although the heart normally remains in the body after death, it automatically comes out of the body and just floats over the body. Looking more closely, he noticed that the surface was moving. It looks like light veins are pulsating and lightning is gliding wildly through this vessel. It was much rounder and had no red colors but had a white surface. Furthermore, this vessel drove Shay crazy when he looked at it. He had to pull himself together, otherwise he probably would have done his best to destroy the shell and would have immediately gone after the angel with the vessel. Another inconsistency between the heart and this ”vessel ” was coming out of the body. Although the heart normally remains in the body after death, it automatically comes out of the body and simply floats over the body.

When he had these thoughts, this very event took place. Several angels, waking up from their state of daze after consuming the shell, ran with greedy eyes towards the angel with the ”vessel ”, however, the angel noticed it and immediately started to swallow the ”vessel ”. When the angels standing around saw this, they went crazy and all together started to attack him. It is not necessary to mention that this event is not the only one that is happening. Many other angels started killing each other. At first there were several thousands of angels, but when Shay looked around, he saw that almost 1000 angels were already dead and all the victorious angels were feasting on the dead.

So that Shay wouldn just sit idly by, as he had been doing all along, he continued to destroy the shell, trying to consume it as well. So while he was swallowing the shell one by one he also entered the state of stupor and noticed how many moments were happening at once in his head.

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