an deal deadly wounds.

Features: fires ammunition and can be reloaded if there are multiple bullets.

System: are you sure you want to materialize this item?

Shay was sure and as a result his first item was created with his new system and was ready to face his opponents. After materializing, this weapon was also in the system under ”Tools ” and thus can be modified at any time, which makes it easier for Shay since this probably won be the last time he gets into a fight.

However, he had to give up his soul for the weapon. Shay was a bit glad that he could suppress the urge that told him to eat the soul. He finally had the ability to take out several enemies at once, if the revolver really worked…because he wasn quite sure about the ”system ” yet.

Shay slowed his speed slowly and took out his ”Inferno ” from his inventory. Actually, he had imagined it to look quite different, as the revolver in his hand looked very blurry, as if the performance of a PC was not enough to load the graphics. However, this didn really bother him, because as long as he could ensure his survival, he didn care how or with what.

He turned around after a total of 600 meters and was determined that he would kill those angels now. When he turned around, he first saw only a big landscape, in which he saw only fighting and dead angels, which made permanent sounds, which drove him crazy. Moreover, he saw something completely new… ”eggs ” from the sky. Shay finally saw how the ”eggs ” got to this place and realized for the first time what kind of place he was actually in….

Looking around, he didn see much except soil and sand, lots of sand. The sand was very hot, which is probably why the ”eggs ” are brought here – it was the perfect breeding place. Moreover, they were in a kind of canyon, where he saw only no beginning and no end. If he had to estimate how wide the canyon is, he would say just under 2 miles. Of course, he knows that estimating with a human eye can only be done vaguely, however, at that moment Shay was 99 percent sure that this distance was correct. It felt like an angels eyes could measure much more accurate ” measurements ” than a human eye, but he wasn sure if every angel really had that.

However, since he didn think he was the only one who had more accurate eye sight, he preferred to stop sounding so aloof.

After looking further into the canyon, he saw cliffs on the sides, which had a waterfall, but it was not water, but air and clouds. And what did he see on the waterfall? It were the eggs in which angels should be. However, Shay imagined the ”birth ” of an angel differently. It felt too…normal. Besides, he couldn imagine how an angel would lay an egg. He really hoped that he would find out a little more about the birth of an angel later too. But the unbelievable thing about the eggs, which flowed down again and again and again and carried the other eggs further and further forward, was that there were not only 100 or thousand eggs, but 100000 and more, which came every minute! This continuously increasing number of eggs was probably also necessary for the angels, since these need to kill the demons, besides, not every angel manages to survive in this canyon. One could even say that there are more angels here than in the whole heaven together.

The canyon looked very beautiful, as they had many different plateaus, where plants and other vegetation grew. One indication of why the sand was warm for the eggs to hatch is the sun and the river that runs through the canyon. Shay approached the river and noticed that it was already several 100 degrees around it…he didn even want to know how many degrees the water actually had.

The river was warmed by a bright light. This light was so bright that people would go blind from it, but it seems that the angels have a ”resistant ” to light. Another attribute possessed by the angels?

As Shay immersed himself in the landscape, he was suddenly jumped by several angels. This was so unexpected that he just remembered that he was actually being chased by angels who wanted his preserved soul. But the angels knew nothing of Shays weapon.

Shay only fell down when the one angel hit him. But he didn let it get him down and immediately stood up with his ”Inferno ” in his hand, but quickly put it back into his inventory and not without any reason. He stood in front of 5 angels who wanted to kill him at any cost. Since the angels thought that Shay couldn do anything against them, they didn try their best and always attacked in pairs, which put a smile on Shays face. He even had to laugh a little bit.


The first angel came from the right and the second from the left. The angel on the right took a swing and tried to hit Shay in the stomach. The second angel, was smarter. He waited for Shay to dodge and wanted to attack him while dodging.

Shay saw the first angel coming towards him and was about to dodge when he noticed that the second angel stopped, which gave him the idea to attack him first. Shay took his revolver, which he hid in his inventory so they wouldn see him. He ignored the attack of the 1st angel and made a dodge roll so that the angel would have no chance to attack further. After Shay rolled, he took the revolver and aimed it at the astonished 2nd angel, who didn know what was happening. Shay aimed through the sight and tried to hit the heart. But since he had no experience with weapons, he didn hit the heart, but shot directly through the stomach and liver, which brought the angel directly to the ground.

Shay approached the angel with his fastest speed and saw the regeneration of the wounds begin… Shay didn know about this regeneration and now felt weaker as if he thought the shots were killing. To stop this process, this time he shot at the head. Since he was only 1 meter away, he managed to do this without any problems and thus killed the first of 5 angels. The result of the 2nd kill, from his new life, was another low-grade good soul.

Since the other three angels were still 50 meters away and could not help, they started to help out now.

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