n this one second, which made the difference between being able to stop him and not. In this case, they couldn stop Shay and saw him pick up his revolver and finally gave a mocking

[HAHA, you really think you can stop me. Never in my life have I seen such creatures that did not take their chances to eliminate their opponents. I really envy you, but now it is time to say ”farewell ”].

The angels immediately noticed how their hearts stopped for a moment and got goose bumps. However, the angels were going to continue until they killed Shay, no matter what cost. Shay noticed this and his mouth formed into a grin. He sprinted toward the angels, who were standing in a defensive position, waiting for Shay to collide with them. Shay picked up speed and aimed at the left angel, firing from about five meters and hitting two out of three shots. Unfortunately, the shots were not accurate enough to take him out. The angel just fell on his legs and couldn get up because both thighs were destroyed.

Shay, who was concentrating on the angel standing on the right, took the grip of ”Inferno ” and hit the angel with it. This grip was not able to kill the angel and so the angel now went into counterattack. Shay got a punch in the stomach and several against his head. He became slightly dizzy, but after a short pause was able to pull himself together again. Since the revolver alone was not enough, he took the revolver and his hand to eliminate him.

The injured angel was able to get up again, but could only move slowly.

Shay saw the angels condition and preferred to finish him off first so it would be a one on one. Shay activated ”cursed time ” ran past the front angel and headed towards the injured angel. Shay lunged to attack and again tried to rip out the heart. The angel saw approximately where Shay was aiming from the movement and blocked the attack with his arm to buy time for the angel behind Shay.

Shay had to hurry. He continued to press his hand through the arm until there was a large hole with blood coming out of it. Meanwhile, he took the handle of ”Inferno ” and hit the angel with it until his face was too deformed to be recognized. The angel couldn take the pain anymore, couldn fight back against Shay and so his hand got into the body and ripped out its heart, creating a corpse full of blood and a soul flew out of the body.

Unfortunately, he couldn buy the other angel enough time to attack Shay, which resulted in five angels, becoming one. Shay was now facing his final opponent. From the angels point of view, Shay looked like a brutal murderer covered in blood with a grin that would scare anyone. He definitely did not want to stand here, unfortunately it was too late and Shay began to decimate his opponent.

Shay wanted to punish the angels for attacking him and he wanted to show this to the last angel in particular. He went after the angel, threw ”Inferno ” at him and wanted to show how to fight properly with hands. The angel just thought how stupid Shay was for throwing away his weapon. He bent down and was about to reach for the weapon when a kick hit his face.

The kick brought the angel to the ground and Shay didn let up, continuing to kick him and kick him. First on the stomach, the chest and then many times on the head. Shay just saw the angel coughing up blood and thought it was pathetic that the angel didn fight back. So that he could have his fun, he helped the angel up and punched him in the stomach again, causing him to fall to his knees. Over and over again until the angel begged for mercy, but Shay wouldn stop…he was just having…FUN!

As the leech lay crumpled on the floor with several of its bones broken, Shay finally got serious and began the torture. He grabbed a rock, which was lying next to him, and started hitting the angels legs with it. He hit the leg ten, no thirty, no fifty times, so that the stone was full of blood and dripped down the stone. Shay tasted the blood, which was disgusting, and spat it on his face. The angel was not bothered by it and only felt the pain that his leg secreted.

Shay waited several minutes until the leg looked normal again and could be called a ”leg ”. But Shay was still not enough and started deforming the other leg until it looked exactly like the other one before. By now, so much blood had gathered around the angel that you could fill a bathtub with it.

After several deformed legs, Shay finally got bored and wanted to do something even more cruel. He pulled the angel by its leg behind him and walked to a larger stone, about 50 cm tall. There he leaned the angels arm and went to the other side to ”stretch ” the arm. Shay heard screams coming from the angel the whole time, which satisfied him. After pulling for a long time and using a lot of force, he ripped the angels arm off, causing heaps of blood to immediately flow from his shoulder. The angel gave desperate screams, which could be heard five hundred meters. Since this was still not enough for him, he took the other arm and placed it with the elbow on the top of a sharp stone and pressed it down from both sides. The angel screamed again, to which Shay had already become used to. Suddenly blood was seen spurting and the tip of the stone was through the arm and elbow, completely destroying the elbow. Shay had never seen so much blood at once, which gave him a slight discomfort, but immediately disappeared.

Shay still had many ideas of what else he could do and wanted to start by breaking the other arm, however he saw a soul above the angel and was disappointed that he had nothing left to play with. Shay stretched once and shivered a bit. He noticed that he had no color, except red on his body, but he couldn do anything about it, on the contrary, it even pleased him, since he could show how ”successful ” he already was.

Since Shay hatched, only 4 hours had passed and he had already collected 6 souls. As he looked at the system, he saw that he had a new type of soul. It was a ”desperate good soul. ” Shay is sure that this one was from the last angel. Shay definitely wanted to take a closer look at the system later when he was off this island.

Shay looked around and saw hundreds of thousands of angels fighting each other, and those were the angels he could only see with his eyes. He also noticed that there were no new eggs flowing down the cliffs. Moreover, it also looked like all the eggs had hatched nearby.

At that moment, all the angels stopped fighting and fled in one direction and Shay wondered what was happening.

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