Angles Could Be Bad

Chapter 1: Awaken

800 years later

”What do you think we have discovered this time Frank ”

”I don know but I bet its big this time don you see the huge cave I wonder whats inside ” said Frank to the other person.

”This better be good and worth lots of money because we have a baby on the way, and I expect Frank to retire from this and spend time with our child ” said the lady with the big belly.

”Yes, Sophia baby I grantee that this is worth our time I hear people saying that this cave was here for the past 800 years so there must be plenty historical things here that are worth billions ” said Frank to Sophia while putting his hand of her belly.

”Now Dan tell the people we brought along to come and open the cave so we can get into the cave ” order Frank to Dan.

Dan who was jealous of Frank for being with Sophia just walk off saying ”Ok but I still think we could have come here alone without them ”.

Sophia and Frank who was off in their own world couldn bother with him and his jealousy.

A little while after Dan was back and the people to open the cave and the got to work to open the cave.

”I understand why you brought those people but why you brought bodyguards to, ” said Dan.

”I bought those bodyguards for protection I thought that was clear we don know whats in the cave for real ” Frank said.

As soon as Dan was going to say something he was interrupted by one of the people who was opening the cave, ” Sir we have managed to open the cave ” said the person who interrupted Dan.

”Ok thanks for telling us go pack up the equipment and wait outside while we go inside with the bodyguards to check inside ” replied Frank

The man went back to his team and told them what to do while Frank, Sophia, Dan and the bodyguards made their way to the cave entrance and went in the cave.

When they enter the cave in was like nothing they have seen before there were carving that seems to be in the decoration the cave and the cave seem to have rooms like someone was living here. The deeper they got the more carving there was and the more they took pictures of the entire cave and explore the different rooms.

Finally, it seems they reach the last of the room, but this room was different while all the room was not painted this one was painted gold and purple on the outside.

”Well, it looks like we hit the jackpot this room looks like some type of treasury ” said Frank in a joyous tone.

”But it looks like it locked so how are we getting in, ” said Sophia

”Look here it says something ”, said Dan while examining the door.

”What does it say Dan ” ask Frank with a somber tone.

”Hold on give be a minute let me see if I understand it ” reply Dan

”Nope I don understand it, its in Spanish it looks like, ” sa

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