”Oh my God, the class. ” thats what my brain was screaming when I entered the car. The car smelled like money, it was obvious right away that I was not in my place with my job interview outfit which was a short black skirt, a white blouse, and my a grey jacket.

As soon as I had closed the door, the man next to me drove off immediately without a word. I was so embarrassed as I putted on the seat belt. I turned to the man next to me.

”Its very nice of you to offer to drive me, I risked losing my job. So, thank you so much. ”

e welcome. ”

Not a smile, not even a glance.

The guy was staring at the road. He looked young, maybe late twenties or barely thirties.

Everything he wore was expensive, just his watch could be worth the totality of my apartment rent, I couldn even imagine his suit and shoes.

As he did not speak, I just told him the address of where I was going and I fixed the road as well.

By dint of driving in silence and the car that was not making a single sound, I began to feel tiredness of the day overtaking me, my eyes started to close on their own.

I jumped when my phone rang, I didn know how long I had been dozing off. Oh the shame!

I muttered a ”sorry ” and picked up the phone.

”Girl I just got home and guess what I found your lunch on the dining table. ”

It was Fofo calling, and yes, in addition to being my best friend, he was also my roommate, and sometimes he acted as if he was my supervisor. I rolled my eyes, I felt like the guy next to me could hear what I was saying.

”Oh yes, I realized I forgot it when I got to the restaurant. ”

”Did you at least eat something?! ”

”Of course, I had a donut on the way when I left. ”

”And a donut is what you call eating?! ”

”Its okay, don dramatize either. ”

”Im going to set you a dinner apart, and I don care if you come home at 4 or 5, please take it. ”

”Yes sir, ” I replied ironically. Fofo was a cabbage, he had a bit of the role of big brother, he was always worried me, I think if it wasn for him, I would never have survived this fast life in Miami. He always says that if he wasn there Id even forget to eat, and I think hes right.

”And your car then? Were you able to get to work?! ”

”Im on my way there, but I had to leave the car. ”

”But then how are you going there?! ”

”I found someone to drop me off. ”

”Okay, don come home too late. ” And he hung up.

We had just entered downtown Miami, and the traffic was normally heavy but when it came to Friday night, it was even worse, I checked my watch, it was 6:05 p.m. I was already five minutes late, and I still had a good five more minutes to run that could be doubled with traffic.

I let out a sigh of annoyance. Fred, the bar manager who was a bit like my boss wasn really going to be happy. Suddenly I had an idea.

”I think Ill get off and continue on foot, Ill go faster that way and save you from wasting even more time. ” I said that while loosening the belt. But he grabbed my hand to keep me from taking it off. ”No, Ill take you there. ” I jumped, because he had done it with strength. Then our eyes met, it was the first time he looked me in the eye. He had blue almond eyes, his piercing gaze gave me shivers and I felt my heart race. He looked at me for a few seconds, then he said ”sorry ” and turned his gaze to the road.

For a thousandth of a second I had been captivated by the beauty of his eyes, but when I came to my senses I thought he had reacted oddly.

We arrived in front of the nightclub eight minutes later. The entrance which is normally crowded with people at this hour was empty.

”You can drop me there. ” Employees passed through the service door which was behind. But the guy didn stop, he continued to the service door and stopped. I wanted to ask him how he knew where to find the back door but I held back because I was in a hurry to get out. I thanked him quickly and then left. I pretended to ignore Bobby the doormans smile when he saw me get out of the car, and got in right away. I could hear Fred yelling orders at the others as I was putting on the uniform.

When he saw me arriving, he acted rude to me , he yelled at me blaming me for being late, and I gave him thousands of excuses, but he continued telling me that excuses won help me to keep my job.

”I think Miss has apologized enough. ” We heard a voice coming from the main entrance.

He only spoke to me a few times, but I recognized his voice right away. It was the guy who had just dropped me off. Fred who was back to him turned, he was probably about to shout at the person who had just spoken to him like that. But as soon as he faced him, his face changed completely, he displayed a forced smile.

”Oh, Mr. Davis we weren expecting you this early. ” Fred was almost stuttering.

The Mr. Davis was standing a few meters away, his suit was unbuttoned and he had his hands in his pockets, we looked at each other again, and I had the same effect as earlier. Except that this time he didn look away, it was me who felt embarrassed and looked down.

”Ill get to work. ” I say wanting to slip away from this moment which was becoming a bit awkward.

”I have to speak with you Miss Wyatt, go and wait for me in the directors office. ”

I had a hard time grasping what was going on. The man who originally was just supposed to drop me at work, ask me to go wait for him in the directors office. And how the hell did he know my name. Then there was the respect with which Fred had addressed to him.

I looked at Fred, to see the reaction he had.

”Do what he said ” he ordered.

So I went to the elevator that led to the directors office,

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