oung man, 17 years old but who already looked three years older than he was. He had rough black shot hair that showed he did not look after it. He was handsome, to say the least with blue eyes and a face of a young model that never made the cut and then cursed the world for such disrespect to his manly features.

He was wearing his best clothes for the day. To him, that meant black boots, black jeans, a black T-shirt, and a black leather jacket. You would think he was a cheap knockoff of The Man in Black from how confident he looked while wearing black.

That was not his main feature though. What made people not want to even meet his eyes and stay away from him was because of two things.

The first was because he looked like a gangster that you would see from a mile away no matter how clean, sharp and youthful he looked. He just had that air about him that was unmistakable. The air of someone who had lived a hard life and never got out from its influence.

The second was the long nasty scar that stretched from his left eyebrow, down his eye ending above his cheek.

He smiled when he looked at that scar again as to the girls, it was what made him more interesting than the other pretty boys in town. After looking at himself smile, he frowned as he remembered how he got that scar in the first place.

He was only 11 when he got it and the day he got it was the very first time he had killed someone.

He was someone from the slums and a place that was as ruthless as it was unforgiving. He never knew his parents, but he was one of the lucky ones as he got to be raised by a family member, his sister.

As rough as the times were, she was the only light in the darkness that chirped away the humanity he still had and which his sister instilled in him through the years of living together.

The day he found himself on the floor bleeding from a punch that could knock back a horse let alone an 11-year-old kid, then being slashed with a knife across his left eye when he tried to get up while a man was trying to subdue his sister and do to her something he did not understand at the time but knew it was wrong was the day the darkness finally won.

He took the kitchen knife that had fallen through the struggle and with all the strength he had, plunged it on top of the mans head who had a sadistic smile while in bliss on top of his sister.

There was another man there. When the man saw this, the laughter that he was so enthusiastically letting out with joy and entertainment instantly returned to the pits of hell back to where it belonged.

He looked at the scene like he could not believe what just happened. At that moment, sensing the hesitation and knowing that she had to do something, anything for the two of them to survive, his sister stood up and tackled the man onto the floor while with tears in her eyes looked at her little brother and yelled…

”RUN! ”

For some reason, he did not hesitate. He ran for all his life.

”You bitch! ”

He heard the man say and then heard a punch landing on something soft, then that something falling down again. He panicked but still ran.

”RUN! ”

He heard his sister cry out one last time and managed to look back with his only good eye at that time at their poorly made house using only sticks and mud, the man at the door, and his sister holding one of his legs trying to not let the man catch him.

The last time he saw his sister was the man stomping her head into the ground, his sister all bloody and still refusing to let go as the man continued to stomp at her head, killing her as her skull cracked.

He never forgot that day and the man that killed his sister and one who has hunted him down ever since.

He shook his head trying to forget the past and focus on today.

For, today was his birthday.

He looked at himself and smiled.

”ARKAN, you son of a god and goddess, for only such can give birth to such good looks and a perfect sister who had no flaws in any way. ”

He said as he fixed his jacket and tried to look slick. He had booked a sit at the most expensive restaurant in town for that day as that was the day he finally turned 18 and become an adult.

The day he had told himself that he would finally turn and be the hunter rather than being hunted. It was the day he would hunt and kill the person who killed his sister so brutally all those years ago.

He turned and walked to his destination.

As if he was not unfortunate throughout his life already, he had no way of knowing the series of unfortunate events that would rain upon his life from that day on and define his life for better or worse.

Becoming the hunter of reincarnates, the bane of the world they are born in, who gain power with the help of a System or A.I and quickly gaining incredible power while having plot armor, something he always hated when reading light novels and manga.

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