t that restaurant, Alax had bought the expensive tuxedo with his.

”Yes! And he could take both of them on at the same time. ”

Arkan answered like everyone knew that. Alax just sighed again, tired of having this conversation again. He just wished he could see how crazy he was sounding every time they had this conversation. No one would ever believe what he was saying.

”I just wish I never gave you that manga. ”

Alax finally said.

”Well too bad, because I learned a lot from them. And I keep on telling you. My death will be glorious. I shall die while standing like the warrior I am, such that they will build a stature around my body for my tombstone. ”

Arkan said.

”There we go again. ”

Alax was already tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. Arkan would even play games that had robots just because they would have lasers instead of playing MMORPG with him.

When he would get him to play MMORPG, Arkan would always choose a warrior type because he never wanted to play with a character that could cast spells. That was how much he favored his laser obsession.

Alax looked at Arkan as he talked and smiled.

You would never guess that he is the ruthless Scarred Demon everyone is talking about in the shadows if you see him like this. Well, that is if you turn a blind eye to the massive scar that gives him away.

Alax thought to himself as their food finally came. They had ordered the chefs special and boy or boy was it special.

”What the **! ”

Arkan swore, to the dismay of the waiter and making Alax laugh. The plate in front of them consisted of one small duck breast on top of what looked like mashed potatoes that had some kind of vegetables underneath and a green and yellow sauce that was made into a pattern of art than a sauce.

”What the ** is this. This is it? Something that I can eat with just one bite and that is more art than food. ”

Arkan complained as he could not believe he wasted his money on such a small thing. He took it while scowling at the waiter as if to say if the next courses are as small, he would eat him instead.

That was until he put the whole thing in his mouth using his hands and not bothering to use the eating utensils nightly laid out for him.

”What in all that is umami and god-sent? Did that chef cook this using a laser or something? ”

Arkan ask, making Alax roll his eyes until he tried the dish for himself. At that point, he did not care if it was cooked using lasers or if a goblin was over in the kitchen cooking, he just needed more.

Now that is a meal to die for.

”Arkan said after finishing their dessert while still wanting more but the four-course meal being just the right amount needed to fill them up.

”Happy birthday… Man, this might just be the best day of my life. ”

Alax said as they raised a glass of wine, finally able to drink publicly.

”So, its time to turn the tide now? Are we finally hunting Danny the menace down?

Alax asked while finishing his drink.

”Yeah, the guy is such a big shot now I heard that he frequented this place. I thought that we might bump into him, seeing as we are now both looking for each other. Thought I would take his whole crew with him. Together with that son of his that killed Benny while trying to find where I was. ”

Arkan said with a sore smile.

”Thought so. I came prepared. I was also hoping to stain this modern piece of cloth Im wearing with his blood and keep it as a memento. Guess it shall always remain this clean then because I think I am never wearing it again. ”

The two laughed as they got up.

They were back to talking about sweet nothing as they passed the alleyway when Alax saw a bunch of guys not that far from the main street harassing two girls.

”Hey, Arkan. Look at this. ”

Alax said as they both turned to look at the scene.

A few seconds later, both of their eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

”Speak of the devil. ”

Arkan said with a wicked smile as his mind raced but stopped when he saw the two women that they were harassing. It was the very same two that he had left arguing after his super move that he had perfected throughout the years.

Seeing an old man with a bold head forcing himself onto the one wearing white while wanting a kiss, the scene reminded him of his sister, he took out his knife without a thought.

His scarred eye started turning bloodshot because of the anger he was feeling while Alax took out the knife he was hiding under his tuxedo after seeing the person who killed Benny, a friend that he had introduced Arkan to and who Arkan was starting to let close to him either than Alax.

”Basted, you will pay for Benny. ”

Alax said to himself as they both stepped forward into the alleyway knowing what needed to be done.

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