After starting the video a brief explanation of the company started.

**Crystal company, the new developing company with advanced Technological breakthroughs. Now introducing new VR Hardware, with complex technology and an even more complex AI system. We are looking for an extensive field of usage. Before we can introduce this technology to a common market, we are looking forward to testing it in the game industry, which will allow us to improve the technology, even more,**

The video continued by explaining what are Crystals companys business plans and goals. After a while, it got back to the explanation of used Technology.

The VR helmet was a breakthrough technology, that would somehow allow users to connect their brain waves to a central server, while somehow stimulating a REM cycle as of sleep. The users would somehow simulate sleep and everything would feel as if they are dreaming, but they would be in complete control of the dream – game, similar to a lunatic dream.

Video also explained the risks and limitations of a VR helmet, which was not recommended to use for more days in a row, and that it can replace normal sleep, otherwise users would have a sleep deficit and it could affect their body in a long-tern.

Lastly, it ended with an explanation of why the company took the game industry as a starter. The AI system was capable of learning based on users thinking, since it was connected to users brains, it was able to read users thoughts and their beliefs of whats is suppose to happen in certain situations.

For example, if the system was missing information on how the sky should look during sunset, many users would think why is the sky not red? and the system would take those data into account and make it to reality. Exactly the same happens, with the interaction with NPC, the more people would talk to them, the more real would they feel. At some point, they would have their own individual thinking, programmed by the system.

The video was so long, that before Ikky knew it, the class ended, and Josh ran to his desk again.

”Cmon, go watch the video now, ” Josh hurried his friend in enthusiasm.

”I already did, during the class, ” he replied.

”Now you understand, why they made the game, right? The system will learn more from the gammers. They only used 20000 users as beta testers for the VR helmet, and the system was able to program AI to hold a conversation to such a level where its almost indistinguishable to know if you are talking to another human being or not. Just imagine, what if there were 2 or 20 million subjects, aka. gammers, speaking to NPC every here and there. Sooner or later, the AI would program the game into another reality. Moreover, the system of senses is still there, you will feel your body move as if you were in the real life. ”

Ikky was listening to Joshs explanation and had to agree with his thinking, with such a high player base as the gaming industry, they would definitely receive enough data to program everything, forget the human being, even if the user saw a graphic error, their mind would just think of how it should look like and the system would fix that error by itself.

”But the VR helmet must be very expensive, how can they think to sell it to thousands or millions of users? ” Asked Ikky with concerns.

”They made a great business plan, listen. They prepared many, many helmets, users will be renting them for a monthly fee. The helmet itself doesn cost much, I think. Its just sensors and wires and some coils or something, they just adjusted already existing technology, but in a new way. Im not an expert, but what is important is the chips in the helmet, they somehow connect the field with waves from your brain and helmet into the global server. You know Crystal company has thousands of satellites, right? they can cover any spot on earth, and those chips you can actually replace them. ”

”What do you mean to replace them? ”

”As you rent the helmet, you will be provided Low budget chip for free, this chip is the most important thing. If you wish you can also replace it with a Middle or Upper budget version. The better chip, the better experience you will get. ” Josh continued explaining.

”As you heard on the video, you can use it instead of sleeping, but only every second day. Top tier version chip can change this necessary pause, to once every third day, so you can play for two days, then you will need to sleep. There are also much more bonuses with the higher budget versions, such as amplifying effects on the senses. Usually, your in-game sense will go between 80-95%, ”

”But still, the helmet itself even low budget must be quite expensive, ” asked Ikky.

”Yes, but the rent fee is not that much, just around 20$ per 15 days ” answered Josh.

”Anyway, you should also play with me. I know you prefer moving your body rather than sitting in chair playing games, but here you will experience it to the fullest. Just imagine, running with the stamina you could never ever dream of, maybe we can even fly later on! ”

”20$ is not that expensive, but I doubt there will be enough helmets without any pre-order, ” said Ikky with concern.

”Don worry, since the Crystal company is planning to use it for the common market in the future, they already have millions of helmets produced. All you need to do is take the test in the Testing center for character creation. By the way, I have a reservation for tomorrow, you should call and reserve a date for yourself, or they will be full! ” urged Josh.

”Okay, I will check if there is free spot, by the way another class is starting, you should go back to your desk, ” said Ikky to his friend.

Considering it, he should at least try the game, maybe it will turn out to be a unique experience, as he always wished to try different exercises, but his real-life body and talent were not so good to perform any kind, maybe in the game he could.

Ikky took out his phone once again and searched for a closes Testing center to reserve a date. He was in expectation that all reservations would be completely taken for several days, maybe weeks. To his surprise, it was not the case.

After a few minutes of surfing through the websites, he was able to get a reservation on closes date possible, which was Sunday at 7 pm.

The game is starting on Sunday at 2 pm, seems like I will miss the start. Well, at least the starting location won be that full. Ikyk thought, not knowing yet, how wrong he was.


On Sunday shortly before 7 pm, Ikky just entered the Testing center.

To his surprise, it looked like a gym in his school, but also totally different. It was clearly visible that the building had more than a few floors.

After taking several deep breaths, Ikky stepped forward entrance.

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