After entering the Testing center Ikky looked confused, he was expecting there to be a lot of people, which was not the case. The number of people could be calculated on his hands.

”Hello dear customer, do you have the reservation? ” asked one of the employees standing behind a huge desk. The desk was so big, that there were more than 20 employees behind it, some were talking to other people, and some were waiting for new arrivals.

All of the employees were a woman of middle age, wearing the same set of uniforms with a similar haircut, none of them was less than attractive, which was a bit breathtaking.

”Yes, my name is Ikontursky, I should have a reservation at 7 pm, ” Ikky said to the employee, He really cannot accept his surname, at least his friends did come up with the Ikky as a nickname.

The employee was taken aback by the unusual surname, but she recovered fast looking for his name on the reservation list. It didn even take 10 seconds of waiting until she found him.

”Here you are, Ive confirmed the reservation, please take this ID card and go to floor 1. You can use an elevator on the right, or stairs on the left, its up to you. I wish you to have fun. ” she said with a bright smile on her face.

Ikky accepted the ID card which had nothing on it except the number and name.

”no.182,471? ” Ikky spoke loudly lost in his thinking.

”Excuse me, maam, ” he asked the assistant behind the desk.

”Yes? Sorry? ” she answered, surprised that he was still standing there.

”Is the number on the ID number of people that went through testing? ”

”Yes. ”

”Is it a global number? ” he asked knowing that it can be right, such a hyped game would not have only 180 thousand players.

”No,.. ” she laughed. ”Its only for this training center. ”

Immerse shock could be visible on Ikkys face.

W-What? .. 182 thousand only from this center? An even bigger shock hit him, and his limbs started to shake a little bit.

This city has only 3 centers, moreover, this one is the least popular, as it is quite far away from the center.

That would mean that almost 20% of the city population went through testing within those 2-3 days, god knows how many people were still on a reservation.

Thats crazy…the game population will be millions of people, lost in thoughts Ikky walked to the staircase on the left.

After entering floor 1 Ikky saw numerous undersized glass rooms, they were the size of meeting rooms, but to his surprise, he couldn see what was inside of them.

”Welcome to the IQ test ” another employee approached him and asked for the ID card.

”Please follow me and do not touch any of the glass rooms. Thank you. ”

Ikky followed her to one of the glass rooms which had doors open.

After entering he instantly noticed the difference, the room was completely quiet, not a single sound could be heard from the outside, almost disturbing as the difference between the outside and inside was so big.

”Please sit down and get comfortable. When you are ready, press the ”start ” button on the monitor. You will receive several questions, the answer needs to be precise and fast. Good luck. ” she wished him and left the room.

Ikky sat down and without any need to think it over he pressed the Start button.

After less than an hour the monitor showed ”The end, please wait in the room for the assistant, ” ”Thank god, its finished…Im so mentally tired after all the questions. ”

Shortly a different assistant entered the room, to Ikkys surprise, it was now a man.

”Hello sir, please follow me to the second floor for a second test, ” he asked.

Ikky did stand up from the chair and followed him to the second floor.

After arriving on the second floor there were many doors.

The assistant leads him to door number 3.

”Please enter the room for the reaction test. ”

Ikky entered the room with number 3. After entering he saw a very comfortable sofa and many lockers.

”Please select one of the suits from the lockers. Afterward, put your clothes in this box, and we will return them to you after the test is finished. Once you change the test will begin when you step over the white line over there ” pointing to the line on the ground in front of the glass doors.

”Please do your best, ” after giving all of the instructions the assistant left the room and closed the door.

Ikky followed all the instructions, happy, that he can finally move his body, more preferential than IQ testing.

The test was relatively simple, he just needed to run through a course, dodging stuff while trying to make eye contact with one of the moving sensors.

After the test was done, he still didn have enough. Just heated up for another test, but had to wait for the assistant.

Unfortunately for Him, the assistant didn bring a piece of good news, the next test was not a body test.

Ikky was asked to lay down in a very big capsule, still required to wear the suit. He wasn told anything about what will next test be, the capsule closed.

With worry, but also the excitement of the unknown, Ikky was looking forward to the next test, but yet another disappointment came.

After less than 5 minutes of only laying in the capsule, it opened again.

”Something wrong? ” Ikky asked the assistant with concern.

”No Sir, everything is alright. The network connection was successful. You will now only need to perform the last test, which is the endurance test. ”

Ikky felt happy that the testing will soon be over, but also mad that his muscles went cold by this weird capsule test.

After another 2 hours, Ikky stepped out of the endurance training room. Sweating from head to toe, he wished for nothing more than just taking a shower and falling asleep.

”Sir, your results are now under computer calculation, it will take approximately 30 minutes for your character to be created. The character will be saved on the server, based on your brain waves, that we got from the 3rd test. ” explained to the assistant while leading Ikky to the changing rooms where his clothes are being locked.

”You can log in from any device at any time, if you do not have a VR helmet, you can stop by at the shop in the basement. ” assistant stopped in front of the door.

”This is changing room with your clothes. I wish you good luck. Goodbye, Sir. ” assistant bid him farewell and went his own way.

After changing Ikky went to the basement and rented Low budget VR helm for 30 days. At first, he considered renting for only 15 days, but soon rejected the idea, the result was 1 month rent period.

One month is just enough to know if I like it or not Ikky thought in a good mood and tired more than ever, He finally went home.

It was already past midnight when Ikky arrived home. Nobody home was awake at this time, but he decided to take shower first, hoping that he won end waking somebody up.

Should I use VR helm instead of sleeping? he considered for a second, but soon rejected this idea.

They said, that if the body and mind are tired, it will not work as there is some kind of safety implemented. Since Im very tired from todays testing, lets skip and try tomorrow after school Ikky thought when he left the shower aiming directly to the bed.

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