Birth of Second World: Online

First Step - Training!

**Long time ago, Gods from different dimensions arrived on the planet named Eira. With Gods arrival, magic was brought to life, but it didn belong to the gods. Magic existed in every corner of the universe, even before the universe itself was born. But with no purpose, it fell into eternal slumber.

To access this magic, gods required something living in the world to offer mana to them. The best choices were followers or believers, intelligent but stupid enough to pray and offer to the gods, but this world had no such things. Gods couldn find any worthy creature on this planet, except some wild animals, so they decided to bring some living creatures with them.

And so the Gods opened dimensions gates and brought races from different words, under the promises of false delusions the races came. Humans, Elves, the Beastmens, even Demons, all kinds of races, came hoping to concur this new unknown world.

The population grew, from a hundred to thousands, from thousands to a hundred thousand and with the population, Gods power also grew along. However, Gods greed for magic never ended, and as the population grew it also awakened the previous residents of this world, the Dragons. guests.

Gods didn find them in their previous search, because they were in deep sleep for several centuries and would continue to sleep for a few more if it wasn for the uninvited residents.

Previous residents, the Dragons, were very upset, their world was invaded by those pitty creatures, however, as intelligent they were, they understood that new residents, would not leave their planet willingly.

So they tried to establish a contact with new residents, to make some rules between both sides, and live together with each other, but gods held a different belief.

Dragons were full of magic which they gathered during their deep slumber. This awakened Gods greed, and thus gods ordered – ”You must hunt all Dragons and offer their fresh to us, otherwise they will destroy everything you had built, there is no future for you in the peace ”, and followers listened, they hunted them under false pretext from gods.

This was the beginning of the Great War. However, not every race listened to gods. Elves uninterested in the war hid deep in the forest and continues to offer the mana through prayers as they always did. The Beastmans fought between themselves even more than they did in the past, and Humans brought their Holy Warriors and sought the Dragons.**

With the last sentence, the scenery in front of Ikky eyes began to change. The previous quiet scenes were turned into a bloody war. Magic, smoke, blood, and dead bodies, or the parts of the bodies, were lying on big plains. Dragons gliding through the sky and spitting breaths of fire at the army of Humans. Humans firing hundred of different spells into the sky trying to kill remaining Dragons.

Ikky was disgusted by the scenery, even though some parts were censured it was clearly visible that those players with weak stomachs might not be able to withstand this scene calmly.

After a few seconds sceneries were replaced again.

Dragons were standing on a mountain of dead bodies as opposed to shining silhouettes, aka Gods.

** ”Your greed brought this upon yourself, ” said one of the dragons.

”You will never be able to stop us, we will just bring new creatures, ” laughed at them, Gods.

”Curse you and your kind, ” yelled the dragon, and with a roar, mana started to gather.

With this action, Gods responded same way and started to gather their own mana from the dead bodies of their followers.

Soon enough all the mana turned into a whirlwind of energy, blasting to all sides.

”If We can not coexist, Well sacrifice our kind to stop yours! ” roared Dragon.

After the Dragon roared with a blast of energy, silence followed. Just when the Gods were about to say something, all Dragons turned into the stone and shortly started to break into small pieces of dust, blown away by the wind.

Seeing this, Gods were visibly happy, they won this battle and could rule this planet now, but before Gods could celebrate, their light also started to diminish, until they completely diapered.

Everywhere in the world, people started to perish. Humans, Elves, and even some Beastmans, all died in different ways, some turned into the dust, others were struck by lightning, or were just set on fire out of nowhere, those were the ones that still believed in their gods, and as Dragons sacrifice their life-force to create the curse, the curse amplified by the magic was deadly, there was no escape.

But as fate goes, not all of the new residents died. Some beings lost their trust in the gods when they started the Great War, and without faith in Gods, curse had no effect on them. And so, some residents escaped from the face of the deadly curse, and became the last survivors in their new home called Eira.**


Several windows arrived in front of the Ikky, he closed his eyes to clam his mind.

Story was quite deep..we are basically both invaders and cowards after he clmed down he opened his eyes again and looked at the windows.

[Players are taking places of survival Humankind after two thousand years after the Great War]

[Please select a class, recommended class based on your recorded stats will show with an arrow]

[The 4 classes are base, after reaching a certain level, the class promotion will be available]

Time to select a class!


– Strength/Endurance class, based on the stats and promotion, can evolve to Tank or Melee DPS


– Agility class, based on the stats and promotion, can evolve to Melee or Range DPS


– Intellect class, based on the stats and promotion, can evolve to Spell or Pet Class


– Spirit class, based on the stats and promotion, can evolve to Healer or Support Class

Hmm.. Ikky was in deep thought, he can see recommended classes, but not his stats. He tried to call out status window several times, but nothing appeared.

I think I will pass on a warrior, even though my endurance must be good since I like running in real life. But, I don like to take damage as I don know how realistic the game is, in case of the pain sensation, since the lack of the game information, Ikky rejected the idea of front class.

Best would probably be a Pet class, to have something fight for me, but since I want to play the game to move my body, then Intellect class is also out of option.

Which leaves me with the only option here, Agility class. Its also my second recommendation class, so it should be safe to pick right? Also, the agility stat will be useful for moving, alright its decided

[Rogue] – (Accept)

[Are you certain? This action can not be changed without special events]

So there is a possibility to change class? Well doesn matter now,


[Class has been selected, processing, and assigning User to a random starting location]

**Enjoy your stay traveler** the gentle voice echoed for the last time, then everything disappeared one again.

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