[New Quest – Training 2]

Find and hit Dummy weak points 100 times

Weak point, what the hell is that?

Ikky tried to hit Dummy several times but nothing happened. After trying for a few more seconds he tried something different, after attacking once he instantly moved to the side and appeared at the dummys back, once he was about to attack he noticed a small red circle flashing on the dummys back.

So this is a weak point!

*-1 Critical*

The second quest took much longer than the first one as it required a combination of attacks for weak-point to appear.

[Quest completed]

[Critical chance passive has been unlocked]

-Small chance for a critical hit to appear even without hitting a weak point.

[Would you like to proceed to the next Quest?]


The chain of quests continued explaining basic combat features, hitting, finding enemy weak points, and even dodging was included as Ikky had a quest to dodge 100 Dummy attacks.

[Quest completed]

[Evade passive has been unlocked]

-The chance to dodge an enemy attack is highly dependent on the players Agility and Action during combat.

Without any notice, 3 hours have passed away.

[Quest completed]

[Throw dagger skill has been learned]

– Thow your current weapon dealing weapon damage. After throwing the weapon, you won be able to use that weapon until you claim it back.

[You are missing the minimum requirement for the next challenge]

-Level 3 required

[You can not proceed to the next quest]

[Would you like to claim the reward?]


”Hmmm, ”

Even though this is probably a mistake, I should probably claim reward now. Even though claiming it later would definitely give me a better reward. But I don know when Ill be able to reach level 3 and return here, so getting some boost right now is probably better.


[Accumulated reward. The reward is being calculated]

”oh, it really did have an effect to postpone the reward ”

[Experience gained 490]

[You have leveled up 1 -> 2]

[Gained 5 stat points]

– Rank: None / Attack: 1.5 / Attack speed: 1.3

-Rank: None / Defense: 5 / HP increase: 3

-Rank: None / Defense: 4 / HP increase: 2

-Rank: None / Defense: 2 / HP increase: 1

Ikky gained a level and several items, along with new skills and passives he received from quests, he was several steps ahead compared to other people who just rushed to fight the monsters.

Lets see how new gear compares to the one Im wearing he thought and checked the stats of his gear.

[Trash dagger]

-Rank: Trash (damaged) / Attack: 0.5 / Attack speed: 1.1

-Because the weapon is damaged there is a higher chance to miss an attack

[Trash Base Clothing]

-Set of Chest and Legs and Boosts

-Rank: Trash / Defense: 3 / HP increase: 1

Wow, Ive not checked my old gear before, but the novice gear is on another level compared to the trash I was wearing. I can not imagine people running straight to combat with that Trash gear, especially with the damaged weapon, without Weapon mastery passive there is no way they would hit anything.

He exchanged his whole gear, including the weapon, and stepped outside of the training field.

Once he left the field, Training Dagger disappeared from his inventory.

Ikky looked back to the field of dummies for the last time, and left Training Center.


After walking through town for other tens of minutes he was still unable to receive any Quest from the NPC. Even though he tried to visit some Nobles, Adventure house, and even common shops if they are not missing some ingredients. However, he did not receive a single quest.

Seems like getting a quest in this game is kind of hard.

There was an exception. In the Adventure house, he could accept a Bounty, but it required registration in the Adventure house. But after talking to the lady at reception, he learned that it required a level 10 to register. Which was out of his reach at the moment.

Soon he simply gave up trying to find a quest and aimed for the gate leading out of the Town.

When he arrived at the gate a close by Guard looked at him.

I hope I don need to pay a fee to leave.. Ikky was slowly creating a phobia from fee, aka. tax-phobia.

Thankfully to him, Guard lost all interest and looked away not paying any more attention to him.

Sigh.. a sigh of relief escaped Ikkys mouth.

After passing the gate he arrived on small clearing before the forest. It was currently full of players, a noisy players.

”Looking for a healer! ”

”Dream on dude, there are not enough healers! ” laughed others at him

”TANK! looking for a good warrior! ”

Yelling continued.

Why are they looking for a party? Are mobs so hard? Should I also look for a party? Ikky was stunned by the scene in front of him.

Giving before trying? That was not his style. After shaking his head he went straight to the forest.

”Sorry to bother you, would you mind joining us? ” stepped in his way a young man 1 or 2 years younger than Ikky.

”We are just missing one to go, ”

”Sorry, I was first looking forward to trying a solo combat. ” Ikky interrupted the youngster right away, rejecting his offer.

”Heh, look at this rookie not knowing whats best for him. If he wants to die, let him be, ” another party member said.

”You better not try going solo, the monsters around Village are quite rough. People have a problem killing them even in a party of two, ” he continued to persuade Ikky.

”Sorry. If I die, I will learn hard way. I still want to give it a go first. ” Ikky honestly apologized after seeing that the young man was not offended after the rejection.

”Nevermind, good luck then. ” they bid farewell to each other, meanwhile previously rude dude was mumbling something about stupid rookies.

Due to the high amount of people in a such small area, it took an unnecessary way too long to pass such a small distance.

After 2 minutes, which would normally take just a few seconds he finally arrived in front of the forest.

Ikky took a deep breath and stepped forward to an unknown place, finally about to test what he learned. When he entered the forest he noticed a big change.

Even though from the outside it did look like a very normal forest, where he could see tens or even a hundred meters in front of him, once he entered the scenery changed drastically.

He wasn able to see more than a few meters due to the vast vegetable. As he continued deeper even light was getting more diminish.

When Ikky passed one of the bushes he felt a cold crawling on his back. Turning around and drawing his weapon just in time as something similar to a rabbit combined with a cat jumped on him.

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