-Level: 1

Thanks to his fast reaction Ikky was barely able to dodge a Rabbits attack but also didn forget to counter-attack.

However, due to the unusual position after the evade, his attack didn land.

Rabbit hissed at his enemy, angry that its surprise attack didn land as it expected. which just managed to pain him then it attacked again managing to land a hit.

Without any delay, it jumped to attack once again.

Ikky still didn find his footing after the first dodge and the unsuccessful counter-attack ended up with getting hit by the rabbit.

*-5 received*

Ugh!! Why is its attack so high?! Ikky complained while improvising and kicking the rabbit away.

The kick didn do any damage but at least managed to create some distance between each other.

Ikky didn know it at that time, but people wearing starting gear would usually lose half of their total HP if they got hit by Long tail Rabbit, he was lucky that his Defense and HP stats were much higher thanks to the Novice gear.

After recovering from the kick, Rabbit attacked again, but Ikky was already prepared and dodged to the side.


*-3,-1 delt*

Ikky managed to hit the rabbit twice while dodging, but the second hit didn fully connect and only scratched the rabbits skin.

Rabbit hissed again but didn attack as mindlessly as before, rotating in a circle.

After some time Rabbit jumped, but claws were still down, instead the tail shot against Ikky face.

After managing to get some hits, Ikky confidence was very high, but this unexpected attack did take him by surprise. Even though he was about to get hit, he still didn lose his confidence and at least shot his dagger in front of him, managing to hit Rabbit same time as he was hit.

*-8 received*

*-6 critical hit dealt*

Ikky managed to hit a counter-attack counting as a weak point, resulting in a critical hit. The rabbit screamed in pain and dropped dead on the ground, leaving a bright light sphere levitating over its dead body.

Dumbfounded Ikky was watching the body on the ground.

”Was it that weak? Its damage was high, but HP sucks,.. ”

Ikky didn know, those new players would have zero Level of Weapon mastery, causing most of the attacks to miss, not including the effect of trash weapon, and even if they managed to hit the damage would barely be 1 or 2, which would require around five to eight landed hits to kill the rabbit.

The only reason why he was able to deal with the rabbit so easily was also that he was one level higher than the Rabbit and also because he managed to hit the critical.

After getting close to the levitating sphere it flew straight to Ikkys chest.

[Experience gained 150]

[Gained 2x Rabbit furry]

[Gained 1x Rabbit Long Tail]

”Better to keep the loot for now, ” thought Ikky waiting a bit to rest his lost HP. It didn take much time and He already continued to walk deeper into Forest.


In the past 2 hours, Ikky continued to walk and fight Rabbits, sometimes resting to recover HP. Once he learned their attack patterns managing to dodge most of their attacks, killing them was very easy.

[Experience gained 120]

[You have leveled up 3 -> 4]

[Gained 5 stat points]

[Gained 1x Rab..]

[Gained ..]


Several windows popped up.

”Nice another level! ” celebrated Ikky.

”However the leveling is getting slower, is it because I am over-leveling them? Maybe I should go back to the Village and sell the stuff first before I continue, ” Ikky managed to get to level 3 after 30 minutes or so, but then it took him over an hour to get to the next level.

”Alright, time to go back and check some shops. I wonder how much money I can get from the items I looted. ”

Ikky didn know, but he started to talk loudly instead of just thinking, it was always the same, when he was around other people, he would always think first, but once he was alone, especially when he had fun, he talked to himself.

Just when he turned around and planned to head back into Village an arrow pierced his leg.

*-9 received*

”What?! ” Ikky turned around surprised by another arrow flying at him.

He fastly evaded to the side, but the arrow still managed to scratch his torso.

[-3 received]

Ikky rolled behind the tree and carefully looked around.

He managed to find something similar to Goblin, but it wasn green.

”Kobold? ”

A silhouette of Kobold was standing in front of the cave with a short crossbow.

Ikky tried its reflexes and rolled from one tree to another.

An arrow missed him by one and a half meters.

”It doesn have that great aim for moving target, ” with a new tactic in mind he rushed to Kobold zigzagging from side to side, using trees as his defensives.



After reaching the Kobold he instantly launched a series of attacks, even interrupting the monster that was just about to reload the crossbow.

*-4,-3,-3 delt*

A series of attacks landed before Kobold could react.

It took some time for Kobold to change weapons and before it could even manage to land a single decent hit, it died.

[Experience gained 380]

[Gained 5 coppers]

[Gained Scrap cloth]

”Wow! the experience is sweet! And also some money finally dropped. ” but before he could fully celebrate, some noise came from the cave.

Ikky fastly hid behind the trees. Just in time, because another 2 Kobolds came from the cave.

One carried a short sword and the other one held a dagger.

”Two at once will be hard I guess, they also have melee weapons compare to the last one. ” Ikky was thinking about hiding and waiting, but fate did not have the same plans. Was it because they heard him?

”SCREAAGH! ” Kobold with the sword instantly charged to a tree where Ikky was hiding.

”Damn do they smell me or something?! ” Ikky complained totally ignorant of the fact that he just spoke loudly.

He managed to roll out of the way due to the tree that helped him to block the sword.


*-3,-4 delt* he didn forget to counterattack and tried to move behind the tree again, but the second attack delayed him too much.

*-7 recieve*

Other Kobald also charged at a new enemy but since he was originally behind the first one, he was still a few meters behind.

Ikky gritted his teeth I should take one out as fast as possible, no way to dodge the attacks from both of them.

*-3,-4,-3 delt*

*-6,-7 recieve*

*-4,-2,-7 critical hit dealt*

Both exchanged several blows within a moment, other Kobold arrived shortly.

Thankfully the second Kobold only had a dagger, which had limited reach compared to the first Kobold.

Ikky used his instincts and tried to orient the first Kobold between the second one and himself.

First Kobold was bleeding significantly, it was on the edge of death, and just one or two hits were missing. But Ikky wasn any better having less than one-third of his HP.

At this moment he remembered that he had ”that ” skill and still haven used it yet.

When Kobold swung his Sword Ikky was already prepared to jump back and used his skill.


*-4 delt*

After throwing his dagger, unarmed Ikky turned around and ran away.

Other Kobold was surprised by the recent development and screamed and ran after the enemy.


Ikky was obviously faster, after running for a few meters he turned to the right and disappeared behind a tree.

”SCREAAGH! ” thought Kobold.

”SCREAAGH! ” said Kobold very proudly.

But after arriving at the tree, he found that there was nothing behind it

”SCREAAGH? ” said Kobold in confusion.

”Im here ugly, ” could be heard from the Cave entrance.

Kobold turned and saw his enemy standing at the body of his dead friend.

”SCREAAGH! ” Kobold yelled and charged at the enemy again.

Ikky picked up his dagger and waited for Kobold to reach him.

It didn take any time and the second Kobold was lying dead next to his friend. In a battle of dagger vs dagger, Ikky had the upper hand.

[Experience gained 380]

[Gained 3 coppers]

[Gained Trash dagger]

”Wow, now I have another trash dagger.. ”

Ikky backed off from the cave, just in case there would be another enemy, and then he sat down to recover some of his lost HP.

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