Brunette’s wish

The Club Manager

Okay, maybe it was weird to mention exactly what someone else Is good and bad at, was it the wrong move? Did I look like a weirdo?

He was paying attention to what I mentioned about his grades, was it interesting?

”Now, Ill ask my last question… ”


”What was this persons name? ”

”His name was… Isakei… Ow, sorry, I forgot his last name, I am sorry ”

I said smiling and shaking my hands.

How can I forget his family name…

Come to think of It, he never told me his family name

”There is no more to ask, Fleur, follow me to the club office, and, Isamu, I hope you get used to our new member from now on ”

He said turning into the north side of the hall

Both of us entered, he closed the door behind us pushing it with his back, then he quietly pulled a rope used to turn on the lights, I was able to see nothing, but, the light coming from the lamp dispelled the darkness.

”Its been a long time since a human being stepped on the floor of this office ”

He said walking toward me, I wasn able to identify his facial expressions because he was behind me.

It was a small room, its roof was titled like the side of a right-angle triangle, it looked like a small basement more than a normal office,

spider webs were everywhere.

”… ”

I started to explore that small area within 3/4 m of the surface, suddenly, a mouse ran so fast next to my leg, I was so scared that I fell backward on a chair, it broke, so I fell again on the floor, many cardboard boxes that were held by the chair fell on my head, they were eye so heavy that they made a very loud sound while falling.

”*Cough* *Cough* ”

Dust was everywhere.

He watched me silently like he was telling me to get up by myself, thats what I planned to do before I even try to, we heard running and shouting sounds, like:



”both of you, get away from there ”

After we heard the last persons voice, we heard hitting sounds on the door.

”Wait a minute… ”

Kazuki whispered

`He broke the door, He was a black-haired big, no, really big guy, he was so muscled, his serious brown eyes were dangerous enough to be compared to a gun, at that moment, I tried to get up so I don put myself and the Captain in an ackward situation, to do so, I pulled a box that was holding multiple other boxes, they all fell again on my head, a cloud of dust came to the area, and I started coughing and sneezing.

”What is it now? I hope you got a good reason to break the door and enter like that. ”

Kazuki yelled.

”No, we just heard hitting sounds so we were worried ”

One said

” *Sigh*, okay, I understand, if you are worried then I want you to tell the others to clean the office all together… ”

the two guys shouted:

”WHAT? ”

Then the big guy held each one of them with one arm and said:

”I will insist on them. ”

While they were talking, I already got up and almost cleaned the dust on my clothes, both of us went out of the small office and standed next to the big hall door, he turned to me and said:

”While they are cleaning, lets test how bad are your physical abilities, working in the office doesn mean you don need to play in the stadium, we may need you. ”

”Wait, I am not going to be an official player on the team? ”

I asked

”… ”

”Captain told me your abilities, depending on the given information, your workspace is not with the players, ”

He said

”Ow, I see… ”

Isakei, you son of a b*tch, what did you exactly tell him?

”Now, Follow me ”

He got out of the hall, in the big hallway, I looked confused so he added :

”Its a big place, but you will get used to it with time ”

”Where exactly we are going? ”

I responded

”… ”

”You will know when we reach that place ”

We passed silently in the long hallway, all the doors were alike, I didn know where exactly I was guided, suddenly, Kazuki stopped in the middle of the way, he started opening the door and looking at it saying:

”Wait for me here, ”

He said, then entered closing the door behind him so loud that I closed my eyes when he did it.

”… ”

It was so silent,

I felt uneasy, and at the same time, a bit scared, I am not welcomed here, no one knows what will happen, I should be prudent…

While all of these thoughts were in my head, I noticed a hidden red color under the wallpaper,

It was not too obvious but it was too red, I touched it because I was curious, it was a red smelly liquid…

it can be…

I thought

”Its ready ”

Kazuki got out of that room quickly telling me to follow him inside

”Y-yeah ”

I followed him without complaining,

When I entered, I was in a bigger hall, full of training machines, there was a guy boxing, he was half naked, on the other hand, a cute one was sitting drinking a bottle of water, I was more confused, Kazuki looked at me and said:

”The guy that is training is Kobayashi, the other is Sauma, they will help me recognize your physical abilities. ”

Kobayashi did not care about me and stopped his training calmly, in the other hand, Sauma smiled at me, but his eyes were hiding something.

”First, we should test your habitual skills, try throwing the ball in the basket while Saima and I are blocking your way, the ball is always with you. ”

I was the worse of the worse in all sports, I was so slow dribbling the ball which makes it embarrassing, but, no matter how bad I am, I should know the ball-throwing position.

First, I put my right hand up in a 45° position holding the ball, using the other hand to help throw the ball, and most importantly, I should believe in myself…


I threw the ball the highest possible, that height was high enough for Kazuki to catch the ball without moving, just raising his hand as if he was greeting someone from far.

”*Sigh*, I just found out again that making you play as an exchange player was a suicide for the entire team… ”

He said keeping his position, closing his eyes in a disappointed tone.

”At least you tried, I noticed how serious you were, but no matter how talented you are, you will never make it… ”

Sauma responded smiling closing his eyes.

”What do you mean? ”

I said

”This test was just to know how you move

in the stadium, while you have full freedom ”

Isakei interrupted

I felt a bit relieved,

”Do you feel better after hearing that? ”

Sauma said smiling and closing his eyes

” I can see that on your face ”

He completed opening his eyes slowly

”Maybe, ” I said

”Knowing that it was impossible makes me feel as good as everyone ”

”Nope, you are still the worst player I have ever seen ”

Kazuki responded by dribbling the ball into the big basket of the ball,

With these words said, my hope was destroyed.

I suddenly asked to break the silence that ruled the hall:

”And, whats next, are you going to test my abilities in throwing the ball in the basket? ”

”Well, thats… ”

Sauma said with an uneasy face

”What is it? ”

I said in a serious tone.

”There is nothing like that in this test ”

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