h someone else so she had to wait . She was guided to the waiting room by a staff of the company . In the waiting room there were books of different kinds, Magazines, A television, some fresh fruits and some other things of leisure. She decided to read one of the books due to the fact that she felt drawn to it even though this was her first time seeing it. When she opened the book it turned out to be Trials of the company, how they overcame the trials and what they learnt from the trials. ”Must have been put here by mistake ” Victoria murmured to herself.She then began to read the book.It was very educative especially for a young CEO like herself who already owned the best tech and surveillance company in the world. She immediately settled down to read the book. She was engrossed in the book she didn notice how long she had waited.

When she looked at the clock it was already 9:30am. An hour had gone by already all the pleasure she had gotten from reading the book was gone. She was furious with the company for keeping her waiting for such a long time and she was even more furious at herself for losing track of time for such a long time but she was able to keep her boiling anger in check. She walked out of the waiting room graciously no one who saw could counterpoint her anger or happiness from either her face, aura or body language. Immediately she got to the reception table. The receptionist was not surprised by her scolding because she was used to it (due to the fact that the managers wife Always came to cause a ruckus) but what amazed her was Victorias calm expression and normal toned voice. People who berated her usually caused a scene but the woman standing before her was calm and composed.

After the pretty lady in front of her(Victoria) had scolded her she immediately apologized and informed Victoria that the manager was already waiting for her.

Since the receptionist had already apologized she decided to sweep it all under the rug but not without berating the manager for his incompetence. Then she made to talk business. She had requested for a unique and soon to be sought after design.

After that she went to the Bahamas event center to discuss the arrangements with the Manager of Bahamas event center. Soon after she visited the Master of ceremony Mc Ajele (Who had been chosen as the best master of ceremony that year) chosen for the upcoming event after a lot of bargaining they finally decided on payments and duration of service.

At night time she was exhausted and fell atop her bed immediately she entered her room. She fell asleep as soon as her body met with the surface of the bed.After a few days of hard work and preparation the D-day finally arrived .

She began to prepare herself for the event knowing fully well that she needed to do a last minute checkup on all the preparation. She wore a 3D Floral red Quinceanera gown, An Ice ring,a red Ice earrings.Anyone who looked at her could not stop themselves from staring.

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