ondly the make-up was very heavy for her since she barely wore make-up and when she did (mainly on important occasions) it was always very little (but today was an exception).She looked at herself one more time before she exited the restroom. As soon as she came out of the cubicle as expected she saw Naomi who informed her that some business executives were looking for her.When she arrived at the hall the master of ceremony announced that it was time for the interview. She came on stage prepared for any question that will be thrown her way. She stood at the podium were microphones were fixed. While cameras were placed at different strategic places to capture the interview perfectly. As soon as the journalists were given the go ahead to ask her questions. One of the journalists asked ”Why didn you reveal yourself as the CEO and rather you used your assistant as your representative ? ”.

”I hate attention so I decided to prevent it as much as possible and used suspense as a way to heighten the curiosity of customers and to increase customers ” ”Miss Victoria women are rarely CEOS, so what pushed you to become one ” One of the journalists asked. ”When I was still in the primary school I had shown interest in becoming a leader any time I did the boys will usually mimic me, ridicule me and say that girls can be leaders due to their weakness and that leadership were made for boys and men only. Their words and when people say that I have the qualities of a good leader had strengthened my resolve to be a leader. ”

Victorias ability to answer coherently and unnervingly even though this seemed to be her first time in front of so many different camera and mass medias. ”Miss Victoria due to your discretion of yourself some people don know somethings about you like your age, marital status,address,friends and ither information about celebrities that are usually known ” One male correspondent asked. Victoria felt it was wrong to ask such a personal question in such an official event. She answered the question nevertheless she answered the question ”I am 27 years and presently single snd information on my personal life is private ” The hall was enveloped in murmurs . One of the guests who looked old enough to be her father said ”How could she have achieved all this at such a young age ” Another said ”My daughter is older but she is not married or with even a small businesses to boast of ” he said ashamed and regretful.

After a while the hall was quiet again. ”Miss Victoria at such a young age you have achieved so much, how is it possible ” One of the female journalist asked trying to obtain a scandal in an obscurious way. She knew journalists loved scandals as it helped to promote the media houses in which they worked due to the way humans loved to gossip. The answer was a sensitive one to Victoria hesitated. Due to her hesitation people began to judge her thinking she must have done bad things to get to her present position since her parents were clearly not influencing. Victoria laughed at the irony of life few minutes ago they said they were marveled at her accomplishments and now they are criticizing her without even hearing her out. She knew she was about to open a deep wound so she was still hesitant about her answer. The fact that she could see the smirk on the face of the journalist who had asked her that question annoyed her but she was still rational surprising some people who then said ”the reason she is calm is because this is all true. ” Then she decided to listen to the voice in her head that was advising her saying ”the best way to avoid a scandal is to prevent it ”. With a wave of her hand a throne like seat made of pure gold and red velvet was brought onto the stage and she began her answer.

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