ained they had a mole in the company who was sent to poison him but the doctor had saved his life after he had been declared dead. He started living with the doctor, who saw him through out his school and now has a master degree in law. He had bumped into Tayo in the U.S , they had heard from a reliable source they heard of her success and decided to give her a breath taking surprise visit. Victoria stood gave her brother a very tight hug as she wept for joy. When they got to the mansion they met the people who they had considered as family and had been betrayed by them when the all came out of the car, their uncle started by apologizing for his deeds saying he was really remorseful but Victoria knew better so she said ” I have forgiven you a long time ago ” she then gave him #100,000 and told to go far away and never come back his next statement shocked everyone ”You remember Stanley my son who always fought for you. Well he wants to marry you, the message had to come through me because he is presently out of the country. If you were Victoria, Stephen or Tayo what would you say or do?

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