ch his eyes but suddenly he smiled fell to a thin line then he coldly said ”You don have the qualities of my dream girlfriend ” And just then another girl said ”what about me ” But Zanes next word sliced her ego in half even though it sounded so light ”Worse ”. Then the third girl instead of proposing turned to me and shouted ”You Prostitute you are so shameless always following him around If it isn him its Walanta why has no one ever seen you with a girlfriend ? Oh right no one wants to be friends with a whore acting like a white lotus. The next second a cry rang through the whole school causing a scene I didn plan on. I had broken her jaw . I caught Walanta smirking and gave him a questioning look and he pointed behind me with his jaw. I looked behind him and saw the whole block staring at me but I didn care. I turned to the third girl was Stephanie thanks to the people behind her who had shouted her name in terror after seeing her broken jaw. I smiled at her and said ” Oh My GOD! , Stephanie you need to see a doctor right now . I would have loved to take you there seeing that you need immediate attention but I have an important class to attend ” I said bye to Zane and hugged him while I walked up to Walanta and dragged him to class. When we entered the empty class and I started laughed before a certain someone replied sarcastically ”I thought you planned on keeping a low profile so much for that princess ” I pouted and returned the favour ”Isn a certain Bestie meant to protect me? He seemed to have failed but is still blaming me Hmph ” ”Alright, Will your highness forgive this lowly servant for negligence in his duties ” I decided to go along with the play so I said I am a kindhearted Empress so I will forgive you but you must know not to ever commit such negligence ever ”. We had waited for the lecturer for so long the class became rowdy. I was on my seat when my hand was jerked and I was pulled off my seat and dragged to the library . I I didn need a soothsayer to know the only person who had the guts to drag me out of class after what happened earlier today. ”Hey where are you taking me to oh, sorry, let me rephrase my statement WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU DRAGGING ME TO !!! ” I shouted with sarcasm dripping from my every word ” To the library ” I wanted to tear that beautiful face of his to shreds when he looked at me as though he was stating the obvious. Soon we were at the library Since we were there already I decided to make the best of it . I settled to read a biology textbook when I heard an annoying voice right beside my ears ”One of those pretty girls you were mean to back there just sent me a friend request and I think she is pretty hot ”

”I don care do whatever you want just don disturb me ” Then he chuckled but he next words made me think to myself whether I should devise a plan to kill him or just do it right at that moment but when I thought of the consequences , how much I would miss him and the wicked fact that all best friends are annoying ( I totally forgot that I am someone elses bestie and I once angered that person till he nearly fainted ) ╮(╯▽╰)╭are you jealous of all those pretty girls proposing to me ” I scoffed ”My brother has more fame , love and proposal than you can ever dream of even after rejecting countless proposals ” I know you like me just admit it ” he retorted ”You are a narcissistic peacock without a brain but I have a brain so arguing with you is degrading myself ” with that I focused on my textbook and ignored him while he kept on rambling I couldn take it anymore so I put in my head phones

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