He slowly struggles to the next tree with blood dripping from his left arm. He is in pain both mentally and psychically, but a resounding echo of words in his mind nullifies the pain. The echo is like a magic incantation, words which seem like they have no meaning.

”As-s il ress aq-d doqe, bo-w qor tou h-qor y-ke peaqiq-j ob sibe ”

”Qor ikawe pt fuwdeq aq-d deliwe, bo-w iy il qor touw delyiq-t ”

He draws near to a place of refuge and the words echoing in his mind started to form meaning. It is as if he had forgotten his mother tongue, though this was not the case.

Nearing the entrance to what seems like a cave entrance he summons some strength and stands up without any support. He turns back trailing his eyes to a path of blood leading out of

Sango reMazwi [Forest of Voices] towards

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