( They are gonna tear her apart )

Chapter 5


”Next!! ” Romeo shouted, one could go deaf cos of the way he was shouting

A girl walked in

”Hello….. ”

”Keep it to yourself, why are you here? ” Romeo asked staring directly at her eyes

”For the position of a nanny, ” she replied gently

”So you didn know that you have to say your name first, ” he asked rudely

”But sir, you didn ask, ” the girl replied politely

”Get out, Next! ” He screamed

”Can we hear her out first, ” Mrs. Thomsom asked

”No mom, now leave, ” Romeo shouted and the girl ran out

”Next!! ” Romeo shouted, his hand was in his chin

Jennifer came in beaming with smiles, she didn wash her hair very well so she still has the powder stain on her hair and her clothes were still wet

”Why are you here? ” Romeo asked instantly, he didn even bother to look at her face

”Good sir, by the grace of god am Jennifer…. ”

”Who asks for your name? I said why are you here, ” Romeo asked rudely

”Easy baby, lets take it one at a time, ” She said and Mr. Thomson raise a brow

Romeo wasn left out

”Did you just call me baby? ” Romeo asked, shocked at her act

”Yes honey, have got many names for you, just you. No one else, ” Jennifer said and winked at him

”Are you trying to seduce me? Is that how you will take care of me, ” Romeo asked and frowned

”Why do you want this position? ” Mrs. Thomson asked

”Because I love taking care of people, I love making people happy, ” she replied with a smile

”By trying to seduce me is that what you mean? the other day you came looking like a leftover sandwich and today you came with flour on your head, what are you? Does this place look like a place for joke to you? ” Romeo asked rudely

She flashes a smile

”I ran over a bakery thats how I get the flour on my head but its okay, I way wash it when we are done, ” she replied

”For how long have you been a Nanny? ” Mrs. Thomson asked

”23 years maam, ” She replied with a smile

”How old are you? ” Romeo asked

”23 years old sir, ” she answered

”You just said you had 23 years of experience and you
e also 23 years old, how is that possible? ” Mrs. Thomson asked

”I have been a Nanny even before I was born, ” she replied

”Huh, ” Romeo raises a brow

”What I meant to say is that, I have been a nanny right from when I was a little girl, I love taking care of peoples kids and making sure they are self and out of danger, ” she replied with a smile

”Get out, who are you calling a kid, did you know how old Im? ” Romeo snapped

”We haven talked of the salary yet, so I will get out when we are done then I can start tomorrow, ” Jennifer replied

”I said out!! ” Romeo yelled pointing at the door

”Easy baby, you don want to have a cracky voice, ” Jennifer said gently and turn to Mrs. Thomson

”This will be a full-time job, hope you are aware? ” Mrs. Thomsom asked

”Maam please consider me, I have a little boy so will always start by 1 to 6 pm, ” Jennifer replied

Mrs. Thomson was quiet for a while

”What did you think son, ” she asked staring at Romeo

”If I don get this job am taking you home, so better say yes, ” Jennifer thought silently

”I don like her, ” Romeo replied and rolled his eyes

”Youve rejected more than 50 people, lets choose one already, please, ” Mrs. Thomson said and he started rolling his wheelchair away

e hired, your salary will be a million dollar bill, don come late, hes all I have got left, be careful and treat him with respect, be patient, and always do whatever he says, am paying you that amount cos I want you to put in your all and treat him well, you can go, ” Mrs. Thomson said and she nodded happily


”Yes… Yes.. I get it, ” Jennifer shouted outside, she jumped up and down but too bad for her

Good times don last long, her phone buzzed and she checked to see Adrian calling her and she picked up instantly

”Adrian, is my baby sick, ” she asked

”No, Arianna just got arrested, ” he said over the phone

”What? But why? What did she do? ” Jennifer asked almost panicking

”She got into a fight with the pink-boys, I heard they will sue her, youve got to do something, ” Adrian said

She ended the call instantly and ran out the road, shortly a taxi came by and she stopped it and entered telling the cab man where she was heading to



”Hey, Jenny, you didn tell me you were coming, ” Ivan said as she entered his apartment

”I went to the firm but you weren there, what are you doing at home when you should be working, ” she asked instead

”I forget a missing case file, so I came to get it, what about you? ” He asked

They are now going upstairs

”My sister again, she has been arrested again, ” Jennifer said, she got to his room and went to his closet

”What are you looking for and why is your hair messy? ” He asked staring at her

”I once forget my clothes here, one raining evening so where is it, ” she asked, still going through his closet

”Here, ” he picked it out and dropped it on the bed

She went into his bathroom and shortly she came back with a towel around her chest, she walked over to the clothe that was on the bed and took it then she made to Walk back into the bathroom but Ivan blocked her way

”What happened at work? You have a broken knee and your head was messy, ” he asked staring at her

”Anita happened, I could have skinned her alive but because shes my bosss girl and for the sake of my job, I just let her be, ” Jennifer replied

She made to withdraw her hand from him but he hold her tightly

”We could have a good time you know, ” Ivan said and licked his lips

”Stop the dirty talks, my sister is in jail and I need to get her out, ” She replied, she pushed him back and he smiles

”So we can just get it done with and go get your sis, ” Ivan said and she looked at him

”Not today, ” she replied

”Maybe, Arianna will stay there till when you
e ready for her to home, ” Ivan replied

”Ivan the other day you said you will stop asking for s*x, this is more like a transaction and I don like it, ” Jennifer said and he shrugged

e irresistable, its not my fault so are you doing it not? ” Ivan asked

She closed her eyes and gulped nothing, she slowly opened her and take in a deep breath

”Okay, ” she replied and he chuckled

”Good girl, ” Ivan muttered, he hold the tip of her towel and pulled it off her body, he stared at her b**bs and raise her chin up

he leaned over to kiss her but she shifted her head by the side

”You always avoid my kiss, why? ” He asked but she kept quiet

He led her towards the, his hands pressing her brea$t light

He removed his pants and join her in the bed, he widen her thighs and brings his rode in between, she closed her eyes as she felt his cock inside her honeypot

He pulled out and went back in again roughly, she bit her lower lips hard so she won make any sounds

He started going back and forth


7:10 PM⭐


”I need money, I can believe it took you that long hour to get me out of jail, ” Arianna said rudely

”Ari, I don have enough money for now, ” Jennifer said gently

Ivan gets her out after the makeout

”And how is that my business? Mom and dad died cos of you, maybe if they were still alive I would have asked them but since you killed them, you have to take their place and give me what I want, ” Arianna said, her chewing gum sounds echoing in the room

”I never kill mom and dad, ” Jennifer said and she nodded

”The money, ” Arianna asked, her palms open

”How much? ” She asked

”$50,000 ” she replied

”What? What did you need that amount of money for? ” Jennifer asked she has a shocked look on her face

”Not like the money is up to my life that you ruined, ” Arianna said and rolled her eyes

Jennifer sighed

”Ari, I don have up to that amount, Juniorprince was running a fever in the morning so I had to take him to a doctor before going to work, I bought some medications for him and I also paid for a lab test, Will you have a little patient till month end? ” Jennifer asked gently

Arianna scoffed

”Very well then, since all the money goes to him, I will have to sell him then, ” Arianna said going over to Juniorprince who was sleeping on the couch

She dragged him up and started taking him out

Jennifer who was doing the dishes washed her hands and ran after her

”Where are you taking me? Momma, ” Juniorprince cried out as Arianna dragged him out

”Ari, leave him alone, ” Jennifer shouted running towards them

”I want momma, Momma, ” Juniorprince cried looking back

Jennifer ran to them and hold Juniorprince left hand since Arianna was holding his right hand

”Let him go now, ” Arianna demanded

”Here, I have a few bucks, ” Jennifer said, she brought out a few dollars from her Jeans pocket

”I said let him go now, ” Arianna added glaring dangerously at her

”Ari please….. ”

Arianna pushed her roughly and she falls, hitting her head on the wall near and everything went black


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