Chaos extreme demon

Chapter 10 Duanmu Wan\'er

”Next, there is a legendary internal strength secret book that everyone is familiar with. Of course, whether it is true or not, after our appraisal, it is not very clear. After all, internal strength requires a long time of practice and judgment. We can tell whether it is true or false.

However, after our appraisal of the material of the book, it can be judged that the material of the cloth that recorded this secret book has been more than a hundred years old! ” The

host laughed twice. Seeing that the people below were mobilized by himself, all eyes focused on him.

He continued slowly.

”This secret book is called Heisha Gong. ” The

two dwarfs slowly carried the brass tray and swayed onto the stage.

On the tray lay a dark cloth book.

”There are 32 levels of this Heisha Gong. According to the records above, each level of diligence can exercise ones own body.

The secret book here is the first to fifth levels.

” Its a remnant. ”

Someone suddenly said below.

”Its hard to train inner qi in the first place. Its an ethereal thing, and its still a broken copy. Who dares to practice it? If its been modified, its courting death! ”

Some people sneered.

”Then you don have to buy it. ” There was also a voice mocking.

”Everyone, please be quiet. ” The host pressed his hands down and smiled.

”This Heisha Gong was actually put on consignment by a guest at our auction. In fact, the guest has also confirmed a part of it to us.

Not to mention, the first three floors can be practiced. ”

He As soon as these words came out, I thought it would cause a sensation, but the people below still didn change their expressions.

Lu Sheng shook his head slightly, knowing the reason in his heart.

Zheng Xiangui became suspicious.

”Brother Sheng, whats going on? Isn this reaction wrong? ”

”Its not wrong, its normal. ” Lu Sheng said lightly.

”The training time of the internal skills is often in years, which is too long. No matter whether there is a demonstration or not, no one dares to bet on the possibility of failure.

Whats more, I heard Zhao Bo mentioned that the internal skills are not as powerful as the rumors. Unless you reach the top level, the power of internal skills is sometimes not as powerful as the full blow of a foreign master. ”

”Why is this? ”

Zheng Xiangui was even more puzzled.

”The young master may not know about this. ” A guard captain who had been standing behind them spoke at this time.

This persons name is Chen Wude, and he is one of the two most powerful guard captains in the Zheng family. Because this black meeting is too important, he was also sent here to maintain order.

Like Uncle Zhao, he is also a foreign martial artist in the citys Kone realm.

Chen Wude glanced at Lu Sheng and continued.

”The inner family and the outer family are actually all about strength training.

The outer family uses the muscles, through external hitting training, etc., to forcibly stimulate the growth of the bodys strength. Although this hurts the body, it increases strength very quickly.

The inner family uses the internal organs to regulate Exercise the internal organs and nourish the qi and blood, so the speed is much slower, and the strength increase is also slower, but it will not hurt the body, and it will prolong life.

The difference between inside and outside is this difference

. Yes

, its still internal and external… ”

”Thats it… ” Zheng Xiangui understood.

Lu Sheng also nodded.

”Ive heard Uncle Zhao say the same thing. ”

”Then why are people still so keen on internal strength? Anyway, the strength doesn increase much. ” Zheng Xiangui was puzzled.

”Prolong your life…. The masters from outside are strong, but after thirty they start to decline. Once you have internal strength, your peak state can even be extended to fifty or sixty years old. It is completely incomparable. ” Chen Wude said with emotion.

At this time, Lu Sheng also focused his attention on the cheats on the stage, and immediately started bidding.

The host pointed to the black cloth cheats in the tray.

”Start bidding now, the starting price is one hundred taels! ”

”One hundred and thirty taels. ”

”One hundred and five! ”

”Two hundred! ”

”Three hundred! ”

”Three hundred and thirty taels! ”

The prices rose rapidly one by one go up.

Among them, even the person who sneered before was bidding.

It can be seen that although everyone is not very convinced about the secret book, they still believe in the appraisal level and credibility of the black society.

”Someone deliberately raised

the price. ” The fat man whispered.

Lu Sheng squinted at the stage.

”Five hundred taels! ”

He raised his hand and shouted.

One hundred taels were added all at once, and the audience was a little quiet.

In this era, the purchasing power of five hundred taels is equivalent to half a million RMB.

Just for the sake of a cheat book that I don know if its true or not.

”Five hundred and fifty taels. ”

A voice sounded again.

At a glance, Lu Sheng saw that it was a yellow-skinned man with slanted eyes.

His face with a black mask also looked dry and thin, as if he had no flesh. A pair of eyes, the eyes are a bit fierce, and it is not a good stubble at first glance.

Lu Sheng also expected this situation in his heart, how could there be no one to fight for such things as internal strength secrets.

He didn care, and continued to raise his hand.

”Six hundred taels. ”

”Seven hundred taels! ”

It was that person again, just after Lu Sheng made an offer, he followed closely.

”Eight hundred taels! ” Lu Sheng said calmly, his father Lu Quanan gave him two thousand taels of money for one month, and even if it was all used up, he would have to photograph the secret book.

Anyway, there are modifiers. As long as there is a little chance of getting started, he can find the name of martial arts on the modifier and directly modify it to the limit.

”Nine hundred taels! ”

The man looked at Lu Sheng with fierce eyes.

”One thousand taels. ” Lu Sheng said calmly.

”…One hundred and one hundred taels! ” The other party said a little reluctantly, ”Friend, Im from the Baiyu Zhang family, give me some face. ”

Baiyu Zhang family?

Lu Shengs expression changed.

This Zhang family is not from Jiuliancheng, but the first family of the nearby Zihua City, and the family of Zhang Song, the prefect of Zihua City.

”Baiyu Zhangs family, they came to my Jiulian City to search for goods… ” Zheng Xiangui looked surprised.

His Zheng family is in charge of the black party and only the auction. As for where the guests come from, they don care.

”One thousand two hundred taels! ”

Lu Sheng raised his hand again.

Anger suddenly appeared in the eyes of the Zhang family. In the vicinity of Jiulian Zihua and the two cities, he had never seen such a person who did not give the Zhang family face.

The Zhang family not only has a prefect of Zhang Song, but there is another person they are proud of, Zhang Songxi, the number one master of Zihua City.

One black and one white have power, and this is their biggest reliance on the outside world.

”Don worry about him, the black party will bid for the auction, and the one with the highest price will win. Even the Zhang family would not dare to break the rules easily. Otherwise, who would cooperate with them in their jade business? ”

Zheng Xiangui said gloatingly.

The Zhang familys name is Zhang Jundong, and he is the person who came to Jiuliancheng this time to collect the possible internal strength secrets.

In fact, all the secrets of internal strength on the market are stared at by them, and they will be intercepted in advance by them before they are put up for auction.

Jiuliancheng only has this one that slipped through the net. It was simply a guest who came suddenly, looking for a black meeting to sell it on consignment. No formal procedures. This avoided the interception.

”One thousand three hundred taels! ” Zhang Jundong gritted his teeth and raised his hand again.

”One thousand four hundred! ” Lu Sheng didn give in.

At this time, the two were fighting for each other, and the rest did not intend to intervene.

”One thousand five hundred taels! ” Zhang Jundong stared at Lu Sheng. ”Friend, when you go out, there are many friends and many ways. Today, you give this secret book to the next, and my Zhang family will write down your favor. ”

Lu Sheng did not change his expression.

”One thousand six hundred taels. ”

He raised his hand to bid again.

Zhang Jundong is completely on fire. He originally came for this black magic skill. He originally expected to get it for 1,000 taels, and the remaining money could be stuffed into his pockets. up to now.

”One thousand seven hundred fifty taels! ” He stood up suddenly, pressing all his money in one breath.

”One thousand eight! ”

Lu Sheng was expressionless.

Zhang Jundong turned his head sharply and stared at Lu Sheng.

”Okay! Very good! ”

He didn say more, and looked at Lu Sheng carefully, as if to remember him completely from top to bottom.

With a bang, Zhang Jundong got up and left angrily.

”Congratulations to this gentleman. ” The host smiled on the stage, a secret book of internal strength, in the case of not distinguishing between true and false, to be able to sell this high price, his share of it is at least several times more than normal.

Get the cheats and hand over the banknotes.

Lu Sheng didn look at the last thing, he talked to Zheng Xinggui, and left first.

The thing is in hand, and he has no money on him.

Chen Wude followed him all the time, and brought two guards to protect him, for fear that something would happen to him.

All the way back along the original road, out of the cave, Lu Sheng glanced at the sky outside, it was already late at night.

The Zheng familys carriage was already waiting outside.

Chen Wude was inconvenient to stay away, so he asked a few guards to accompany Lu Sheng to leave, while he went back and continued to guard the young master Zheng Xiangui.

With three guards, Lu Sheng walked out of the stone house and planned to get in the car.


Suddenly a gust of wind came from around the village.

A guards eyes became vigilant, and he looked around, but found nothing wrong.


With a little bit of friction, a black shadow suddenly bypassed the guard.

Straight through the encirclement of several people, rushing to the innermost Lu Sheng.

The shadow was so fast that several guards couldn react at all, and the formation was pierced.

clang clang!

With three crisp sounds in a row, the short knife in the shadows hand slashed the hands of the three guards very quickly.

The three of them groaned and quickly stepped back to hug their wrists.

They are just guards hired by the Zheng family, and they are not dead soldiers, so naturally they will not fight to the death for the Zheng family.

Seeing that the shadow was unstoppable, he simply dodged away. Anyway, the wrist injury can be regarded as an explanation.

The three of them thought about it, and the formation suddenly spread out, completely exposing Lu Sheng inside.

”Go to hell! ”

A deep voice came out of the shadow.

He raised his short knife and slashed at Lu Shengs chest.

Although his strength and speed dropped a lot after slashing three people in a row, it was still very easy for him to deal with an ordinary rich boy.

Moreover, even if the other party is a trainer, he doesn care. Except for a few people in Jiuliancheng, the rest are not his opponents.

Zhang Jundong had carefully identified it before he shot, and the other party was not among those people.

He was intercepted at the auction. Although he was a member of the Zhang family, he also had another layer of identity.

That is the notorious wolf thief outside Zihua City, one of the big bosses.

Since the auction of the cheat book failed, he would simply grab it. Anyway, this is not the first time he has done such a thing, and no one in the black club will give security to the auctioneer.

After killing someone and grabbing them, he can save thousands of taels for himself, so why not do it?

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