Chaos extreme demon

Chapter II cheater

The cold wind is like a knife, and the snow is falling.

As soon as Lu Sheng opened his eyes, he saw that he was sitting on a yellow gray carriage, which shook a little, and there was a little girls soft voice around him.

Outside the carriage, there was a lot of noisy voices.

There are hawking, shouting and cheering. And the laughter of children.

Lu Sheng sighed deeply.

He knew that he couldn go back. It had been five days since he woke up after a drunken old Youzi who had been eating and waiting to die in a state-owned enterprise.

He sniffed his nose. The air smelled of wine, pancakes, and fried fruit.

”Alas, the white osmanthus wine in Osmanthus fragrans workshop is becoming more and more fragrant. ”

The maid in the carriage is small, with a milk voice and a milk airway.

Xiaoqiao is only twelve years old this year. Coupled with the natural baby face, it is also small. It looks no different from a ten-year-old child. His small face is fat, white and red, wearing a green cotton skirt, and his small hand is still rubbing Lu Shengs hair rope ready to get off and tie his hair.

This kind of hair rope is made of a very expensive cross bark, which will naturally emit a faint fragrance, but the only disadvantage is that it will harden in cold weather and need to be rubbed with hot hands.

Lu Sheng smiled and said nothing.

The carriage stopped soon.

He lifted the curtain and got out of the car. The gray street was paved with bluestone bricks, each of which was the size of a washbasin.

Cars come and go on the street, and people lead horses to and fro.

The peddlers and the girls and their families who came out to stroll were not taboo, and they appeared in public with charming laughter.

Lu Sheng looked up at the distillery in front of him.

The white plaque is rectangular, with three big characters written in the middle: osmanthus square.

”Young Master Lu is here! Please come inside! The A-shaped wing room is reserved for you! ” A young man greeted with a smiling face.

Lu Sheng nodded. A rich childe made a style. He took the silver edged white paper fan from his small hand, shook it gently, and the fan unfolded. On it was painted a picture of mountains and rivers, with mountains and rivers rising and falling, light and dark overlapping, and there was an inscription of everyones style.

He followed the boy into the distillery with ease.

The tavern is divided into two floors, and many people are sitting in the hall on the first floor listening to people sing.

A young girl in green stood crisp in the air, her voice was gentle, and a middle-aged woman was playing a lute.

The song is a biography of three meetings, which tells about the sad and beautiful love between the general and the fox woman in the mountains.

Unfortunately, the drinkers present were all rude people. Only a few literati childe could understand it, and the rest turned a blind eye to the two girls. The reward is not much.

Lu Sheng stopped and looked at the excitement on the first floor. He simply found an empty seat on the first floor.

”Who ordered the three pass? ” He casually asked a little boy.

His position in this Osmanthus fragrans square is different. If this Osmanthus fragrans square is equivalent to the high-end entertainment club on earth, then he is the supreme VIP customer here. A master who spends at least hundreds of thousands a year.

Such expenses have been regarded as top customers in small northern cities such as jiuliancheng.

”Its Mr. Zhou. Mr. Zhou lacks Mr. Zhou. ” The boy whispered back.

Lu Sheng didn embarrass him, so he waved him away.

After he sat down with Xiaoqiao, he glanced around the crowd on the first floor, and soon saw a thin young man with a pale face, dressed in white, holding a folding fan beside the golden lotus leaf of a satyr bag in his hand, gently shaking it.

”I guess I like the little girl who sings again. ” Lu Sheng shook his head.

”The eldest son warned him last time. This guy is really a bad man! ” Xiaoqiao pouted discontentedly.

Lu Sheng smiled and stopped talking. Start listening to the music quietly.

On the dark red wooden table, a table of wine and vegetables was soon served. Lu Sheng put a folder of lettuce and shredded pork into his mouth. Have another sip of cinnamon wine similar to the drink. The faint sweet flower fragrance is mixed together, which is similar to drinking fruit juice.

”Its too corrupt to live a life of rich clothes and precious food, carefree and carefree, and a little beautiful maid warming her bed. ” Lu Sheng sometimes thinks whether he wants to live like this all his life. Anyway, this kind of rice bugs life is what he has been pursuing in his last life.

Eat a mouthful of food and drink a mouthful of wine.

Then open your mouth and let Xiaoqiao stuff a peeled salted ice shrimp.

In this northern snow city, ice shrimp is a specialty here. If you fish it casually in the thick ice holes, you can make a large number of translucent shrimp.

This is ice shrimp.

Ice shrimp is half the length of ordinary shrimp, but it tastes delicious. Shrimp meat melts in the mouth, which is extremely delicious.

Of course, the price is also extremely expensive. Its a luxury for ordinary people to eat once a month. Theres no place like him.

Lu Sheng was eating delicious food and drinking good wine while listening to xiaoquer, but his heart was thinking of other things.

He has been in this world similar to ancient China for so many days. But according to his observation, there are many oddities in this world.

At first he thought he was back in ancient times, but later he found that he was not. The customs and festivals here are far different from any dynasty region he knows.

Lu Sheng was thinking, but the door of the distillery opened again.

A line of strong men in short fighting clothes came in one after another, found a table near the corner and sat down.

At first glance, these strong men knew that they were not local people. Their clothes were more like those from the Central Plains, and their clothing temperament was not as bold as that of the north.

”Alas. ”

A strong man at the head was bald, with copper earrings and a face full of flesh, but at this time he sighed, ”its impossible to live this day. ”

”Brother, what are you worried about? Li Jia village can get through. We can take the second road, and its also possible to walk around Zhang village. ” Another man frowned.

”What do you know? When I came to meet, I went from Zhang village. The situation is similar to Li village. Many people have died. ” The flesh on the bald face shook, and his expression became more worried.

”Whats the matter, brother? Tell the brothers and let us have a better understanding. ” A man urged.

The bald man sighed again, ”I don know exactly. I only know that several fishing villages by Suiyang lake have had accidents, as if there were water ghosts. ”

”Water ghost!? isn it? ”

Lu Shengs desk was not far away from them, and they could also be heard chatting without disguise. Originally, he was just listening and playing, but he didn expect these people to talk about Gods things.

His Lu family in this life is one of the largest families in this northern ice city, and his wealth is vast. Thats still less. If we compare them on the earth, they are at least rich people with billions of assets.

He came out to drink these days. He also heard a lot of rumors about monsters and ghosts in the distillery, but most of them were legends. This is the first time that these people have experienced this personally.

So Lu Sheng pricked up his ears and listened carefully. Fortunately, those people did not hide. Continue to talk loudly about the strange things in the fishing village.

”That water devil, I saw it with my own eyes. He is more than ten feet tall, with a green face and fangs, and is covered with a lot of water grass. Darling, if it weren for your eldest brother, I ran fast, now you wouldn want to see me. ” Baldheaded is still palpitating.

”Brother, is there really a water ghost? ” A man doesn believe it.

”Im afraid its not the story you made up, brother? ” Another man hehe laughed.

Lu Sheng also felt funny when he heard this. It was estimated that it was just a wild man bragging out of nowhere.

He has seen many such people during this period of time.

After eating and drinking, he asked the boy to bring the singers song list and browse it at will.

Although the San Hui biography is good, its not appropriate. He plans to change it to a happier one.


But at this time, the bald man blushed and slapped the table.

”Really when Im boss Hu, I can only boast!? look, look at what this is! That bone that the water devil fell on the ground! This is what I secretly picked up afterwards! ” He carefully took out a green stone like jade from his arms and patted it on the table.

”This is not a piece of miscellaneous jade! ” A man laughed.

”Miscellaneous jade? Is this miscellaneous jade?! ** you! ”

The bald man blushed.

”Brother, can you show me this thing? ”

Suddenly a gentle voice came from one side.

Lu Sheng stood at the table of several people with a smile, and his eyes swept over the green jade on the table.

”How dare you take this thing? Its left by the water ghost. ” The bald head exclaimed. He is now taking it out for show and planning to throw it away in a moment. After all, this is not a thing left by people. If you really want to attract water ghosts to make trouble, its really not worth the loss.

”Nothing. Ill just have a look. ” Lu Sheng doesn believe in water ghosts. He just looks at the jade, which looks good, unlike ordinary miscellaneous jade.

You should know that general miscellaneous jade can be bought everywhere in shops and stalls. It is the leftover material of jade that can be polished at will, and the price is extremely cheap. But somehow, as soon as he saw this jade, he felt something wrong.

The bald man, boss Hu, looked at Lu Sheng and saw that he had an extraordinary temperament and expensive clothes.

White fox fur in blue, wearing a sapphire officers hat, wearing cloud patterned black soled boots embroidered with silver thread. All the clothes can be consumed in this osmanthus workshop for several months, and even enough for ordinary people to spend more than a year.

”If you want it, its not impossible. Um… Oneortwo silver will do! ” The strong man hesitated and tried to speak.

”OK. ” Lu Sheng asked Xiaoqiao to take out oneortwo pieces of silver and put them on the table.

”This is yours. ” Bald head decisively picked up the jade and stuffed it into Lu Shengs hand. Several people changed their eyes, got up and left.

Lu Sheng didn speak. He watched several people leave. Holding the jade in his hand, he picked it up and looked carefully.

”Oneortwo silver, if you change it to Earth China, the purchasing power is equivalent to 1000 yuan. That is to say, you can be so rich in this life. ”

He shook his head. Oneortwo silver was nothing to him. According to the memory of this body, his spending in January on weekdays was at least more than onehundred silver. Occasionally, it may cost thousands of Liang. Thats millions!

Thinking of this, he secretly betrayed his family. Holding the jade, he didn care about the sight of the guests around him, but left the tavern with his small feet and walked towards the waiting carriage outside.

But just out of the tavern, not half the way, he suddenly stunned, picked up the jade and put it in the palm of his hand.

The jade in his palm, in the heart of his right palm, actually melted.

The originally hard stone turned into a dark green mucus in just a few seconds, and a scream came out of the mucus.


The whole mucus suddenly exploded, turned into a mass of green smoke, and slowly drifted away from Lu Sheng.

Lu Sheng stood in situ in consternation and glanced at it. The jade was still in his hand, but the green inside had disappeared quietly without knowing when.

”That was… ” he stood stunned, constantly recalling the previous picture for a time.

”Childe? Childe? ” Xiaoqiao kept calling him.

Lu Sheng recovered and looked at the jade in his hand. It was simply an ordinary pebble, not even a jade.

He was a little flustered, but he vaguely understood something.

”Go back to the house! ”

Xiaoqiao blinked and didn respond: ”Oh… ”

The two got on the carriage. The coachman picked up the whip and gave it a few empty blows. The two black horses with long hair moved slowly.

In the carriage, Lu Sheng said nothing and kept looking at the pebbles in his hand.

Xiaoqiao also found the stone at this time.

”Cheated again! ” She murmured in her heart, but she didn say much. The eldest son was OK this time. The biggest time he was cheated was for a so-called antique wine pot, which cost thousands of liang of silver, and almost made the master angry.

Its only oneortwo silver this time. Sometimes the young master has more than that for a meal.

The carriage went all the way back to the house. When passing the city gate, Lu Sheng heard someone shouting outside.

”… I heard that the water ghost was eliminated before! A wandering Taoist helped solve the danger of the fishing village! ”

”Is there anyone from the imperial court? ”

”I came early. I heard that Constable Ouyang of the prefecture magistrate Yamen in the city was almost trapped. Fortunately, I met a wandering Taoist. It is said that when the Taoist shot, the golden light flashed, and the water ghost screamed on the spot, turned into green mucus, and then exploded into thick smoke. ”

”Isn it the expert of the imperial court? ”

”Of course not! ”

Lu Sheng recognized that it was the garrison officer chatting.

He often deliberately passes by the gate here. The officers and soldiers here are well-informed and like to boast about strange things everywhere.

”Its a coincidence… ” Lu Shengs face was calm. His heart sank when he remembered the previous jade.

The carriage drove slowly towards the most prosperous Kurong street in the city.

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