Chaos extreme demon

Chapter IV black tiger knife technique

”Hallucinations? Not hallucinations? ”

Lu Sheng narrowed his eyes and suppressed his thoughts.

”Nothing. ” He straightened up and calmly answered.

”Childe….. Lord Xu, how can they be such good people, such good officials…? ”

Xiaoqiaos tearful eyes are whirling, and she starts to cry again.

Lu Sheng looked at the Xu familys corpses all over the ground in silence.

The bodies were all bluish gray with a strangulation mark on their neck.

The magistrate glanced at it and hurried away. He left the matter to the chief constable in charge of the case.

Several other government officials in charge of investigating the case also discussed the case with the chief constable.

”Childe, the master let you go. ” A servant ran over and whispered to Lu Sheng.

As he spoke, he also looked at the Xu familys body on the ground with regret.

”Ill go right away. ” Lu Sheng looked at the servant. ”Aren you afraid? ”

”Afraid. ” The servant was only eighteen or nine years old, but his temperament showed a maturity inconsistent with his age.

”However, the small ones escaped from the Ju Rong country in the East. There is a famine there now, with bodies everywhere, and even many people exchange their children for food. Such a tragic situation is seen more….. Alas… ”

He sighed, and immediately realized that the other party was not his usual chat friend, so he quickly lowered his head.

”See more? Is there a lot of such things in Ju Rong country in the east? ”

Lu Sheng asked casually.

The servant was silent.

”A lot. ”

Lu Shengs heart tightened.

But he didn stop at his feet. He quickly walked to the father of this life and put it in front of him.

Lu Fang, with the word ”Quanan ”, is named Jin yuanweng.

Luans money is also famous in the whole Jiulian city. The fact that the Lu family and the Xu family are going to be married soon has long been spread all over the city, and even people from Zihua City, near the west, have come to send gifts.

Such a noisy event has now become like this.

Lu ans face was very ugly at this time, and her eyes were also full of fatigue and worry.

”Hello, Mr. Sheng, tell Constable Zhao about yesterday. ”

He leaned over and gave a place to a bearded man approaching.

Lu Shengs heart has been echoing what Xu daoran said yesterday. He feels that the water ghost case must be related to the death of the Xu family.

Then he told Xu daoran what he had said yesterday one by one.

There is nothing to hide.

Constable Zhao frowned, but he couldn see any clue.

Lu Sheng saw that there was nothing to ask, so he also left.

Before leaving, the Yamen people began to collect the corpses.

Lu Sheng stood on the side and looked for a while. When he saw Xu daoran being directly lifted onto the shelf, he sighed, approached a little and asked a constable.

”Brother, what remains of the Xu family? ”

He thought to himself that if there were survivors of the Xu family alive, he would take care of them, and maybe he could get some useful things from each other.

”No… its all over. Even the relatives family are involved. Maybe there are several distant relatives over there in Zihua city. ”

The constable shook his head and whispered.

Lu Sheng quietly stuffed a corner of broken silver to him, and he took Xiaoqiao with his family and got on the carriage together.

The carriage went home one after another.

But the tragedy of the Xu family is still in everyones mind.

As the owner of the family, Lu Fang and Lu Quanan convened a family meeting and announced that the engagement with the Xu family was over. Let the women comfort and depend more, and then go back to the room to rest alone.

The young people in the family went out one after another, either to the wine shop in the city, or to the brothel, or the music shop. When they are frightened, they often anesthetize themselves like this.

The women went out to the nearby Honglian temple to worship the Buddha and pray for peace.

Its better to ask for a holy talisman of Taoist priest Honglian to protect the family from external evil.

The whole Lu family was in a panic.

Lu Sheng didn go out to fool around.

He took Xiaoqiao all the way to the big study where he collected books at home.

The study is quiet.

He pushed the door and entered. Inside, a fat woman was cleaning and wiping the bookshelf.

The scarlet bookshelves, furniture, and the dim light outside the window set off some gloom here.

Lu Sheng entered the door, bypassed the round flower and bird painting wooden screen blocking the door, and smelled the faint aroma of wood in the study.

”You go out first. Ill read the book myself and have a rest. ”

He commanded.

”Yes. ”

Xiaoqiao answered, and then went out with the fat woman who was cleaning.

Lu Sheng stood alone in the study, looking at the rows of bookshelves in front of him, and sighed slightly.

He began to look on bookshelves one by one.

Soon, they found the local county annals and other record books.

Then he took out all these books and began to look through them one by one.

In the dim light outside the window, he quickly turned over a book completely.

”In the 72nd year of the Song Dynasty, a man appeared on the outskirts of Jiulian city. In his madness, he killed 12 people with a knife, and was killed by the Yamen group. ”

”In the eighty fifth year of the great Song Dynasty, in the downtown area of jiuliancheng, there was a man on the street, whose head was suddenly detached, and the cause of death was unknown. ”

”In the year of the great Song Dynasty, there were 15 passengers missing from the ruined temple outside the city, and the case has not been solved yet. ”

”In 1995 of the Song Dynasty, the owner of the music workshop in Jiulian city disappeared. The limbs were found in four different places outside the city. After only four days of death, the body has rotted to white bones. ”

”In the 116th year of the Song Dynasty, children were crying at night outside the city, and all those who went to investigate were missing. The crying continued for three days and then disappeared. ”


Looking at the records of major events of large and small cases.

Lu Sheng looked more and more frightened, and felt more and more restless.

In such a world, such a world that can be called a crisis step by step, its not easy for people here to survive without breaking down and going crazy.

He opened another booklet.

This book is more exaggerated than the previous one.

”In 1919 of the Song Dynasty, there was a blizzard for nine consecutive days, and the legend of the Dragon Lord appeared somewhere. The snow stopped within three days. Three days later, the blizzard that lasted for decades suddenly stopped. ”

”In the 128th year of the Song Dynasty, there was a fog on the main road leading to Zihua city. If the entrant lost his direction, he would inexplicably appear on the Bank of the white ice ocean dozens of miles away. Ten days later, the fog disappeared. ”

Lu Sheng can almost confirm that the world is not as simple as he thought. Im afraid there may be demons and ghosts.

At least in his current class, he can see that there is a way to sound the weather in this world.

He moved his chair, picked up the flint and lit the candlestick on the table.

The bright yellow candle light reflected his face in an uncertain light.

”If the world is really as dangerous as I guessed, what do I need to protect myself? What can I use to protect myself? ”

He asked himself.

I thought at the table for a while.

Lu Sheng got up slowly, blew out the candlestick, and returned all the books on the table.

Then push the door out.

”Childe, have you finished reading? ”

Xiaoqiao was standing by the door dozing, and was startled by Lu Shengs sudden exit, but she still reacted quickly.

”Well, where is uncle Zhao now? Do you know? ”

Lu Sheng asked casually.

There are many old people surnamed Zhao in Lu Fu, but there is only one person who can really be called Zhao Bo.

That is Zhao Dahu, the first master and the most powerful martial artist of the land family, whom Lufang calls uncle Zhao.

”Er… Zhao Bo usually trains his servants in the martial arts field at this time. ” Xiaoqiao has a good relationship with other workers, and the news is fairly well-informed.

”Lets go find him. ”

Lu Sheng thought carefully for a long time and knew that Zhao Bo should be the most accessible to him and the key to his self-protection.

Following the path of the mansion, Lu Sheng quickly passed through two bedrooms and came to the rear of the mansion.

On a large school field, a gray haired old man was practicing boxing with a dozen servants.

The early morning sunshine gradually diluted the tragic things I heard in the morning.

Martial arts master Zhao Dahu was dressed in short combat, with a black coat and gray trousers, and a thick backed broadsword that never left his body on his back.

Lu Sheng is waiting on the side.

Zhao Dahu trained the servants there for a while, and then let them practice by themselves in pairs.

He himself came towards Lu Sheng. He also saw Lu Sheng long ago.

”Eldest childe, why are you free to come to the school today? What can I do for the old man? ”

Zhao Dahus position in the mansion is similar to that of the master.

There are several other martial arts masters, all of whom have a high status. Compared with these CHILDES and young ladies, they communicate on an equal footing.

Lu Sheng looked at the servants who were still practicing boxing not far away.

”Uncle Zhao, I want to practice martial arts. ”

As he said this, the smile on Zhao Dahus face paused.

”Brother Sheng, aren you here to joke with the old man? ”

”Im not kidding. ” Lu Sheng shook his head.

He thought for a long time. Now the only place where he can learn the power of self-protection most easily is to practice martial arts with his own martial arts teacher first.

Zhao Dahu, the martial arts master in his family, has a knife technique, and only a few people in the whole Jiulian city can crush him.

Zhao Dahu looked at Lu Sheng carefully and shook his head.

”Brother Sheng, if he really wants to learn martial arts, this skill of the old man can be passed on to you. Its just… You
e too old now, your bones are set, and you can practice many movements at all.

If you can practice this skill, your power will be greatly reduced

”Its all right. Just teach me, uncle Zhao. ”

Lu Sheng not only wants to find some self-protection, but also wants to confirm the experiment.

Zhao Dahu pondered for a moment.

Also readily agreed.

”Well, I have no children, and I have stayed in the Lu family for so many years, which is also very nourishing. The old man is also very good to us. According to the truth and rules, you should learn from me to worship the master.

But in terms of my relationship with the Lu family, its OK to worship the master. As long as you don spread it. ”

Zhao Dahu waved his hand.

Lu Sheng, as a eldest son, will sooner or later take over all the businesses and industries of Lu Fu.

He also had the idea of getting closer to him.

”However, brother Sheng, I have to make it clear to you first. ”

”You say. ” Lu Sheng said seriously.

Zhao Dahu touched the beard on his chin and said in a deep voice.

”I know you are stimulated by the Xu family tragedy this morning and want to learn martial arts to protect yourself.

But I tell you clearly that even the strongest Jianghu masters can deal with those strange things. ”

”… I see… ”

Lu Sheng nodded.

”I just don feel at ease. Just do what I can. ”

”If only brother Sheng understood. ” Zhao Dahu thought for a moment and took out a pamphlet from his arms, which was wrapped in layers of yellow cloth.

He carefully opened it slowly and revealed the innermost pamphlet.

There are several big characters written on the surface of the booklet.

lack tiger knife technique.

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