Chaos extreme demon

Chapter V Valor

”This is a wandering Taoist I met in my early years. The shallow knife technique taught me can be called a third rate in the Jianghu.

Don underestimate that its only third rate. There are also some outstanding points. Third rate secrets are enough to enter the library of those big schools. Take it to Haosheng first. There is a detailed posture diagram on it. Try to practice by yourself first. If you want to practice after reading it, come to me.

But whether you practice it or not, remember to remember me. ”

Zhao Dahu carefully handed the brochure to Lu Sheng.

”Good! ”

Lu Sheng knows that this should be Zhao Dahus stuff at the bottom of the box.

Just because he can give it to him so simply does not mean that Lu Sheng can learn this Sabre technique by relying on the booklet.

Practicing martial arts is a delicate job, in which many details need to be corrected. Its not easy to learn according to the booklet.

”Thank you, uncle Zhao! ”

Lu Sheng took the brochure carefully.

With the black tiger knife booklet, he went straight back to his bedroom, closed the door, lit a candlestick and looked through the contents inside.

Black tiger Sabre technique, which is called Sabre technique, actually has only three moves.

All three moves are attacks.

No defense, no Dodge, only attack.

The first move is husha.

The second trick is tiger power.

The third move is Huxiao.

The move is also very simple, that is, three different knife paths. Play a different power effect.

Lu Sheng looked a little, and he knew about it. But this move is simple, but its power depends on proficiency. It depends on strength and speed.

And strength and speed, but also focus on their own body force coordination.

Therefore, there is a set of mental training methods for these three sabres.

The so-called mental skill is how to cooperate with the spirit of daily life and give full play to this Sabre skill to the greatest extent.

Mental skill, in fact, is the way to adjust the mind.

The move is to adjust the external, and the mental method is to adjust the internal, and the two phases cooperate to achieve the integration of essence, Qi and spirit.

There are three levels of black tiger mental skill. Each level has no special name, that is, the first level, the second level, and the third level.

Only when you achieve the proficiency of external moves as stated in the booklet can you practice such knife skills to great success.

Close the brochure gently.

Lu Sheng sat at the table and kept silent for a long time. He kept writing down all the difficulties in the process of this black tiger sabre in his mind and recalled them again and again.

Then he meditated in his heart.

”Dark blue. ”

Suddenly, the interface of dark blue skill modifier reappeared in front of him.

Inside the blue border, there are a large number of small grids in rows.

In the first row and first column of the grid, his current state is displayed at this time.

Lu Sheng——

Martial arts:

Black tiger Sabre technique: Beginners level. ”

The display is very simple. There is only one black tiger Sabre technique that he has just reviewed.

”Sure enough… Sure enough, its not an illusion! ”

Lu Shengs body suddenly stiffened.

Not afraid, but excited!

The world is too dangerous.

He originally intended to be a rice worm, euthanasia, euthanasia, but now he feels like falling into a snake cave. It seems that many poisonous snakes may emerge around at any time. If he is accidentally affected, he may become a supporting role in a legendary ghost story. You can die anymore.

”But now, at least a little hope… If this modifier really works… ”

Lu Sheng suppressed his excitement and excitement and began to recall the function of the cheating device he had written.

The only function of this dark blue modifier is to modify all martial arts skills mastered by the protagonist of the game.

It can change the realm of martial arts, directly into Dacheng or top realm, but the difference is that it can change proficiency, blood volume, power, speed, internal power, and so on.

The only thing it can change is the martial arts realm that has been mastered!

”In my view, the only thing that can be modified in the grid is the black tiger Sabre technique, so how can I start to modify it? ”

Lu Sheng began to explore and study.

He was alone in the bedroom, flipping the pamphlet with his hand unconsciously, but his attention was focused on the dark blue modifier in his mind.

He studied the modifier carefully up and down again and again. Soon, he found a small button at the bottom of the modifier.

The words on the button are: start to modify.

”Thats it. ”

Lu Sheng thought and imagined a finger firmly pressing on the button.

Suddenly, the whole dark blue modifier flashed.

He suddenly felt that he could control everything on the modifier at will.

This feeling is wonderful, but Land Rover didn care for too long, but quickly focused on the black tiger Sabre technique.

The state behind the black tiger knife was uninitiated. At the moment of his concentration, the state suddenly jumped.

Become a beginner.

Lu Sheng was happy, and he felt that there was a play. He continued to focus on the black tiger knife.

Soon, the black tiger knife jumped again and became the first layer.

Then there is the second floor, the third floor

”Yes! ” Lu Sheng was overjoyed. It seemed that the modifier was indeed effective.

He is preparing to loosen his spirits.

Suddenly, the black tiger knife jumped again.

”Fourth floor!! ”

The black tiger knife technique unexpectedly jumped to the fourth floor!


At the moment when the black tiger knife technique jumped to the fourth floor, Land Rover felt a roar in his mind.

His whole head was splitting with pain, and his body trembled violently as if struck by lightning.

Lying on the table, he slowed down his anger for a long time before he struggled to support his head.

Its wet under the nose, with a trace of fishy smell.

Lu Sheng reached out and gently touched it. At a glance, it was dark red blood.

He felt that his eyes were blurred and there was pain all over his body. He was so weak that he even felt hard to stand up.

He raised his hand and looked. The skin on the back of his hand was pale, and his eyes could not support it. He wanted to sleep very much.

”This is a sign of great loss of Qi and blood! ” Although Lu Sheng doesn know medical skills, he still knows some basic common sense.

I know that I may have a severe deficiency of blood and Qi.

He sat at the table, barely propped up and put away the pamphlet. Then lie down on the bed to rest.

”Qiaoer! ”

”Childe? Whats your order? ”

Xiaoqiao asked softly outside the door.

”You go… Boil me some red dates millet porridge and put some ginseng. It takes a longer time. ”

Lu Sheng spoke hard.

The rich young master has this advantage.

Ordinary people, not to mention the aged ginseng, even ordinary ginseng is only used as a medicine to save lives. Where can it be used as a tonic like Lu Sheng.

Xiaoqiao answered, and quickly ran to the kitchen to order porridge.

Lu Sheng lay on his back alone. After a long time of breathing, he still felt his eyes blackened and his limbs weak.

However, apart from these feelings, he was surprised to extend his hand. A familiar, sophisticated feeling, as if he had practiced the knife technique for many years, poured into his mind from his palm.

The three moves and three-layer mental skill of black tiger Sabre technique became familiar in his heart.

These three moves, not only the hidden layers in the moves, he understood them thoroughly, and even knew how the mind method matched the moves, and how to match several techniques, realm, and usage.

”Really!? ” Lu Sheng closed his eyes and was ecstatic.

The experiment was successful.

Although it seems that the blood and spirit of his body are consumed, it is enough to exchange for the success of black tiger Sabre technique.

”Its just that there is only the third layer of black tiger knife. How did this fourth layer come from? ”

This is something that wayward Sheng doesn understand.

Moreover, the fourth layer of black tiger knife, in his memory now, gave him a very familiar feeling.

Its like… Its like he created it himself.

The implied ideas and ideas are not what people in this world can think of at all, but more like a combination of some basic ideas of modern scientific mechanics.

Although he is only a civil servant, at least he has studied engineering mechanics, human mechanics and other college courses before.

Before he thought more, Xiaoqiao had brought the porridge.

”It happened that I cooked blood tonifying porridge for the third young lady, which was mainly red dates. The third young lady didn want it, so I brought it to the young master first. This is Lily red dates soup, which calms the heart and nourishes the blood. I also added ginseng in it. Do you want it, young master? ”

Xiaoxiao stood outside the door and asked in a low voice.

”Bring it in. ”

Lu Sheng whispered.

Xiaoqiao gently opened the door and walked in, but as soon as she came in, she saw a little blood on Lu Shengs collar.

”Grandpa… Grandpa… Grandpa… Whats the matter with you!!? ” Xiaoqiao was shocked, and her porridge almost fell to the ground.

Lu Sheng smiled bitterly.

”Im fine. ”

”Its all right! I vomited blood! ”

Xiaoqiaos face turned white with fear.

”Its all right… ” Lu Sheng said helplessly.

Xiaoqiao hurried over and brought the porridge to Lu Sheng.

”Come on, childe, have some hot porridge first. ”

With her service, Lu Sheng ate all the porridge.

My heart is also a little more comfortable.

He began to carefully recall these 7788 information and experience about the black tiger knife technique that suddenly appeared in his mind.

Its strange that these things seem to exist in his mind from the beginning. He can easily understand any difficulties, and feels that the body is also very simple.

If his body didn allow him now, he would go to the school field to find a knife and practice.

Xiaoqiao left quickly after he finished eating porridge and went to the pharmacy to find the sitting doctor of Lu Fu. She was still worried about Lu Shengs body.

Lu Fu has his own special doctor, a thin old man with a goatee beard.

He hurried with a big medicine box on his back.

Sitting beside Lu Shengs bed, he took a pulse, and his eyebrows stretched out.

”Its nothing serious. Its just a lack of blood and spirit. Its good to rest and recuperate for a few days. ”

He pulled out a piece of paper and wrote a tonic prescription on it.

”Take this to the pharmacy, take it twice a day, and give it to the eldest childe for ten days a day. It will heal. ”

”Thank you, doctor. ”

Lu Sheng also breathed a sigh of relief, which was completely consistent with his own judgment.

Soon Lu Fang and Lu an came.

”Whats going on? ” He came with Lu Shengs second and third wives.

Lu Shengs mother died of illness early.

He was taken care of by his second wife since childhood.

Liu Cuiyu, the second mother, has a soft temper and treats people very well. She is no different from her own children.

”Its just that I lost some blood in practicing martial arts. Its all right. ” Lu Sheng explained to his family one by one.

He is the eldest son of the family and the pillar to inherit the family business in the future. If something happens, it will naturally attract attention at the first time.

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