Chaos extreme demon

Chapter 7 Venue 1

This knife is fast and ruthless, almost like it has been practiced countless times.

Lu Shengs instinctive body used it.

He saw a black shadow behind him, a black shadow that was flying towards him, and was slashed by a knife.

The blade bounced back to a tough and hard touch, and Pu Dao swept away the black shadow that came with its huge impact.


The shadow hit the ground, rolling around and whimpering a few times. Taking a look at the light of the torch, it turned out to be a wild wolf! The waist was slashed with a knife and a huge gap was opened.

Before he could think about it, Lu Sheng saw the other two wild wolves flying over from both sides of him through the darkness.

His body instinctively reacted first.

Pu Dao turned to the left, the pole of the knife blocked a wild wolf, and then turned around and slammed the wild wolf into the other end.


These two exertions suddenly made him a little weak.

After all, he was a thin and rich boy not long ago.

The two wild wolves were also thrown out in pain.

Lu Sheng was out of breath, raised his knife with red eyes, and faced a nearby wild wolf with a savage move!

The blade tilted slightly from top to bottom, and the wrist vibrated violently, oscillating three times in a row according to the frequency of the heart technique.


There seemed to be a roar of a tiger in the wind.

The two wild wolves were so frightened that their bodies trembled, and their movements slowed down a beat.

Suddenly Pu Dao Daoguang flashed, and a wild wolf was cut off on the spot with a knife.

The other end was also pinned to the neck by the tip of the knife, and blood quickly oozes out.

Lu Sheng mustered his strength and used a knife again, this time with Tiger Might.

The forearm vibrated four times, and four different strengths poured out respectively. Combined with the strength of the whole body, they converged on the knife.

Huwei is faster than Husha and slightly weaker. But its not something the wolfs fragile neck can stop.

Before the wolf could dodge, he was severely slashed in the neck by Pu Dao, who had suddenly increased in speed.


The wolf head fell to the ground.

Lu Sheng gasped for breath.

This continuous series of big movements made the slightest white sweat ooze out from his face.


There is also a wild wolf, the one who went to grab the meat ahead.

It bypassed the stone at this time, staring at Lu Sheng with fierce green eyes.

”Im still too weak… ”

Lu Sheng felt a little impatient.

But his face didn change. He knew that when confronting wild animals, he must not back away or show his cowardice.

”Huh!? ”

He stared at the wild wolf with round eyes.

The last wild wolf stared at him for a while, then slowly backed away.

Until the wild wolf completely retreated into the darkness.

Lu Sheng let out a sigh of relief.

In fact, his physical strength is almost exhausted, his arms are sore and weak, and even the knife is trembling.

If the wild wolf really pounces, although he is confident that he can survive, he will definitely be injured.

Wait until it is confirmed that the wolf has completely left.

Lu Sheng pulled out the torch and hurried in the direction of Jiuliancheng.

This time, he knew that he was overweight.

The wild wolf outside the city, Zhao Bo once talked about his glorious deeds.

When he was young, he was a master of swordsmanship. Under the siege of three wild wolves, he beheaded all three wild wolves at the cost of minor injuries to his forearm.

This is already an incredible achievement.

Here, the wild wolf in this world is different from what Lu Sheng knew.

They are larger in size, each much larger than the wild wolves on Earth. Also much stronger.

Almost the same as the large domestic golden retriever.

The wild wolves here are also different from the wild wolves on Earth in that they are in groups of three or five, and there are very few large groups.

Lu Sheng trotted all the way back to the city gate.

When he saw the light of the torches on the city wall, he was slightly relieved.

Roll up the clothes on his body, hide the blood stained place, then hide the Pu Dao, take out the road guide, and stride towards the city gate.

”Brother Sheng, listen to me. This thing is not an ordinary thing. I just arrived at Zihua City, and I will send people from there. Take it back.

It is said that in the Central Plains, this is called the first strange stone. Countless rich businessmen and nobles competed for the first bid, and finally fell into the river in an accident, washed by the water waves to the Zihua River, and then by Zihua Citys The fisherman started fighting.

The twists and turns in the middle of the story are indescribable, if not… ”

”Do you think I look like a fool? ” Lu Sheng shook his folding fan and looked at the fat man in front of him with a faint smile.

This fat man is called Zheng Xiangui. In this Jiulian City, he is the second son of the owner of Minggui Auction House.

At the same time, he is also Lu Shengs former best friend.

Lu Sheng and him grew up with a pair of pants, and they had similar smells to each other. They carried everything together, and the relationship was irreversible.

Its just that Zheng Xinggui has the biggest problem.

That is greed.

According to his words, brothers have to settle accounts, or they will hurt their feelings sooner or later.

The two were sitting in the peony wing of the Goldfish Restaurant, and the fat man hugged a slender girl in pink skirt.

The boy was staring at Lu Sheng with a sore face.

”Brother Sheng, this is your fault. Brother, I finally got a rare and rare treasure, and I will give you a preferential opportunity for internal bidding. If you don cherish it, its fine, but you still kill me. ” The

fat man pointed at Lu Sheng . Heartbroken look.

”Come on, put away your set. Do you have any news on the martial arts secret book Im looking for? ”

Lu Sheng continued to ask.

He found this one for himself, and the purpose was to collect more martial arts secrets.

A black tiger sword technique is not enough. Far from enough.

He can be considered to understand that a master like Zhao Bo has the chance to protect himself in the wild.

No wonder no one has ever heard of anyone traveling long distances alone. In this wilderness, there are many beasts, and starting alone is simply courting death.

Zhao Bo Zhao Dahu is famous in Jiulian City, so he can only deal with three wild wolves alone, and the limit may be four wild wolves. If there are more, the so-called top players of Jiulian City will have to kneel.

”Its hard to tell whether its true or false, and there are still many hidden traps in it. Even if its true, some of the training methods in it, as long as you make a little mistake, you will be disabled for life if you practice for a long time. Dangerous.

Brother Sheng, what do you want with this? Without the guidance of a master, buying this secret book is of little use. ”

Zheng Xiangui rubbed the white jade wrench on his hand and asked curiously.

”You understand people. ” Lu Sheng laughed, ”I naturally have my uses. Don worry about it so much, find me a few books and read them first. ”

Zheng Xiangui shook his neck.

”There are, but there are. Recently, a new customer consignment, there are two martial arts cheats.

We have found a master to identify them, and they should be the real copies. Its just that without the master, no one dares to practice. ”

”How much is the asking price? ”

Lu Sheng asked directly. .

”Aiya, brother Sheng, we two, who is with whom, why are you being so polite? ” Zheng Xianguijiao laughed.

”Can you stop being disgusting? ” Lu Sheng was speechless. ”Lets talk about the price, hurry up, Im in a hurry. ”

”I can only sell you one copy, and the other copy has already been reserved by another distinguished guest. ”

Zheng Xiangui smiled.

”One copy is fine. Did you bring it? ” Lu Sheng raised his eyes and asked.

”Brother Sheng still knows me. Thinking of your eagerness, I brought it here directly. ” Zheng Xiangui took out a thin gray cloth booklet from his body.

”This recipe doesn have any tricks, its just a special strength technique. One hundred taels for one price! ”

”Show me first. ”

Lu Sheng stretched out his hand.

One hundred taels is equivalent to 100,000 yuan, this fat man really dared to bid.

The fat man laughed twice and put the booklet in his hand.

After taking the cheat book, Lu Sheng looked over it carefully.

The recipe appears to be a small torn piece from some large booklet. Just a little bit of pointing power.

Looking at the content records inside, the strength of this cultivation is called Poyu Strength.

It is said that after the completion, you can accumulate all the strength from the beginning of the shot, and after the accumulation is completed, it suddenly explodes, which can greatly improve the speed and strength of the shot.

Lu Sheng took a look, and the technique doesn seem to overlap with the Black Tiger Sword, and it should be superimposed.

But what he wanted was not this.

What he wanted was the kind of internal qigong that could enhance his physique and spirit.

From the tragic situation of himself after the modifier was modified once, he judged that he wanted to reduce the side effects of the modification. Physical fitness must be improved.

”Is there any legendary secret book of Neijia

Qigong? ” ”The secret book of

Neijia Qigong? ” Zheng Xiangui rubbed his chin.

”Brother Sheng, you have stopped me. If there is such a thing on the market, regardless of whether it is true or false, it can be snatched away in a blink of an eye. ”

”You also said that it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false. There should be some of this in your inventory at home. Save this book, right? ”

Lu Sheng also understands that in places like the auction house, they will first copy a copy of things like cheats as a stub.

The Zheng familys auction house has been opened for so many years, and the accumulated deposits are definitely not few.

”Those…Brother Sheng. Even I can tell whether there is a real copy or not.

If one of the hundred copies is real, its not bad. So far, no one has been able to exhale from it. Are you sure? ”

Zheng Xiangui hesitated.

”Brother, I advise you, don play with those who have saved money. If something goes wrong, your body is broken and there is no way to fix it. ”

”Do you have a way to find it? ”

Lu Sheng raised his eyebrows, he was familiar with Fattys expression, Whenever he showed this expression, there were times in his heart, but he hesitated and didn know whether to say it or not.

”There is a way…. Brother Sheng you want this kind of secret book, and there is indeed a copy in this auction… ”

Zheng Xiangui showed a look of embarrassment on his face.

”Didn you tell me earlier? ” Lu Sheng raised his eyebrows.

”Its not that the brothers don say it, but this thing is going to be photographed at the black meeting… ” Zheng Xinggui said helplessly.

”Black club? ”

Lu Sheng understood immediately.

Black clubs are anonymous auctions where all customers do not reveal their faces and names. Most of the things auctioned were not clean, and some even had a bloody smell.

Those who like to participate in black clubs are mostly desperados and vicious people.

”Can you arrange for me to participate? ”

Lu Sheng made up his mind to participate.

Ordinary murderers, no one dared to provoke Lufu.

Lu Jiaguang is strong and Ding Yong has thirty or forty people, and there are several masters like Zhao Bo in the nursing home.

Mr. Lu Quanan still has inextricable connections with the governments yamen, and the army can help in case of trouble.

Such a big family is really not afraid of ordinary murderers.

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