Chaos extreme demon

Chapter 9 Duanmu Wanyi

”I don know. Yesterday, the master called the big and small businessmen of the chamber of commerce to come to the house. I heard them chatting when they left, saying that they wanted everyone to help find it together. ”

Xiao Ba smiled with emotion.

Lu Sheng listened and didn speak, but his face was a little gloomy.

He walked in along the main entrance, asking again as he walked.

”Has anything unusual happened recently? ”

”Er… Young Master, although Little Eight is well informed, how can strange things happen every day? ” Little Eight shrugged helplessly.

”Its the Goldfish Restaurant that you often go to. I heard that there was a fire last night, and it burned down half of the street next to it. The fire was so far away that the young people could see it clearly last night. Tsk tsk… ”

”The fire… ”

Lu Shengs heart sank, and there was a faint guess.

e talking about the street where gouache is often sold on weekdays? ”

”Isn it, its there! ” Xiaoba nodded fiercely, ”I heard that a lot of people died, many of them even adults and children. The whole family is gone. Its so

miserable… I don know which wicked person set the fire! ” The


Lu Sheng didn say anything anymore.

He kept it deep in his heart and didn think about him.

The time for the black meeting was three nights later, in a cellar outside the city.

During these three days, Lu Sheng rested and ate normally every day. Obviously, he feels that his body is stronger. It seems that the black tiger knife modified by the modifier has even improved his own physique.

In three days, he went to the street near the Goldfish Restaurant again. It turned out to be scorched black, and many people were still busy rebuilding their houses.

Lu Sheng walked along the road he walked, and found that it was exactly the same as what he saw that day.

Even that cul-de-sac is exactly the same.

He knew what to do, but he didn panic.

Since there are water ghosts in this world, there can naturally be other things.

Within three days, he had originally planned to revise the Po Yujin Primer that he had bought.

But thinking of the black meeting, he held it down first, so as not to modify his body and vomit blood and be seriously injured. Thats when the opportunity was lost.

Time passes quickly.

Soon came the promised day.

Around seven or eight in the evening.

Lu Sheng changed into black clothes and put on a tiger mask. It was a childrens play mask that was bought on the street. It was very rough.

The Zheng familys carriage had already stopped at the entrance of the Lufu.

He got into the carriage in a hurry, and saw Zheng Xiangui sitting in the carriage, holding the braised chicken thigh with both hands and chewing.

This fat man was also wearing black clothes, but if he didn wear it, others could see from his exaggerated body shape that this guy was the host of the black club, Young Master Fang.

”Come here, Ill be waiting for you. Brother Sheng, get in the car quickly. ” The

two sat down, and the carriage slowly moved.

Zheng Xiangui told Lu Sheng along the way that after entering, what to do and what to do if he couldn .

Lots of messy notes.

Lu Sheng also remembered them one by one.

Soon after leaving the city, he followed the main road and turned into a small road, and then walked around the small road for a short distance, and went directly to the suburbs.

After driving for a while in the suburbs, the carriage entered a small deserted village and stopped in front of a stone house in the middle of the village.

”Thats it. ” Zheng Xiangui jumped out of the car, and the man in black who was guarding the door of the stone house stepped forward and saluted him.

”Everyone is here? ”

”Everyone is here, and the first product for sale is already on display. ”

Zheng Xiangui nodded and hurriedly urged.

”Lets go down quickly, its already started. ”

He pulled Lu Sheng into the stone house, opened a wooden door on the ground in the middle of the stone house, and inside was a staircase leading to the underground.

Lu Sheng followed Zheng Xinggui and two guards down the stairs, and there was a large karst cave underneath.

The cave is also made to look decent.

There is a large hall in the middle, surrounded by a circle of wing rooms on the stone walls, like small bags hanging on the wall.

There were a few people sitting sparsely in the hall, and there were no candles in the surrounding small bags, obviously it was not enabled.

”This place is quite big. ” Lu Sheng sighed.

”Hey, we also discovered this place by accident. ” Fatty laughed, and led Lu Sheng into the back of the hall, towards the front row.

There were only a dozen or so participants in the entire black meeting, and they all sat down in the front seats of the hall.

A tall and thin man with a mask stood on the table was loudly introducing the information about the products for sale.

Standing beside him were two dwarfs, both dressed in red, green and green floral clothes, and carrying a copper plate in their hands, with a rusted short sword in it.

”The ancient daggers handed down from Jurong Kingdom are very likely to be sharp blades forged by ancient Duan Fengzi, with the ancient Jurong Kingdom characters engraved on them, even if it is… hey! The fourth guest bid for one Thousand taels!

Is there a higher price! Is there a higher price!!? ” The

man on the stage shouted loudly, looking very passionate.

Lu Sheng and Zheng dignitaries sat on the left seat.

The seats here are all lined up like white stones, and they are cold and unpopular.

The fat man sat beside him, leaned his head and whispered.

”The thing you want is the fifth, the penultimate. ”

Lu Sheng nodded and said nothing.

The dagger on the stage looked like it had only been dug out of the ground not long ago. It is estimated that the tomb robbers got it.

There are still many people bidding below, and in just a short while, the short sword has risen to 1,800 taels.

Hearing that, Lu Shengs heart skipped a beat, which was nearly twice his monthly allowance.

Instead of watching the bidding on the stage, he focused his attention on the surrounding guests who were bidding.

Most of the guests at the black meeting were armed with weapons, both short and long.

And most wear black, but there are exceptions.

Among the dozen or so guests, three of them did not make any disguise.

One is a big red-haired man in yellow leather armor with a big knife on his back.

The other is the sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks, a very short and thin young man with two black leather bags tied around his waist, and the bulging ones don know what they are wearing.

The third, and most striking one.

Or a pair of two.

One male and one female.

The man seemed to be a bodyguard, dressed in a silver shirt, with a long sword on his waist. His face was indifferent, and only when he looked at the woman, there was a hint of tenderness on his face.

The woman wore a black dress, which was different from the long dresses of ordinary women in ancient times.

The tight skirt she wears is similar to the hip-pack skirts on earth.

From top to bottom, there was only one close-fitting dress, and the bottom of the skirt could barely cover the buttocks.

Raise your legs in a slightly larger motion, and you can clearly see the part between your legs.

This woman was dressed sexy, with long legs and a thin waist, and a pair of white weapons on her chest held up her skirt. It seemed that even the clothes on his chest would burst at any time.

Lu Sheng couldn help but look at the womans face.

The bridge of the nose is very high, and the eyes are soft and charming, as if the water is shining, there is a feeling of smiling at any time.

The long hair is shawl, soft and black, and it is faintly reflective.

”This is much better than any PS makeup technique. ”

Lu Sheng praised secretly.

At first glance, this woman can tell that she is someone with a background. She is so beautiful, and she dares to show her face at a black meeting. Only people who are extremely confident in their own strength dare to do so.

”That one is Duanmu Wan. ” Seeing that Lu Sheng noticed the woman, the fat man hurriedly approached and introduced in a low voice.

”But I don recommend you to hit her, this woman is very fierce! ”

”Ferocious? What kind of murder? ”

Lu Sheng was slightly curious. It wasn that he was thinking, but suddenly the other party was too conspicuous, so he took a few more glances.

Fatty smiled and glanced at the second auction item that had already started on the stage.

”Duanmu Wan came to Jiulian City two months ago. It is said that she came with a chamber of commerce team. The

two masters and servants joined the chamber of commerce alone and walked such a long way. Its not easy in itself. ”

”Its really not easy. ”Lu Sheng nodded.

”Also, because this woman was born beautifully, she would be a provocateur when she arrived in Jiuliancheng. Many handsome young men have been seduced by her, but guess what? ” Fatty shook his head and sighed.

”Whats the matter? ”

Lu Sheng was also curious at this time and asked.

”A group of sons and brothers were all dazed and confused, and finally got together to duel and fight, seriously injuring many people and killing several. ” Fatty tutted.

”Even so, the severely injured and disabled people are still thinking of this womans goodness. But people forget about others in a blink of an eye. ”

”… ” Lu Sheng squinted his eyes, and his heart froze. He had also heard about this, but he didn expect that the cause was this woman. Those people who were disabled still read each others minds. This is not something that beauty can explain.

He immediately put an extremely dangerous label on this woman named Duanmu Wan.

A woman who can play so many people around, either has a very high emotional intelligence, or has special means. It is better to keep such a character away as much as possible.

He focused his attention on stage auctions.

Now it is the turn of the fourth auction item.

It is a brass-colored half-body leather armor.

”This leather armor, called the Ice Wolf Armor, is made of nineteen white wolf skins from the White Grass Icefield, which are comprehensively tanned. The nineteen layers of leather, after tanning, are only as thin as copper coins.

For blunt weapons and The resistance of the sword is far higher than that of ordinary leather armor, which is almost equivalent to wearing an extra piece of chain mail. ”

The man in black introduced the leather armor aloud.

”The starting price is two hundred taels! ”

The people below did not move.

The host didn take it seriously, and began to let a dwarf hold the leather armor to open it, draw a short sword by himself, and stab the edge of the leather armor fiercely.


With a muffled sound, the short sword was slid away, and there was only a small scratch on the leather armor.

”Three hundred taels! ”

Upon seeing this, someone immediately made an offer.

”Four hundred taels! ”

”Six hundred taels! ” The

price on the stage is higher than one, and Lu Sheng was a little moved when he saw this leather armor. This leather armor is light and dexterous, which is easier to move than metal armor and will not affect the movement. . If the defense is really as described, its really a good thing.

He wanted to make an offer, but when he saw that the price was approaching one thousand taels in an instant, he had to hold back and give up. His real purpose was the secret book below.

Don lose the big because of the small.

The leather armor was finally bought by the red-haired man with the knife on his back.

Then came the penultimate thing.

Internal strength secrets.

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