Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1009: Death Hunt (Three)

n tossed aside his hoe and ripped open a Space Gate easily. He directly disappeared through it.

Jian Chens Chaotic Force had filled his body long ago, as he pushed everything that the Chaotic Body could provide to the maximum. He had drawn his Emperor Armament as well and shot a powerful sword Qi time after time at Kaiser with the saint artifact protecting him. He knew his current attacks could not harm Saint Emperors at all, but it could slow down Kaiser temporarily at the very least.

Kaiser treated the sword Qi from Jian Chen as nothing. He struck out with a great might and shattered it all into pieces and even damaged the saint artifact several times. The dents became denser and denser as the space within it trembled constantly. It seemed like an apocalypse inside.

Although the saint artifact could resist attacks from a Saint Emperor for some time, Jian Chen could not hide in it to escape the dangers, as Kaiser would be able to take it back to the Beast God Continent and open it up slowly. At that time, it would not just be him; even the white tiger hidden in the artifact space would lose its life.

“Hmph, just what is this golden tower? There clearly isnt any origin energy, yet it can resist so many of my attacks.” Kaiser could not help but become angered as Jian Chen blocked his attacks time after time. It was just humiliating for him to expend so much effort to deal with a mere Saint King.

Suddenly, Kaiser opened his hand and clenched the space up ahead tightly. He said, “Freeze, space.” The space around Jian Chen froze in that instant, which trapped him in place and immobilized him. He even lost control of the saint artifact.

“Id like to see where you run off to now,” Kaiser smiled viciously at Jian Chen. Then, he arrived before Jian Chen in a flash. He directly thrust his hand at Jian Chens chest in an attempt to dig out his heart.

“I never thought that a great expert of the Beast God Continent would lower himself to fighting a junior. If the word made its way out, youd probably become a laughing stock.” An old voice suddenly boomed in the surroundings. A thousand meters away, a Space Gate suddenly formed and a long, jet-black spike flew out. It shot toward Kaiser at an unbelievable speed, as it pierced through space.

“Youre looking to die!” Kaisers face darkened, and his hand that originally headed toward Jian Chens heart curled up into a fist. He punched toward the spike.

The spike was knocked away by the terrifying energy that had erupted when it reached half a meter from the fist. It shot back toward the Space Gate with unbelievable speed.

Houston emerged from the Space Gate in a coarse garment and without shoes. He looked at the spike indifferently and made a slight gesture with his hand. The sharp force that propelled it immediately disappeared, and it landed obediently in Houstons hand.

Kaiser looked at Houston coldly and said, “A Saint King at Great Perfection. However, youre not my opponent. You cant stop me.”

“Kaiser, youre still one of the great experts of the Beast God Continent after all. Isnt it just too far for you to bully a junior. And youve broken our agreement once again, entering the Tian Yuan Continent,” growled Houston. His complexion was very ugly.

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