Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1010: Houstons Baleful Yin Force

ry time he struck out. No one could withstand his attacks unless they were Saint Emperors. Even Saint Kings at Great Perfection were not enough.

Kaiser did not give Houston any time to catch his breath. He took a step and traversed the distance between them silently and arrived before Houston. He eyed Houston coldly, before he extended his hand in the form of a claw toward Houstons chest. He wanted to dig out Houstons heart as well.

“Its not that simple if you want to kill me!” Houston glared at him, as the darkness-attributed Saint Force on him disappeared in that instant. A dense, blood-red mist erupted from him. It was as thick as sticky blood and enveloped Houstons entire body. He said deeply from within the mist, “This is the Baleful Yin Force I have condensed after taking countless lives throughout my entire life. I originally thought that I would never use it again, but I never thought that Id still be able to see its might one more time right before I pass away. Kaiser, enjoy.”

“T- this is the Baleful Yin Force of the Bloodsword sect. What powerful Baleful Yin Force.” Kaisers expression finally changed when he saw the dense red mist. His hand that reached toward Houston forcefully stopped in mid-air. He was no longer willing to extend his hand any further. He immediately began to retreat rapidly without any hesitation in an attempt to get as far from Houston as possible.

However, it was already too late. All the Baleful Yin Force around Houston condensed into a blood-red spike that shot toward Kaiser as a red streak of light.

Kaiser became extremely stern, as he faced the spike. He had not shown this level of sternness even when he had faced the path lord of carnal desires.

The Baleful Yin Force was a powerful energy that only existed within the Bloodsword sect. It was condensed from the Qi of slaughter and was tangible yet intangible. It specialized in harming the souls of people. It could not be blocked or parried, and there was no way to break through it. The only way out was to forcefully resist it.

Kaiser was a Saint Emperor, but magical beasts were born with weaker souls than humans. They were nowhere as great as human souls. Meanwhile, Houston had condensed his Baleful Yin Force throughout his life. It was so powerful that it could wipe out the souls of anyone at the same level as him, so even human Saint Emperors would suffer quite a lot before it, let alone magical beasts. Also, when Baleful Yin Force injured a soul, it would become extremely difficult to heal. This injury would greatly affect any cultivation done in the future.

Kaiser backpedaled consecutively as he moved extremely fast. He would travel several kilometers with every step, as he feared the Baleful Yin Force very much. However, he was nowhere as fast as the Baleful Yin Force, which allowed it to catch up very quickly and pierce through the center of his eyebrows.

“Argh!” Kaiser cried out painfully. He no longer behaved as mightily as before. He clutched his head with both his hands in agony. The Baleful Yin Force currently devoured his soul without mercy. It was far worse than the time he received the Palm of Severance from the path lord of carnal desires.

Although the path lord of carnal desires had forced Kaiser into a horrible condition with his attacks in the battle outside the atmosphere. The attack would affect his soul, which triggered the desires and emotions hidden within his heart. On the other hand, the Baleful Yin Force directly harmed his soul.

The frozen space around Jian Chen had shattered long ago as Kaiser fought with Houston, so Jian Chen recovered his mobility. A sharp gleam of light immediately flickered through Jian Chens eyes when he saw Kaisers behavior. The saint artifact directly landed in his hand with a thought, and he removed the only strand of emperors power from inside.

A devastating energy flooded the surrounding space with the powers appearance, which caused it to tremble nonstop.

Jian Chen carefully controlled the emperors power as it floated above his hand. He arrived before Kaiser in a flash and struck Kaisers head resolutely.

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